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ZBOX Original
ManufacturerMicro Hard and Soft
TypeVideo game console
GenerationSixth generation
Introductory price520 pebbles

The ZBOX (or ZBOX Original) is a game console in which many games can be played, along with personal settings and very green UI. It appears as a black console (not available in any other colour) with a green circle on the top with "ZBOX" on it, along with the disk drive, two controller plugs and the On/Off button along with a reset button.


ZBOX Interface

The Interface.


The settings section, featuring the time


The Music interface, featuring buttons.

The Interface itself, however, was more surreal than other game consoles. Its interface has an ambient sound of "wurr"ing, along with voices, too quiet and distorted to hear. It features Memory for all of the save data, Music for listening to music and Settings to set Time/Date or configure video/audio settings.


  • It was succeeded by the ZBOX 360.

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