Club Penguin Fan Universe

His ultimate Fate
Will's future
Vital statistics
Type Future
Effects How Willy is going to end up
Source Will's fate
Location Clubb Phengin Weekee
Cost to buy None
Cost to sell None

This is the event of the horrible future of Willy the Penguin. It takes place in an alternate reality.


When everything on the USA was in ruins, and all the penguins are infected with a disease that may delete them all, but save one sole survivor. Willy.

It all started when Willy went through a time chamber due to an argument with Kwiksilver, and when he came back, it was three years later, he was the same age. G discovered Will was now immune to every disease in existence and would begin aging again in about three to four months. But, in that period of time, the island was struck with a sickness that could be lethal. Willy, of course was immune and stayed healthy, but one by one, all the other penguins became sick. G estimated that if they did not receive an antidote, they would all be deleted. Ninjinian, Explorer, and Tails6000 knew of an antidote, but it had to be made of different materials scattered all around the USA. Willy then set off to find it. He spend over two years getting the materials. During that time, the USA became a desolate, barren wasteland, due to the fact Willy was the only healthy creature left, and he was getting an antidote. The full event will be written later.

After searching for years, Will finally made an antidote, but Explorer and Ninjinian, who had it the worst, were gone by the time Willy got back. Will made everyone healthy again, expect for the deleted two, which he could do nothing about. While everyone was busy fixing the USA, Willy was out on a rock jetty, mourning the loss of his dear friends. He often carried Explorer's propeller cap and Ninjinian cookie crown and pirate bandana, which was all that was left. he then decided to go get them back. Willy then went to the deletion world, but couldn't access the entrance. He then went back to Club Penguin Island, and had G make a time machine and went back in time with another antidote, and went to Explorer and Ninjinian's bedsides, and gave them the antidote. He then went back to the present and was happy to see that everyone was healthy. He then discovered that he had a nephew. Frozen the Penguin. Please give more depth to this story, please.


  • Willy was considered as big as a hero as Tails after he saved everyone.
  • He got much more consideration after it happened, also.

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