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YumYum is a food owning company which owns humndreds of restaurants. These includes: Eastshield Fried Fish, Pizza 7, Taco Ball, Finnish Penguin Tavern and Link John Silver's, due to their opening in 2009. They also partially own two restaurants, and wants to sharehold Side-To-Side.


EFF, Pizza 7 and Taco Ball, And Finnish Penguin Tavern wanted to form a company for them to communicate and understand more of their companies' background, and to help each other in economy. Also, a company, formerly known as Omingque Holdings, wanted to take part in the food industry. They decided under Omingue Holdings, merged to form YumYum, though in the Omingue side holds some others.

Companies under their control[]

  • Bernard New Developments, the only housing company they have.
  • Eastshield Fried Fish, one of the top three fast-food and food restaurants in Antarctica. The Kernel (the actual founder) still thinks he is in charge, and the employees follow his orders unaware he was bought out.
    • Well, the president of the YumYum company said that it was not bought out and instead was getting a 40% share for punching in profits.
  • Pizza 7, the best pizza company in Antarctica.
  • Taco Ball, the best tacos in Antarctica.
  • Link John Silver's--2nd best restaurant in seafood
  • Pingus Khan, a restaurant.
  • McFlippers Yes you knew it, It's the mystery place!
  • Finnish Penguin Tavern, The Best Soft Pretzels, The Best Popcorn, And They Even Play The Best Movies There!

Leaders, Owners and Managers, Notable Staff and more![]


  • CEO, President-- Ermand Versh
  • Vice-CEO-- Also Mcquishe
  • First Officer-- Ati Mcniquey

Full-Member Companies[]

Note: All owners are also managers.


  • Owner of -unknown-

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