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Z virus
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Vital statistics
Type Age reversion potion.
Effects Similar to Carter's (undisclosed) Fountain of Youth formula.
Source 10 pounds of ditto root, 40 gallons of salt water, 1 ton of sand all ground up for 3 hours
Location Classified, Chi Con
Cost to buy If you're in the know, it's free! Otherwise, MILLIONS OF COINS.
Cost to sell N/A

The Z Virus is a powerful potion that physically reduces and reverses the againg process, effectively changing adult penguins to chicks, adolescents, depending on the age. It is classified as Just Plain Secret, so only certain characters can view it. If it got into the wrong hands.....


The formula is extremely thick with dark-colored grains of sand, mixed in with dull red color, much like a mullet's scales, though a bit darker. Chi Con is the ONLY known place in the world to have this item produced, however, it is rumored that it is produced on Ed Island, however, EDFan has said that is a lie.

It is made of ten pounds of sliced ditto root, forty gallons of salt water, and one ton of sand, all ground up for three hours. They poor it in, and concentrate it. All of this is yielded into a vial of one quart's worth of Z Virus.

This legendary item truly reduces age and reverts the aging process, changing elders to adults, adults to children, adolescents to chicks, and such.

However, if a chick was to drink it, they would be changed back to their original age and become a mindless slave to the first perosn they see. It takes a full pound of Ditto to revert this, and then ditto treatment to couteract the ditto. However, too much ditto and the poor creature will delete itself.


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