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The Wikia Catastrophe
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Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Vital statistics
Participants The Holy Wikia
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Holy Wikia
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Date Various, 2020 in the CPFW universe.
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The Wikia Catastrophe is a fateful event in which various villains, Nightmare, Malcur, Metal Explorer, Cyclosus, a freak named Virus from Anti-Club Penguin, and the remaining users of perform a daring attempt that no character or item should EVER do: destroy everything that keeps them alive - the multiverse(in fact the omniverse) itself. It is the fourth and final event in the For Great Justice series, and is the last event of major evil in Antarctica for about a thousand years.

The event[]

Prologue: It was a dark and stormy night.......[]

It was a dark and stormy night. Ternville had once again spiraled into a major thunderstorm, and this was creating trouble for Mayor McFlapp as he attempted to type on his Organ.

"Gah, why did I allow this blinkin' storm to bally happen in the first place?" the tern shook himself to stay awake. ".....did I even allow it? ......."

The Mayor continued to peck and play on the Organ, ritualistically performing his designated tasks. It was late at night, and the Mayor had been working non-stop, attempting to keep up with the sudden increase of MediaWiki edits performed by a certain penguin and an infamous mushroom. He was exhausted and needed to roost for the night; the poor tern could barely hold his head up.

Elsewhere, Director Benny, also weathering the storm, was at his laptop. Two large buttons connected by USB cables sat to the left and right of his PC. The green button marked Approved, and the red button marked Rejected. The poor puffle was also tired out his wits, and he glanced at the screen, half-asleep.

The poor puffle was tired out of his wits and-


Benny had approved the sentence before it had finished.





Benny could barely focus. He yawned widely, as puffles do.

"Ooh..... why did they have to edit all of that Media Wiki?"

Unknown to him, other Masters were facing the same problem. Poor Illustrator Keith failed to color the most recent addition to the site, Virus. When the penguin manifests itself, it'll be perpetually grayscale.

 [[DJ X]] dozed at 
   his audio console
falling      completely 
  asleep his 
 an        old 
    vinyl record     that hadn't
fifty      years 

Obviously, everyone was exhausted, since Benny failed to reject the above wretched grammar covered in poorly done interface and <pre> </pre> tags. DJ X was asleep as such.

Author Billybob, long asleep, was slumped over his Sacred Typewriter. He couldn't have seen the shady figure slip in with a black sheet of paper baring crudely done white crayon.

A sinister voice was heard in the quiet room. Only the occasional clap of thunder emitted any other noise.

Carefully lifting Billybob's flipper and moving his body off of the Typewriter, the silhouette (who had stolen Director Black paint from Keith) unrolled the current paper and inserted his. Rolling the spool back, the black paper was now in the typewriter, awaiting the Mayor and Benny's appraisal.

Benny, so tired that he looked like any yellow puffle in an igloo, barely noticed the new text on his screen.

Let a new tale begin,

one of epic proportions.

On this day, and in the coming era,

it is assured that the Holy Wikia

will fall.

Virus and

will make sure of it.


Thunder clapped and the sky flashed pink for a split second, and distant evil laughter could be heard the second the green button was hit.

The item came to the Organ next.

Mayor McFlapp, also half-asleep, still knew something about that text was just NOT RIGHT."

"Wait, that's just not bally righ------------------------------- zzzzzzzzzzzzzz............"

The mayor fell asleep. As he fell, his beak hit the 67th key on the second keyboard, one of the many Approve Keys on the instrument. The entire room shook and the organ started making snapping and cracking sounds from within. The woodwork and the steel pipes vibrated like mad, and the foot pedals locked and ceased to work. The organ shook and rocked, then it began to play, on its own, a terrible piano mess that hardly resembled real music. Then, of all things, the organ CRACKED, and four of its hundreds of pipes fell off its fasteners. The wooden sound emitters within shattered, and one by one, the pipes of this mighty console fell silent. All but one of the computer monitors went out, and the lights of the office shattered, plunging the room into darkness. Mayor McFlapp, now wide awake was running about, his top hat on the floor, as he brought in several professional instrument repair-penguins to save the dying organ. They worked frantically, using all of the duct tape, wiring, nails and parts they could muster, trying to hold the now falling universe in order. The sky outside turned orange, then blue, then red, grey, magenta, and soon began cycling through the entire color spectrum. Everyone but the Masters became frozen in suspended animation. Cracks opened up in the ground as the organ lost more of its musical capacity. The pipes fell once more, and the keyboard began to buckle. Then, the interior wind blowing section shattered and the instrument fell silent.

