Club Penguin Fan Universe

"Mwa Mwa Powers!"
Vital statistics
Title The Mwa Mwa Penguin
Gender Male
Race Little Penguin
Faction Xorai's army
Health Good
Level High
Status Stalking Flywish and his army, unseen, to spy on them.
Location Flywish's army, a tree, Xorai's army.


After Radclaw reformed, Xorai got Wocker and his petguin, Radal. Right when he was brought home he instantly began training to be a spy, he quickly became elite at spying. Learning to use grappling hooks, invisible silk, and cloud wave bracers, the bracers are bought by radal who gives them to Wocker.



  • Hammers.
  • Being captured.
  • Xorai's punishments.
  • Failure.


  • He is Xorai's spy, and a rather good one.
  • Since he is a little penguin many think hes a real chick.
  • He has over 500 costumes, most of which are constantly lost.
  • he has hurt Flywish twice, worse then he could ever do to Xorai.
  • He "woves" Xorai
  • He is pathetic at evil, but is very good at spying.
  • He is immune to nummy cakes, just like Radal.
  • he is black.
  • He has costumes that make him green, yellow, blue, ole blue, and such depending on a mission.
  • Unlike Radal, he is calm, quiet, and smart, Radal is loud, angry, and smart.
  • He rarely talks.
  • He is 14.
  • When he talks he can persuade almost anyone into anything with his rather calm, sweet, beutifal voice, even Flywish into bowing to Xorai, though he then beats Xorai up.
  • Radal tortures and bullies him. This makes Xorai sad because of how it used to happen with Radclaw1 and SnowClaw1.
  • Robo-Flywish once pushed him out of a tree he was using to stalk Flywish.


Radal: *punches* Ha Ha!

WockerZ: Pweeeeeeeeeeease stop.

Radal: N-n-n-n-n-n-Ok............

Wocker: :)

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