Club Penguin Fan Universe

X-R-CISE image
A PSA long-distance agent as well as cantidate for EPF.
Vital statistics
Title PSA Agent
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction PSA
Health Fairly High
Level 3
Status In Penguin City doing long distance PSA work.
Location In Penguin City

X-R-CISE is a high level PSA agent. She, unfortunately, is in love with Darktan for unknown reasons. She is also a popular clothing designer. She designed the famous... well, nearly everything. She uses her PSA scissors to fight against evil. She used them many a time, in fact. Yes. Many, many, many a time.

MISSIONS She has gone on many a mission and a few have been recorded.

1. The Cookie Island Discovery-She found that a con artist was selling plastic cookies.

2. Stranded- She got stranded on the Ice Burg and used her scissors to escape.

3. Return to Cookie Island- She learned that the con artist was up to his old tricks.


5. Return to the PSA

6. Long distance work- She leaves for Penguin City in order to learn information on the con artist.


She was not a well known agent until she was captured by Count Tooth and his son. They threatened to eat her, but using her scissors, she broke free and attacked. The poor seals never knew what hit them. When she used a self-made raft to reach Club Penguin Island,the PSA gave her a Un-Believably High Level Clearance badge, but it was revoked when someone found out her love interest. She became exiled, but only temporarily. She re-joined the PSA and got back her high position. She is now is in Penguin City doing research.


She is always hoping to trick Darktan to become good. She loves friendly dueling, and once accidentally injured The Rookie.


She is Darktan's secret girlfriend and was almost made to eat the Doom Weed. She is a High Level member of the PSA, and Gary's friend. She was the one who put The Ice Burgh on the map.

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