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February 12, 1999
ResidenceNinjinian's Igloo
OccupationScientist, Inventor, Mechanic, Puffle
Years active2001-present
Notable worksKEI Cannon, Gary, etc.
Home townNew Club Penguin
Height1ft 5
Known forBeing a very smart puffle and the puffle of Ninjinian.
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Yusei is Ninjinian's green puffle. He is highly mischievous & is the brains of the country his owner leads, UnitedTerra. He is capable of many different things as well, like working out formulas, riding a Turbo-Bike & just being cheeky. He is currently living in his owner's igloo in New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra.


Yusei was born on February 12, 1999 and adopted by Ninjinian on February 21 for his 7th birthday. Ninjinian always adored Yusei and took him everywhere. After the disappearance of Ninjinian's parents, Yusei & Ninjinian, along with Ninjinian's baby brother, Baby N. who all waddled (though Yusei actually bounced) weeks to find a new home. Yusei was in danger of dying in the cold, but he survived after Ninjinian almost sacrificed his life for his puffle, and Yusei knew that he had to repay back Ninjinian in all he could, and now follows him almost everywhere, and is the smartest in the UnitedTerra Parliament.


When needed, Ninjinian will ask this puffle a politics or government question, and he will drop what he is doing and gladly answer it. Yusei is really intelligent, and planned all of The Facility.


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