Mayor McFlapp, who had managed to save the universe with an old fife used to narrate by his great-great-great-great grandfather back in the High Penguin Confederacy, now stood alone in the darkness. Unlike his ancestor, the Mayor couldn't figure out how to elaborately play the Narrator's Fife without lips, teeth, or an extendable tongue, so he blew into the item and played the same high-pitched A-minor chord over and over.

This A-minor chord managed to keep him alive, and Antarctica in existence, but every living thing was turned to stone, a doomsday backup procedure implemented by the previous Narrator, Luce. The Mayor, playing the Fife, walked out of his office and glanced around. Every living thing was stone. All of the buildings were solid white with black outlines, and green fog lay on the floor. The Organ had broken.

Mayor McFlapp knew of one item that could restore the organ and the Natural Order, and that was the Antics' Rollback Grenade that Looks Like a Globius Cruciger but Isn't. Quickly running through the walls (reality had been shattered), he found himself in the Penghis Khan's royal palace. He saw a statue of Penghis Khan frozen at the last thing he was doing in life, holding all of the Royal Pengolian Jewels of Extreme Shininess. Using one wing to hold the Fife, his beak to play the note, and a talon to grab the grenade, he ran back to the shattered organ and threw the Grenade at it.


The organ realigned itself and was restored to perfect condition. It was rollbacked to the day before. However, since he still approved the message, it was going to happen. He read it and called in the other Masters of the Universe, who all gaped at the text.

"This is bad." Benny commented.

"No, it's extra-wretched." Ned and Natalie stated simultaneously.


Everyone screamed. Meanwhile, the same voice started laughing maniacally from afar.

"Phase one... complete." it muttered.

Lightning forked through the sky and the thunder rumbled once more as all of the Masters, now horribly frightened beyond reason, climbed into their beds, chambers, or nests and tried to fall asleep.

Subchapter 1.5: Errors Amuck![]

Elsewhere in the Wikia, other universes were being affected as well. A storm, spreading from the massive rollback in the CPFW universe, broke through the Fourth Wall and started to terrorize the other Universes. At the heart of this storm, X-Creatures and Super Penguins mysteriously teleported in, as if from nowhere. They rode the storm and entered the once-protected universes.

Redwall Land[]

Note: The characters, locations, items, events, etc. of Redwall solely belong to Brian Jacques, not the Club Penguin Fan Universe or Wikia, Inc.

The Ghost of Martin the Warrior, Supreme Director of the Redwall Universe, floated wearily through the corridors of his universe's Bureau of Fiction -- a secret cave under Redwall Abbey. Uncannily, his universe had just experienced a similar event, and now the ghost was tootling a sad ditty on a primitive reed flute -- the one that his long-dead friend, Gonff the Mousethief, had used to own and play. However, Martin, unlike Mayor McFlapp, could play the flute with ease, and as he did so, all the stone figures across Mossflower and the lands beyond turned back into living, breathing, sleeping forms. The ghost played a few final notes and watched as the large parchment in front of him un-tore, a nearby ink vial un-shattered, a quill pen un-twisted, and a large, wooden sealing device with an ornate "M" carved into it un-broke.

As Martin floated out of the room and turned a corner in the long winding corridor, he nearly phased through another ghost: Patrol-General-turned-Narrator Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, otherwise known as Dotti. The ghost of the hare had just woken up from a nap, and as Martin nodded to her, she knew what had happened. The mouse and the hare specters floated on through the corridor, passing several rooms filled to the ceiling with parchments and scrolls. As they glided through the underground hallway, the sound of thunder echoed from above. Martin spoke, breaking the silence.

