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Xorai's Base
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Vital statistics
Type Headquarters
Level Inescapable
Location Unknown
Inhabitants EVIL, Xorai, Xara, Darkness, crime ring

Xorai's Base is a horrendous area laden with booby-traps, villains, and, worst of all, Xorai himself. It is a very dangerous place to travel, and many creatures have, in fact, been deleted at the flippers of Xorai.


When Xorai came into being, he needed a dark place to live. Club Penguin was obviously too happy and bright to be his base of operations, so he created the Xorai Base.

As its name suggests, the Base is currently the headquarters of Xorai's army and aspires to attack the Darktonian Realm. Like Darktan, Xorai has ammassed an army, though his army is of weaker clones of himself and robotic ninjas.

He also makes illegal knockoffs of the Elemental Amulets, sucgh as the "lava amulet, rain amulet, scorch amulet, space amulet, realm amulet", etc. . These so-called "Amulets" are far less powerful than the real thing, but they do pose as a threat to the unskilled traveller.

Enter at your own risk.


Xorai and his army of clones.

Survival reccomendations[]

Travellers to the Base who escaped deletion reccomend the following for any fool daring enough to set foot onto Xorai's turf.

  • ONE. Come with a weapon.
  • TWO. Do not pack food. It attracts clones.
  • THREE. Pretend to be a X antibody, namely, a Xorai clone.
  • FOUR. If possible, bring a fully mobilized army.
  • FIVE. If not a weapon, have something to defend with.
  • SIX. Wear loose, light clothing. The temperatures are artificially increased to well above freezing, which can be lethal for a penguin.
  • SEVEN. Bring lots and lots of hot sauce. Xorai clones crave hot sauce and always prefer it over attacking an intruder. Exploting this fundamental flaw could mean the difference between life and deletion. BUT,Level two clones are immune to this craving,and during a war all clones dont crave hot sauce.


Its entire population is villians.


  • EVIL
  • Darkness
  • Screams
    • (It is said that the screams are inescapable and give nightmares to those who hear it for too long.)
  • Torture
  • Wailing of clones


If your lucky enough to survive His forces and the heat,theres a couple rooms and buildings

Cloneing center. makes the clones

Robotic centers: makes Robot ninjas and there Katanas(nonlethal)

HQ:Only Xara and Xorai can get in,its locked by a eye scan.inside it has ALOT of ditto,Z virus,X virus,deletion bombs.

Huts: a small Village for the army (not including clones Xara or Xorai,they live in the palace) Docters and High ranking soldiers Live in Larger houses instead of huts like others.

Palace: a Very fortified base for the Elites (clones,Xara,Xorai,ect)

Mwa Mwa Huts: a Place for those insane Penguins filled with teddy bears

Flame pits: the Power generator of the base, The flames produce Power for the base, enough for 5 Chi Cons.

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