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Yuletide Woes
Vital statistics
Start 10 December.
End December 12.
Prerequisites Have quick access across Freezeland.
Level 15
Location West Yeti, Freezeland, to Frostborough, Freezeland.
Rewards 900 Fyrø
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None, first in series. The Book of Festival-Laws

Yuletide Woes is the first quest in the Yuletide Quest Series.

Bestowal Dialouge[]

"Why hullo there! I am guessing you have come about the rumours? Well, I am afraid they are true: Lobelia Sackville is the official Yule-planner for the Yule-feast! It's dreadful, simply dreadful, I tell you! She has already announced that we will be getting nothing more than harvest-vegetables at the feast. The nerve of some folk!"

"Lobelia also told us that we ought to end the festival early this year, what with all the roustabouts that have been coming in...says it isn't safe for decent folk to stay up late outdoors. Naught but vegetables and an early bed...what is a respectable penguin to do!"

"What's more, no one in Yeti is rightly sure how she came by the title. For years, old Mad Sacker held the position, and in turn Ted Snowyman took it after his disappearance. Something isn't right about the whole affair. Do you think you would be able to help us set things to rights?"

It appears that Lobelia Sackville is the Freezeland Yule-planner. How dreadful!


Objective 1

You have been asked to inquire among the Yeti-folk for an explanation of Lobelia's post as Yule-planner.

Objective 2

Snowyman's Mill is north of the bridge over the Jadis in Yeti.

Ted Snowyman's unusual behaviour might suggest a need to search Snowyman's mill for anything out of the ordinary.

Objective 3

Will Whitefoot is at is at the town hall in Frostborough, far to the east of Yeti.

You should report your findings to Will Whitefoot, the mayor of Frostborough.

Quest Complete!


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