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|name  = Yukon Brothers

|image = |caption = |title = Sergeants |gender = both male |race = Polar Bear |faction = LEEPB |health = Good |level = |status = In command of 1,000 troops |location = Live in Sub-Antarctica Barracks |occupation = Sergeants |interests = |friends = Lukasi, Herbert, LEEPB |enemies = PSA, EPF |archetype = }}

The Yukon brothers are twin brother polar bears. Their names are Timmy and Jimmy.


They were born attached to each other, but their mother got them separated. They were born in 1995, shortly before a whole clan of polar bears reached Antarctica. The Arctic ice was melting due to pollution caused by humans. They, along with thousands of other polar bears, really wanted a job so they joined Herbert's Army.


Timmy likes building stuff(most of which falls apart).  He's very smart. Jimmy, on the other hand, is stupid. He has a kind of deep voice. Due to his stupidity, he always does what his big brother asks. 


They are very mischevieous. They caused the following.

Once they stole Cream Soda to use as missiles. In the process, they blew up the Cream Soda Factory, covering South Pole City in the pink stuff.

Once they rescued Lukasi I. Nuit from Owcatraz.

Bombing Shiverpool with Ditto Gas.

Capturing 5 Elitists single-handedly. How'd they do it?


They are very loyal to Lukasi I.Nuit.

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