"I don't know about you, mate, but I sense great evil in Mossflower tonight," whispered the ghost.

"Great evil, y'say? Can't bally sense a thing, wot wot, after all this bloomin' dyin' and Dark Forest nonsense, eh wot!" Dotti's ghost replied.

"I don't like it. I think it's about time a new Abbey Champion was selected," said Martin, as his ghost began to fade away into the land of dreams, where he would search for a worthy creature to lead the Abbey in defending good against--

"Whoa, whoa there, sah!" cried Dotti. Martin's ghost immediately stopped fading to listen. "Ol' Mister Jacques hasn't even begun writin' a new flippin' story, yet, wot wot! We have to wait for him before we do anything to counter this evil!"

"Well, I'm pretty sure this is new evil isn't that Sable Quean who's supposed to steal all the Dibbuns..." Martin mumbled as he checked a fresh, new manuscript lying on his Approval table. "I suppose we'll have to wait for it... though I sense we're not the only ones being affected here."

"Oh, I'd bally agree on you with that, sah," said Dotti as she looked around the corridor as if someone were watching them. "I can sense it too, doncha know!"

Unknown to the two ghost Masters, someone was watching them. The dark, silent form siniggered, then vanished into the night.

Sonic Realm[]

Note: The characters, locations, items, events, etc. of Sonic the Hedgehog solely belong to Sega of America™, not the Club Penguin Fan Universe or Wikia, Inc.

As the storm left Mossflower and the Redwall Universe, it teleported across a meta-fictional rift and into Sonic Land...

"Oh my gosh!" said Sonic as he saw the storm. He was

"SONIC!" screamed Sonic's sidekick, Tails. "IT'S STORMING! AND I'M AFRAID OF THUNDER!"

All of a sudden, a small CD popped out of nowhere and fell on the ground. Sonic picked it up and inserted it into his personal portable CD player. The CD was an audio message from another universe.

"Help! S.O.S!" cried an unmistakable voice. It was Tails6000 of the Club Penguin Fanon Universe. "There's a strange storm entering your world! Avoid it at all co--"

Static. Thunder rumbled from above as a bolt of lightning flashed trough a cloud. Suddenly, a stream of strange creatures leapt out of the cloud and began to destroy Sonic Land.

"AAAAH," screamed Tails, Sonic's sidekick, "Evil people!!"

"Tails, we need all the help we can get!" exclaimed Sonic. "That means..."

Quick as lightning, Sonic sped to Dr. Eggman's house, dropped the CD player and CD on the doorstep, and knocked loudly on the door. He then sped away as Dr. Eggman opened the door. The evil doctor looked around before he saw the CD player and pressed the "play" button.

Sonic and Tails were standing on the path, looking at the receding storm, when they got a holographic message from Dr. Eggman.

"Well, Sonic," began Eggman, "you are my ultimate nemesis and the only thing stopping me from world conquest... but I can't take over the world if these rogue super penguins will destroy it! So, consider me temporarily on your side! Remember, though, it's TEMPORARILY."

With that, the message ended. They had allied.

However, far out on the plain, the creatures had stopped destroying things for a moment to listen to a figure dressed in black. Tails only caught a few words, but though them of no importance.

"...and remember, grammatomatize when I've found a decent hideout."

The figure disappeared in a sudden flash of lightning. Faint laughter could be heard.

iCarly™ World[]

NOTE: ICarly™ is a registered subsidiary of Viacom, Inc., and is in no way property of Wikia or the Club Penguin Fan Universe.
ICarly world lacks any Masters.

"Hi, I'm Carly!" a young female human stated.

"-and I'm Sam!" another human chimed in.

"AND THIS IS ICARLY!" they both shouted.

"The only webshow that is guarenteed cholestorol free and completely lacking in porkchops!"

