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Picture of him in a dim room. He is also paranoid like LiveWire.
Vital statistics
Title The good X-Antibody of Zapwire
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Good
Health Decent, after all, he was created by a virus.
Level 26
Status Making calculators under ZapWire's basement
Location ZapWire's basement

Xapwire is a X-Antibody of ZapWire. He is good, unlike most.


Because Arctic Terns aren't native to Antarctica, ZapWire got it through Speeddasher X whacking him with his flipper he licked, after the MMK barbecue. He had to go to hospital 10 months later. The doctors found out he had the X-Virus.

Later that night, when the doctors were on a temporary break, something strange started to happen.

ZapWire: Ugh. I feel like someone installing Internet Explorer 767 on Penguin OS.

ZapWire presses the button to move the mirrors over.

ZapWire: This cannot be good.

The infamous X appears on his forehead.

ZapWire: Oh no - ach, achooooooooooooo!

The black goop reforms into the shape of a tern. It looks noticably different however.

Xapwire: Greetings fellow tern.

ZapWire: AHHH! You're not a tern, you're goop from a disease looking a a tern!

Xapwire: Oh come on. Let's just say I am a tern and X-Antibody.

Xapwire: Now I need a hobby. What can I do?

ZapWire: Well I have spare calculator parts in the basement.

Xapwire: I'll start a calculator company! In your basement!

Xapwire runs off, but comes back.

Xapwire: Where's the keys?

ZapWire throws the spare keys over.

Xapwire: Thank you.

Xapwire runs off.

After some analysis, Xapwire was found to be different than most antibodies. He has Ban's accent, but speaks normal English. He is also different that most terns, sporting an inverted colour scheme.


He lives in ZapWire's basement in County Capann, Freezeland, making calculators for his company, X-Calculators Ltd.


  • Unlike ZapWire, he is a Doors Vista fan.

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