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Yzabtech is 12yz12ab's brother. He has the ability to break the fourth wall and is a super genius, but is also pretty crazy. He is the Writer in Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes.


Yzabtech was born in 1992 (It was recently confirmed that he was not born in 2001). Like 12yz12ab, he was a technological prodigy, but was overshadowed by his brother, because his inventions were not as great.

His brother joined the BoE, and Yzabtech wanted to join, but there was no place for him. He decided to make a time machine that would take him back to get the role his brother got. His machine wasn't very good, and it took him to the wrong time period. More precisely, it took him 70 million years into the past, in the late Cretaceous period, and he was attacked by dinosaurs.

Since 12yz12ab was in the BoF, he could time-travel too and knew that his brother was in trouble. He saved Yzabtech and took him to the BoF headquarters. The BoF were angered at him, and decided to lock him up, but he managed to escape and went through the fourth wall, along with a lot of the technology the BoF had. He thought that the bureau was corrupt and decided to create a new one to overthrow the existing Bureau. He then met a bunch of 4th wall breaking creatures that were rejected as BoF members. He manipulated them into working for him, and Teh Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes was created.


Role in Bureau of Wannabes[]

Yzabtech is supposed to write stories for the Bureau, and have them checked and approved by Director Chenny and to be read by Sir Mckaw. In order to write these stories, he'll need to have information about past events, characters, and a knowledge on what the other Bureaus are up to so he won't contradict what they're saying. He uses his time machine to go back in time, although it still isn't very accurate, and uses other technology to do the rest of his job. Yzabtech is constantly nagged by Chenny to use better adjectives and more correct grammar in his writing.


  • He thinks that being the wannabe author is better than head of machinery, so he's not that jealous of his brother anymore.
  • He wrote a part of Eborpas goes China!
  • 12yz12ab and Yzabtech always argue over whos better at..well...everything.
  • His username on Pengblox is moderatorbro.

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