"Cause I ate 'em all!" Sam smiled and held up the bones which once bore porkchops.

"Today, we're bringing back an old favorite... tell them what it is, Sam."


Freddie, the group's technical producer, pressed a button on the camera and the screen swapped to Lubert, their sinister, boil-bearing apartment overseer. The phone rang and Lubert answered it.


Carly giggled and impersonated a foreign accent.

"I am a representative of Hamtastic Bacon Corp., calling you to thank you for your order of twenty pounds of bacon."


"Yes you did, twenty pounds, got your signature right here."


"Your bacon will be sent soon."

Lubert screamed loudly over the phone. Sam picked up a nearby air-horn and activated it. The sheer blast of it caused Lubert to scream in anger.

"Okay, now, for our next segment, we'll have Gibby take his shirt off and-"



Freddie glanced at his computer.

"ICarly has somehow gone offline..."

"WELL FIX IT, FRED-WEIRD." Sam interjected.

"I can't, there's just this picture of a giant organ on the screen."

"Oh, is it a pancreas?! My mom had a part of that removed last year."

"No, it's the musical instrument." Freddie responded, rather disgusted at Sam's comment.

Carly, wishing to stop an argument from occuring, tried offering advice to Freddie.

"Did you try-"

Suddenly, a massive earthquake rocked the apartment. The lights flashed orange, green, and purple, while the Random Dancing theme played. As soon as it started, the earthquake stopped. Spencer, Carly's legal gaurdian, ran upstairs, to see if everyone was okay. He was covered in peanut butter, as part of a new art piece he was developing.

"Are you all okay?"

Everyone nodded. They all felt uneasy about now, as if they were being watched. The power went out right then, and evil laughter could be faintly heard...

Doctor Who Wiki[]

Note: Doctor Who is property of the BBC, not the CPFW.

The Eleventh Doctor sat in his TARDIS and typed away at the small computer screen. He was the Author of that universe, and the TARDIS was the Bureau of Fiction. Mickey Smith sat on the metallic, industrial-looking floor and approved the Doctor's sentences on a laptop. Suddenly, a beeping noise issued from a small bundle of blankets in a corner. They rustled, then a penguin poked his head out, holding a PDA.

"What's up, Kwiksilver?" asked The Doctor, not looking from his screen.

"It's amazing...but I seem to be getting a message from the CPFW universe on my PDA!" cried Kwiksilver. He pressed PLAY.

Explorer came up on the screen. Kwiksilver could barely hear him over clouds of static.

"Kwik..static..ver! A s...static...'s comin....static your way! Come back to the...static...right now!"

The screen descended into static and the message blinked off.

Suddenly, the TARDIS shook. The Doctor tumbled out of his seat and Mickey fell onto the TARDIS console. They tumbled around and around. The TARDIS console started to fall apart. Screws, switches, dials and meters all unscrewed themselves and bounced around the interior. Kwiksilver had opened Narration Mode on his PDA and was furiously pressing the Rollback button.

Then he succeeded. The Console put itself back together again and the shaking stopped.

"Doctor!" cried Kwiksilver, "I've got to get back to the CPFW!"

The Doctor jumped to the controls and started the TARDIS up, speeding through the time vortex. A silent figure, watching from the fringes of the vortex, snickered and vanished.

The Realm of The Sims[]

The Sims and all of it's spinoffs are owned by Maxis and EA, not the CPFW.

It was just another oridnary day in Pleasantview. The birds wre singing, civillians were heading to work and school and another townie got trapped in a dance sphere.

All of this suddenly changed in a matter of seconds, however. A huge earthquake rumble the neighbourhood, knocking people down, yet leaving buildings and townies unaffected.

A huge lightning storm suddenly swept over the skies, thunder booming and lighting striking the trees, setting them on fire. Satelites of unknown origin came falling from the sky, crushing a few mailboxes. The residents started panicking and fled to any shelter they could find.

