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Wild Teddy Bear
Don't look into it's eyes or it will jump out of the screen and eat you!
Don't look into it's eyes or it will jump out of the screen and eat you!
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Subclass: Refertus Creatura
Infraclass: Vieo Visio
Order: Bonus Vetus Res
Family: Pinguis Foetidus Gero
Genus: Non Valde Smart
Species: Torva Teddy Gero
Subspecies: Insolitus Monasteriense
Binomial Nomenclature
Puniceus Ulterius
Teddies are found all over Waffleland, especially in the plains.
Teddies are found all over Waffleland, especially in the plains.

Waffle-theives, thief bears

Wild Teddy Bears or Furtificus Torva Gero (aka:Thieving Wild Bear) are dangerous highly intelligent creatures that live exclusively in Waffleland. Alex12345a helps to take care of them during his occasional visits there.


One day Mister Bean started mumbling Gibberish (as usual), and mumbled the word "Teddy".

The stupid people who lived there interpreted it to mean "I want my Teddy to live!", so they went to Doctor John Barrbuh to have him operate on it.

The operation succeeded and he made a couple of clones of it, before discovering that they were mean-spitited and quickly reverted Mr. Bean's teddy back to normal.

But the damage was done, the Teddies escaped and went on a rampage throughout the country.

They were finally stopped and driven into the forests and fields where they live now.


Wild Teddies are small and fluffy, with button eyes and stitched-on limbs.

They have very sharp teeth and retractable claws which are used for catching prey.

Many think that they look cute, but this is only to fool creatures to come closer to them.


Wild Teddy Bears are very smart, and they often use this to their advantage.

For example, they know how to make complex traps and pits, and they can fashion their own blades.

Some have even reported that they have seen them with Snowball Guns!

They are known to have complex social lives, and they even make crude "furniture" in their dens.

Professor Zlo Shroomsky actually claims that they are smarter then the average Waffliean penguin!

Hunting Tactics[]

Wild Teddies usually hunt alone, although they sometimes stalk their prey in packs.

If their prey are tourists, they walk up to them, sniffing and acting like any other animal until they see an opening to strike.

When they are against alert penguins who know how to deal with them, they dig tunnels in the snow and try to get at the penguin's feet, then they flip them over and attack them while they are lying defenceless.

However, these are the standard techniques, and sometimes penguins encounter bears with different tactics that may or may not be more effective.


Wild Teddy Bears live in the wilds of Waffleland, where they rob unlucky passerbys for the tasty Waffles that they carry around.

They are about 1 foot tall and 5 thick at the stomach, which is their widest part.

They are very dangerous despite their cute looks and have killed Doom Knights with a single bite (probably because Doom Knights are allergic to them).


  • Wild Teddy Bears are listed as the most dangerous creature in Waffleland (they beat Mabel by %0.000000000000000000000000000001, even though she does not even live there).