Club Penguin Fan Universe

Yellow Team is an informal color sports team that is ranked 4th among the five teams, above the Green Team. It specializes in snowball fights, soccer and swimming. Supported and funded by Corai, the team has earned a fifth place medal in the last Penguin Games and won third place in another competition against the five teams.


There were the Red, Orange (Oranje, as it is based in Freezeland), Green, Blue and Purple at the time. It made up all the colors of the rainbow (except for violet and indigo are purple, and pink is not a color of the rainbow, but a mix of red and orange). To complete the 'rainbow', someone suggested a 'Yellow Team'. The idea was brought into reality with the introduction of the Yellow Team.

The founding team members designed flashy yellow shirts and advertisements hung up in Club Penguin. Soon, members started swarming in at a steady pace. They were then ready to compete in the 2009 Penguin Games, held in Summer. Officially registered into the Penguin Games, it achieved some popularity, the most notable fan being Corai.

In a competition held in Spring of 2010, the Yellow Team won third place in another competition that also included the five 'color' teams. Their rank rose to third, but dropped to fourth during the 2010 Penguin Games, in which they were fifth. However, funding and support from Corai and company may make the team successful in a future competition.


  1. Ira
  2. Irawrath
  3. Yellow Penguin
  4. Wender
  5. Sorian
  6. Hiya
  7. Ayecube
  8. Eyea
  9. Jordan
  10. Jorwa
  11. Qui
  12. Dtray
  13. Ridan
  14. Twowra
  15. Tora



With all those teams, Red Team, Oranje Team, Blue Team, Green Team, Purple Team, someone thought"Why not yellow?", thus Yellow Team was made. They created flashy yellow shirts and several people that liked the color yellow swarmed to join. They soon became very large and even as good as Oranje Team.