In the middle of all this chaos, two townies known as Benjamin Long and Brandi LeTourneu were just standing there, looking at the sky as it descended into a mass fury of eletricity and rain. For this conversation they are about to have, we'll be using a simlish to english translator for it.

"<Ooh, doesn't that look pretty?>" Benjamin said, cutting their ordinary silence. His fashion taste was odd, as he was wearing a sweater and shorts.

"<Yeah...>" Brandi responded. "<But, shouldn't we be running?>"

"<We're townies, Brandi. Instead of running we should be blurting out the names of random baked goods.>"



Meanwhile, Riley Harlow, a bureaucrat of the Simiverse, was watching the entire storm from inside her car. She reached for her cellphone and called Bella, another bureaucrat.

"<Hello, Bella?>" Riley asked on the phone.

"<Is something wrong?>" Bella asked back. "<You sound worried.>"

"<There's an unatrual storm here at the Simiverse. Can you check the universial map to see if it's happening anywhere else?>"

"<Sure, one moment...>"


"<My gosh, it's happening all over Wikia!>"


A black figure flashed by her car. However, when Bella looked for it, it had gone.

Chapter 1: Mayor McFlapp's Absoballylutely Brilliant Idea[]

A collection of penguins ambled over to Becky, Mayor McFlapp's secretary and Bureau of Fiction Recetionist. They dripped melted snow onto the perfectly clean blue carpet of the lobby.

"Becky?" asked a weary-looking tall one who was wearing a battered beanie, a worn satchel and a friendship bracelet.

Becky looked up, and did a double take.

"Kwiksilver? My, you've grown! I haven't seen you in years. Where've you been?"

"Everywhere," Kwiksilver mumbled, then fell asleep, his head resting on the desk.

Another blue penguin wearing a red propeller hat stepped forward.

"Sorry, Becky," said the blue penguin, "Kwiksilver just crossed seventeen different time zones in .25 of a second. He's really tired."

"Here, Explorer," said a penguin wearing an orange construction helmet and a black hoodie. He lifted Kwiksilver off the desk and whacked him in the back with a newspaper.

"Huh? Whozair?" mumbled Kwiksilver sleepily.

"It's Tails, Kwik. We're at the Bureau," said the penguin.

Two other penguins were supporting a penguin wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap. The penguin groaned. "Ohhh, my head."

"Willy tried to take the Gentoo Island entrance," explained Explorer. "Nobody told him the jelly tank was being emptied for cleaning."

One of the penguins supporting Willy the Penguin, an orange one wearing a crown that appeared to be made of cookies, spoke.

"What does McFlapp want us for?" he asked.

"Ninjinian, he said he wanted us for help, remember?" said the other penguin supporting Willy, a red one wearing a graduation hat.

"Oh yeah, Fred," said Ninjinian.

"Go straight up," said Becky. She gestured towards a lift that was waiting on the ground.

The party entered the lift and Kwiksilver pressed the button.

"If this isn't an urgent meeting I'm not staying, it's Department of Conflict duty for me today," said Tails.

The lift shot straight up.

"We have to do something!" said Saint Joyeea to Mayor McFlapp.

"That storm has damaged the walls between universes, there's massive damage in the universes themselves, and to top it all off, some X-Creatures and Super Penguins from here are terrorising the populace!"

They were in an ornately decorated room, with red plush couches which the group was reclining on. Behind them, computerized windows showed different scenes. One showed the Sonic Universe being terrorized by Super Penguins, another showed the Mario Universe being destroyed with flash floods, lightning and hurricanes. It was a horrible scene.

"Th' solution's bally simple then," said the Mayor, "We send a team to get rid of those flippin' Super Penguins and X-Creatures, wot, then fix up the worlds! Warriors can fix things, doncha know, wot wot!"

"Are you insane?" protested Joeyaa, "Wikia is already damaged from those Super Creatures and their rift-crossing! Besides, you'll need a very big team to handle that many enemies."

"You haven't met my secret team, wot wot," said the Mayor with a wink. The doors of the elevator opened.

