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Don't eat the yellow snow!
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Faction He leaves yellow "Z" wherever he goes.
Health He is never dehydrated.
Level Crab
Status On Club Penguin, leaving yellow "Z" in the snow.
Location Server Frozen, Club Penguin, Dock
Occupation None
Interests Making yellow "Z" in the snow.
Friends Pen Chi
Enemies Most penguins
Archetype Evil?

Zooman is a mysterious crab who leaves a yellow Z wherever he goes. He is always thirsty and travels in a zigzag path.


Zooman, from his date of hatching, was an incredibly thirsty crab that had trouble walking. He always scuttled around in zigzag patterns, and always stopped to get a drink. He preferred water over any other beverage, though coffee was also on his menu when he ventured into the Town.

Naturally, his excessive consumption of liquid resulted in an equally excessive removal of it. Zooman soon became the source of much of Club Penguin's yellow snow, and eventually, Pen Chi's main supplier of the... ahem, "healing magic". This was amplified because penguins can not produce yellow snow themselves.

Zooman became a janitor's nightmare and a source of the public's scorn, and for good reason. No one, except Pen Chi, likes yellow snow. In fact, it was Pen Chi who befriended him, and Pen Chi who protected him from persecution by the rightfully annoyed populace. In exchange for his protection and an ample supply of water, Zooman had to do nothing except continue what he always did. He was to scuttle around and make yellow "Z" in the snow. Then, when no one is looking, Pen Chi would scoop it up and carry it off.


Until Liquidfence, Zooman's friendship with Pen Chi was prosperous and mutual. However, when the scandal broke out, he was tagged as the source of the yellow snow, and persecuted. Though he was eventually pardoned by the President himself, he was not any less annoying than before.

Remember, never eat the yellow snow.


  • He usually goes on Server Frozen, the Club Penguin Dock. Don't step on the yellow "Z".
  • Pen Chi still sends letters to him.

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