Club Penguin Fan Universe
Flag of Yliaster
Motto"One Together, Stay Forever"
Royal anthemChoosing
National Insignia
Corps Yliaster Insignia
(and largest city)
Official languages Free Republic English, Terralish
Recognised regional languages Sporcs
All languages
Species  Penguins, Puffles, Crabs, Squid & lots of other creatures.
Demonym Yliastian
Government Dictatorship
 -  President/Leader Tatsujin
 -  Elite Member Fazer
Separation Originally part of Ninja Estate, but separated. 
 -  New land separation 1964 
 -  Master declared 1969 
 -  Government type decided 1982 
 -  Evil forces begin 1983 
 -  Water (%) 66.2% (most is snow & ice, though underground is different and leads all the way to the USA).
 -  1980 estimate 100,000 
 -  2009 census 895,524,656 
Currency Okane (ÔĸÄ:)
Little bit of Daylight Savings
Drives on the Left
Calling code -500

The Yliaster (pronounced: illy-aster) is a very evil country located near Zero Reverse. It was founded some decades ago and is considered one of the most evil countries that exists. The Yliaster contains massive threats to Antarctica, and they are always stirring up war.