Mayor McFlapp motioned to Kwiksilver, Explorer, Tails, Ninjinian, Willy the Penguin and Fred676.

"These six bally penguins have helped Club Penguin Fanon through its flippin' toughest times. May I introduce you to..."

The lights dimmed. Joeyaa sighed. He was used to Mayor McFlapp's introductory habits. A spotlight shone, seemingly from nowhere, on each penguin every time McFlapp described them.

"This good chap in the propellor cap, wot, is Explorer 767!" said the Mayor, with a flourish of his top hat. "Randomness, strategy, flippin' insanity and purple puffles destroyed while you wait!"

Explorer leaned forward and shook Joeyaa's hand.

"Next," announced Mayor McFlapp, "Is James Erasmus Kwiksilver. A bally brave, determined and resourceful chap. He's helped us many times."

"Aren't you the guy with the time traveling watch?" asked Joeyaa as he shook Kwiksilver's flipper.

"Yeah. How did you know?"

Joeyaa frowned. "It's been causing me a lot of trouble back at Wikia. Please refrain from taking those universal joyrides, okay?"

"And here is Tails6000. Specialising in heavy weapons, warfare, and super speed. I've seen him destroy whole armies in a couple of seconds, doncha know?"

Tails smiled, trying to be modest. Handshake.

"Ninjinian!" grinned the Mayor, "A natural leader, wot. He's definitely smart and quick on that bally trigger."

"Pleasure to meet you, Saint Joeyaa," said Ninjinian, "I've heard a lot about you from my time as a Sysop at the Bureau."

"Fred 676, Explorer's flippin' brother and computer nerd..."

"That's MATH nerd!" sighed Fred.

"Yes, I know that mate, I know that."

"And last but not least, Willy the Penguin. Known to his friends as Will. He's fiercely loyal and will stay with you to the end.

Willy tipped his hat to Joeyaa.

"So, I bet you're all wondering why I-" started Joeyaa

"I," interrupted the Mayor.

"Fine, the Mayor called you here today to ask if you would be willing to take up a mission."

Joeyaa pointed to the screens.

"As you can see, that storm which begun last night has devastated the whole of Wikia. As an added extra, some Super Penguins and "X-Creatures" have taken advantage to the weakened barriers between universes to gain access to previously peaceful realms. Your mission will be to neutralise the Super Penguin threat, and aid the universes' populace."

Everybody accepted, except Fred.

"Hey, Joeyaa, I don't really think I'm cut out for this kind of thing. I'd rather stay behind."

"Well," said Joeyaa, "We do need six volunteers, but I reckon we could find another one."

"Okay, universal travel devices. McFlapp?"

The Mayor spoke to Kwiksilver. "Kwik, do you still have that flippin' Vortex Manipulothingy?"

Kwiksilver unclipped the strange-looking watch from his flipper. "I've got it here, Mayor. Remember, it's faulty. I don't see much use it could be."

Tails and Willy were playing their Snowtendo DSs. The beeping provided a background noise. Mayor McFlapp snatched the consoles from them.

"Everybody pass over something electrical, wot!"

Explorer turned in his IcePhone, Ninjinian gave his IcePod with the cookie protective cover. Mayor McFlapp placed the DS's and the other items on one side of a futuristic scale and Kwik's Vortex on the other side. Mayor McFlapp pressed a button on the scale.


What looked like a bolt of lightning hit the electronics, and everything was silent. Mayor McFlapp used a pair of tongs to pick up the slightly smoking items on the scale and return them to their owners. Willy and Tails checked out their Snowtendo consoles. An extra option, called "Time Travel", had appeared on the screen. There was an app on Explorer's IcePhone and Ninjinian's IcePod with the name, "Timey Wimey App". Kwiksilver was returned his Vortex.

"The bally items you hold in your hot little flippers, chaps, are now enabled to time travel and hop through flippin' universes. Go on, try it!" said McFlapp, looking excited.

