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Worai Wunki
Corai in girl form....... is that even possible?
Vital statistics
Title Girl-Corai
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin (Pretty short)
Faction Has this issue with Dara
Health Good
Level High
Status Endlessly battling Dara
Location Probably around Corai

Worai Wunki (pronounced WAR-rye Wun-KEY), normally referred to as Worai, also referenced as "Girl-Corai" because of her near identical behaviors to Corai himself, is a bashful penguin who has a crush on Corai, but is normally afraid to show it. She is on Dara's hit list, and the two constantly battle one-another for Corai's affection.


Worai hatched on an unusually warm (a blistering 9 degrees Farenheit), sunny day, a few hours after Corai did, elsewhere.

She would blush whenever someone talked to her and cry when soemone screamed. This shyness would persist long into her adolesence and even to this day.

She immigrated to Chi Con and got a crush on Corai because of their striking similarities. Dara immediantly took notice and began to attack her in an attempt to eliminate her from swooning over "her man". The times that she has evaded laser blasts and weapons are innumerable. Worai is usually unaware that they were fired, as Dara always misses.


She goes to a school, and is the target of affection for several male penguins. She is only interested in Corai, however, and therefore ignores all others who go after her. Many consider that she should rethink this, because Dara is becoming incresaingly offensive in her quest to eliminate her.

She is so alike to Corai in word and deed that others call her "Girl-Corai" in jest. Others say she is the female equivalent of Corai. There are even rumors that she is Corai in a female disguise. This, of course, is false. She is NOT Corai. DNA tests proved such, and, adding the fact that Corai and Worai have been seen standing next to one-another, any possible theory of cross-dressing can be rendered completely null.

Worai and Dara scramble and war against one-another in an endless bid for Corai's affection. Corai, as usual, fails to take notice of either penguin. Dara has the upper hand, notably, because she is so violent in her methods of silencing the "competition". Dara has taken this to the point of tying Worai up and throwing her in a broom closet.

Worai, being the shy, quiet girl she is, normally asks why Dara does this to her. Dara normally responds with "You are an obstacle toward me getting my man. Any obstacle toward the beloved Corai must be eliminated. That is why I atatck you, you foolish penguin!".

Worai usually manages to see Corai at night and in-between their classes, because Dara attends one grade higher than the couple (despite being younger).


  • She has a crush on Corai.
  • She, like Corai, are often called "Adelie Penguins" because there way too short and small to be Emperor Penguins, but she is indeed a emperor penguin.
  • She smiles alot and is rtaher shy.
  • She has two puffles, Wurray and Werry.

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