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X-Que image
For once I think we feel sorry for Aye-Que
Vital statistics
Title Evil Genius
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Evil
Health Perfect
Level Unknown
Status Trapped inside a card
Location Inside a Card

X-Que is the X-Antibody of Doctor Aye-Que and a very evil villian. He's recently invented a TARDIS like invention in the form of a Card. If he throws it at someone, and it touches them, they'll be trapped inside with little chance of escaping Recently though he accidently trapped himself one of them, and he's been stuck there since.


Like many citizens of Antarctica , Doctor Aye-Que caught the X-Virus. For weeks he simply lay in his Puffle Bed, while Smash and Pounder clumisly took care of him. He thought that he was going to die so he quickly tried to study imortality like his grandfather had done so. Unfortunatley this made him even more tired, and he at last gave up. One night though a huge, red X appeared on his forehead, and it started glowing. The puffle yelled, and soon coughed up some green slime. Then the X disapeared and Aye-Que felt mcuh better. Then he looked to see the slime form a Puffle who looked somewhat like him, except he was wearing what appeared to be Puffle Clothes. The Creature then laughed and quickly left. Aye-Que didn't really care much now though, and simply went to plan another evil scheme.

A week later though, Aye-Que met the Puffle again. It claimed that his name was X-Que and that he wanted to take over his former host's company. When Aye-Que said no, the X-Antibody threw a card at him, and he was isntantly trapped inside. He then continued to do this to other citizens. The crazy puffle would've done this to all of Antarctica if it hadn't have been for Tails6000, Speeddasher, suprisingly Wes Salesman, and Smash and Pounder. Together they tricked him into throwing a card at a super powered fan they got from Aye-Que's building, and the Antibody was trapped inside his own card. Soon Aye-Que was taken out of the Card he was trapped in, and Antarctica was saved once again.


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  • He's a parody of Eggman Nega.

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