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Yule Be Sorry
Vital statistics
Start December 14.
End December 16.
Prerequisites Completed The Book of Festival-Laws
Level 15
Location West Yeti, and Chinook Freezeland
Rewards 900 Fyrø, and access to the quest, A Happy Holiday.
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The Book of Festival-Laws A Happy Holiday

Yule Be Sorry is a quest.

Bestowal dialogue[]

"Ah, here it is! The Book of Festival-law clearly states that a festival-planner can be changed with a petition signed by no fewer than one hundred penguins who reside in the town of the feast in question."

"Here, take this official petition. If you can find one hundred residents of Chinook to sign it, then the post of Freezeland Yule-planner can be changed!"


The Book of Festival-law holds precedent for removing Lobelia Sackville from her 'post,' but it will not be easy.

Objective 1[]

Chinook lies far to the east of West Yeti.

Will Whitefoot has given you an official petition and has sent you to Chinook to find one-hundred penguins to sign your petition.

Objective 2[]

Lobelia Sackville is at the harbour at West Yeti.

Having obtained one-hundred signatures, you should bring the signed petition to Lobelia Sackville.

Quest Complete!


900 Fyrø, and access to the next quest, A Happy Holiday.