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This is a list fo Willy the Penguin's puffles and their personalities.


  • Puffy (Full name: Henry Quincy Puff Puff "Puffy" Pepper the II)

Puffy is a blue puffy and he just hates his name. He's a friendly all around good guy, but sometimes he can get angry jut a little too fast. He's a roadie to the Frozens.

  • Mango (the first one)

He left as soon as he was brought home.

  • Mango (Full name: Tangelo Wood Shelf "Mango" the XII)

Mango the XII is an adventurous red puffle.

  • Stan (Full name: Stanley Puff Puff Pepper)

Stan's a green puffle who loves pulling pranks and writing jokes. He's also Puffy's younger brother. He's also got an amazing singing voice, so he was placed as back-up singer on The Frozens.

  • Banana (Full name: Banana The Puffle)

Banana's an artistic genius, and often is painting or drawing masterpieces. He also plays Bass guitar in The Frozens.

  • Steven (Full name: Steven Gilligan Skipperdip)

Steven is a black puffle and is very serious about being a spy for the EPF and the PSA. He and Mabel are actually friends. Yeah, it scares us too.

  • Ice (Full name: Iceberg Lawrence the VII)

Ice is a white puffle and likes to freeze things. He once froze Willy accidentally. He's also The Frozen's miscellaneous instrument player. He also sometimes sings.

Matthew is the newest edition to the puffles. He is always optimistic and kind.


  • All of Willy's puffles (save Steven) are in training to become EPF puffles.
  • A few of them are in the band The Frozens.
  • All of them are friends with at least one of Explorer 767's puffles.