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X-Treme Penguin
X-Treme Penguin image
What's the matter, too EXTREME for you? Or too much of that 'hot stuff'?
Vital statistics
Title Stuntsman, KFC Manager and Italian Bartender
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Health Very crazy
Level 30
Status Making crazy X-treme inventions
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Reviewing priests on indian food.
Catchphrase What's the matter, too EXTREME for you? Or too much gravy?
Friends Punch Beatoiski
Enemies Sane game players
Archetype Possibly Homosexual

X-Treme Penguin, otherwise known as X-Treme, is a crazy penguin that finds the games in Club Penguin boring, and mixes them with other games, making X-Treme inventions that normally fail and result in X-TREME pain.


X-Treme Penguin hatched on Club Penguin Island. Even as a chick, he craved danger. He would do things such as jumping off of swingsets, playing soccer with golf clubs, and jumping off of the roof of his igloo onto a trampoline. His father Nathan was killed in 1998, after he choked himself with a piece of wood. His mother Silvia committed suicide after realizing who she was giving birth to.

Even though he always ended injured, he never gave up, and when he grew up, he started making his common X-Treme inventions, such as the X-Treme Jetpack Surf Cartz, the X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz, the X-Treme Jetpack Surf Hopperz, and the X-Treme Jetpack Find Four.

X-Treme found a common bond with Punch Beaktoiski, who also risked life and limb for the sake of doing crazy stunts.

Karl Pilkington said "X-Treme my ass." after seeing what a failure he was.


X-Treme Penguin is X-Tremely crazy and bored of the Club Penguin games. All of his inventions are made with jetpacks, which is what makes him fall off or crash. Many of his inventions not only harm him, but others and other things, since he normally runs penguins over, he destroyed the Sled Racing finish line, he kills sharks (wait, that's a good thing!), ect.

He is in Penguin Kart 2. And went to Penguin University, but they later rejected him.


  • All of his inventions have jetpacks involved.
  • His only friend is Punch Beaktoiski.
  • All of his inventions fail.
  • He is married to Rallianne Chez.
  • He is named after a foreign cheeseburger.
  • He also is trusted by Lily8763 but is not a full friend with him.

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