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Wrecked Ship
Wrecked Ship
The Wrecked Ship
Wrecked Ship location
Wrecked Ship's location (orange)
Vital statistics
Type Shipwreck
Location Ross Island sea
Inhabitants Fishes

The Wrecked Ship is a name given to a ship lying on the seabed, west of the Ross Island Port. It is unknown if it is Carl Arnott's ship. It is not a wreck dive site as it does not posses coral life.


The Wrecked Ship was discovered by a former member of the "Adelie Explorers" group, Vincent while riding with his snowvestator in search for yellow fishes. Upon his discovery, Vincent got scared as he believed that there's is a "curse" when discovering a shipwreck. So, he turned back and went back to Ross Island as fast as possible. As he went back home, he tried to remove the Wrecked Ship in his mind however he can't. So, he went to the official website of the Antarctic Institute of Nautical Archeology to inform them that there is a wrecked ship. One of the members of the organization, went at the Wrecked Ship to search for artifacts and to know who's ship was that. It is currently investigated by the members of the Antarctic Institute.