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Zombie hat pop

A zombie not Pengu.

Zombie Penguins are infected by a illness called the zombie vius. This will turn them into zombies with no minds somehow being controlled. They have an unsatiable craving for penguin brains but will eat basically all matter that is or ever has been living in their path until they eat cookie dough, which is the antidote. Disguising cookie dough as brains is a good way to get them to return to normal.  Here are the stages of the vius. 1. Eating alot and sleeping. This will last about a week. 2. Having the flu and throwing up alot. This will last about 3-7 days. 3. This is the final stage in order 1, acting weird 2,turning in to a zombie and 3 infecting.


  • As normal zombies,this penguins have also missing or rotting parts.
  • Some how zombies bleed whenthere not dead.

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