Club Penguin Fan Universe

Vital statistics
Title Villain
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Villain
Health Extreme
Level 99 (age 20)
Status Plotting World Domination
Location In his Lair
Occupation Villain
Feather color Black
Interests Plotting Club Penguin's Domination
Friends Mabel, Herbert
Enemies You
Archetype Evil

Wonder D. Weezil, better known under his alias Wonderweez, is a local Club Penguin villain, with a slight bit of anger issues. His current goal is to defeat all penguins on the face of Club Penguin. However, he has a soft spot for Klutzy, Herbert and his good friend Happy. He is known for crimes in creating the popcorn bomb, hacking the main frame, and making the Ultimate-Proto-Bot 9000 when he had the chance.


It all started when Wonderweez was an agent for the PSA. He would go on missions, come back, and then go on missions. This endless cycle drained him, but it also nailed him several promotions. These recurring mission routines finally payed off when he was promoted to into a high rank on the EPF.

He was the one who caused Herbert to escape, by sending him directions to his lair in the Tallest Mountain via Earphone, after the village idiot let him escape. He was once actually an Agent, but turned evil when The Director refused to let him become Director. He applauded Herbert's invention and use of Wood-Chopper 9000, and even promised to support and assist Herbert in his villainy. He is wanted for possibly being able to assist in destroying Club Penguin, and possibly the USA

The Director, however, decided to stop promoting him there, because "he sensed something bad in him", and left him at this post. Wonderweez turned evil, and began plotting his revenge on the PSA.


  • It is rumoured that his middle name is Denominatorious. When asked, his only answer was 'perhaps'.
  • He likes to plot the end of the Island.
  • Though evil, he likes to eat scones.
  • In the future, he will need glasses.
  • He is on the verge of making a ray-gun that could potentially melt parts of CP and/or the Iceberg.
  • Although he is Male, he likes the color purple.
  • In his free time, he likes to sew.
  • He actually likes Mabel.
  • He has a evil X-antibody, Wonderweez X.
  • In the morning, he likes to head down to the Pet Shop and scare Mwa Mwa Penguins.
  • He is smart enough to solve math problems,such as
  • His mentor is Nightmare.

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