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Xenelope is Penelope O'vian's X-Antibody. She is very curious and often gets into trouble with her owner, Dara.


Xenelope is a neat puffle who is very curious. She was created in a flash trying to get Penelope to not be evil. However, this didn't work.

Penelope: *Cough Cough* Ugh... I feel like I want t- *BLEH!* *Coughs up pink goo*

Xenelope: Hi! Are you evil!? I would hope not!

Surray: GET OUT OF HERE! *Throws Hammer*

Xenelope: That's so rude! I wouldn't do that!

Penelope: Well whatever, I DON'T CARE! *Pushes out door*

Xenelope: Boohoo!


  • Annoyingly enough, she uses exclamation marks in every sentence.
  • She likes Ethan a bit, but she thinks he is rude in some ways.
  • She is a lot like Mabel X, but not as bad (Or I think so) as her.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She thinks she is pretty.

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