Club Penguin Fan Universe
Iceflower, adjusting her necklace.
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction User
Health Excellent
Level 10
Status Around the island.
Location South Pole City
Occupation Secret Agent
Interests Video games, reading, drawing, singing, and writing.
Friends Tigerstar845 , Metalmanager
Enemies None
Archetype None

Iceflower485 is a secret agent of the Penguin Secret Agency and the Elite Penguin Force. She arrived in Club Penguin Island in 2010 and is, sadly, not known for much.


Born in the year 1996, Iceflower grew up with her parents but they died for an unknown reason when she was 20. She was always very optimistic and friendly but ever since her parent's death, she decided to leave her home and set out for another since at that time she was old enough to take care of herself and set off for Club Penguin Island. There, she bought an igloo in South Pole City and got a job in the Printer's Sweepstakes Agency until she was 30. It was then when she quit the agency and joined the Penguin Secret Agency instead. After the PSA was destroyed in May 17th 2010, she became very lonely since the only penguins she knew on the Island was Gary, Jet Pack Guy, and the Rookie. During this time she kept to herself more than usual and gradually became depressed. Only after she recieved a note from the elitist core of the PSA did she regain her usual optimism and joined the EPF.


During her times as a PSA agent, she became friends with Rookie and several other agents, Tigerstar845, CLA MC, and Arashi Fuma all of whom she met again once she joined the EPF. She was immediately noted to Herbert that she was a threat to him after she foiled his plans time and time again, although she secretly sympathizes with Herbert for his plight. During one of Herbert's plans in which he planned to turn Antartica into a tropical paradise, (but really just succeeded in nearly sinking the Island and nearly drowning himself instead,) She saved Herbert and the two along with the other EPF agents saved the Island by plugging a hole in an ocean geyser with Herbert's statue which was causing the Island to sink.

She has recently been asked by Metalmanager to join the Artic Wolves, where she gladly accepted. She is currently helping him and the others in his army against Flywish.

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