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Zoomer is a young penguin who lives at the Adoption Center. He is 10 years old. He is named for his teleportation powers.


Zoomer was born to 2 nice parents on March 13th, 2009. Like Daniel Specter, Zoomer got his powers through an accident involving a portal. Zoomer had been watching a TV show involving an interstellar portal used for transportation. He as fascinated by the portals, so he decided to make one just like the one on the show. Everyone came to the revealing of his portal, called the Zoomer Stargate. Zoomer explained to a random penguin that the portal would activate when he said "now". When Zoomer checked for maintenance, he said, "Let's see now..." The aforementioned penguin thought Zoomer had given the signal, so he pressed a big button that said ACTIVATE PORTAL. Zoomer as inside the portal, so he was caught through. He'd gotten superpowers. He now fights evil.


  • Go!
  • Cool
  • Wheee!


  • Teleporting
  • Telekenesis
  • Energy Blasts
  • Activating machines
  • Laser eyes


  • The random penguin who accidentally pressed the activation button has told Zoomer he is sorry, but Zoomer always thanks him for the powers.
  • Zoomer's portal was auctioned off to the Bureau of Fiction. Upon inspection, it was discovered to lead to the Ghost Dimension.
  • He likes gummy puffles.

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