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Zeone is a computer virus created in early 2010. It is classified as spyware. "Zeone" is often used to find out information about your credit card numbers, or/and other information, which you would rather keep for yourself. It was written by an unknown hacker, which doesn't reveal himself to the public (for obvious reasons).


Part of its' script.


Zeone was probably created somwehere around 1st - 6th of January, 2010. It was sent by e-mail to Ellisabeta, who carelessly didn't inspect the e-mail carefully. The creator of the virus told her to send it to all of her friends. She did that. And the e-mail got to: Explorer 767, Ninjinian, Metalmanager and others. That's how it spread. A secret group was created to find a cure to the virus. They haven't succeeded yet.


  • The name "Zeone" was actually created by Ellisabeta, who misunderstanded the sender's name. The ZCG tried to get to that e-mail to see his/hers e-mail, but Ellisabeta refused to give them access.
  • The Virus has unknown origins.
  • If you get an e-mail from a weird e-mail address, do not open it! It might contain the virus.