Willy clicked the Time Travel option. He inserted the coordinates so it would travel ten seconds into the future. He took a worried glance at the Mayor, then pressed the ACCEPT button. He was gone in a flash of green light.


"Where'd he go?" exclaimed Ninjinian.

"He's time traveled," said Kwiksilver, who had experienced it before. "He'll be here in 6 seconds."


The group counted down the seconds.

3, 2, 1--


Willy reappeared in a flash of green light. He appeared to be smoking, and was a little disoriented.

"Whoa!" cried Willy, "It works!"

Saint Joyeea clapped his hands. "Well done, McFlapp, brilliant idea."

"All we've got to do is construct a flippin' booster teleporting thingy!" said Mayor McFlapp, "Fred?"

"Absolutely," said Fred. "With some help from Clyde and four hundred coins, I reckon I could rig one up."

Joyeea nodded and spoke again, this time to the others. "You'll leave tomorrow. Get a small traveling pack ready. I'll notify the universes that you're coming."

A lone penguin was walking in the wilderness of Freezeland holding a radar device. He seemed to be searching for something very important as he was looking very sternly at the device. He then stopped and stared at a small cave in the side of a mountain.

"Hmph, so this is where this so called passageway to the Sonic Universe is," he muttered to himself.

"Talking to yourself again, Speeddasher," he said suddenly, "You must be going mad."

Speed rolled his eyes and simply walked into the cave.

Speed nodded his head and continued deeper into the cavern. He didn't know what he would find in the other dimension, but he knew it wouldn't be anything like what he'd been through before.

In the distant Mario Fanon Wiki's temporary Bureau of Fiction, which was in a distant castle, a Joeyaa (species) sat at a desk. His name was Professor Fungi, and he had been hired from the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. He was writing up protocol and policies. There was a knock on the half-painted door.

"Come in!" called the mushroom. The door opened and a Heavy Troopa rolled in. His name was Jim. Fungi's assistant, a greenish-yellow Joeyaa, had joined him, carrying the Trash Can of Fate.

"Professor Fungi," he panted, "I've spotted a strange storm coming towards us from the Mario Wiki."

"It's true, Professor, we must delete it!"

"Well then," said Fungi, not looking up from his piece of parchment. "Delete it."

"I tried, sir, I really did, but it's deletion proof!"

Professor Fungi stood up, lifting his typewriter. "Deletion proof? I have to see this for myself."

Professor Fungi, the Assistant, and Jim walked to the Observation Room, a floor down from Professor Fungi's office. On various computer screens was a jet black, forboding cloud that spoke of doom. Other screens were analyzing the cloud. Now and then, forks of lightning would come down from the cloud.

Professor Fungi held his spectacles to his eyes as he examined a report that had just been printed. "That's strange. It states here that the cloud is made of 99.99% evil and 0.01% cloud. Evil isn't a substance. It's an abstract noun."

"Try deleting it, sir." said Jim eagerly.

Professor Fungi did what he did in his MP2 days. He typed some commands into his typewriter, which represented the Cloud. He took it up, ceremoniously, showing it to Jim. The paper was perfectly white, without a wrinkle, due to Fungi's poor graphics. He tossed it to his nearby assistant, who opened the Trash Can, and turned to Jim.

"Are you SURE you want to delete your record of the Cloud?" the assistant asked.

"Do you ALWAYS have to do that?"

"Yes... it's in my INSTINCTS."

"...fine, yes, I want to delete it."

"Confirmed." the Assistant opened the trash can and threw it in. The can shook violently, and there was a white flash of light.

Suddenly, Professor Fungi looked at his typewriter, and held up the paper. The cloud was still there. He held it up to Jim.

"Professor, don't you only pull that joke when we say no?" Jim asked, nervously.

"That... that's impossible!" stuttered Fungi.

There was a sudden series of sounds that sounded like somebody typing on an old typewriter, much older then Fungi's, and a penguin wearing Black Director Paint appeared.

"Or is it?" said the penguin, and snickered evilly.

"Who are you?" asked Jim, who had grabbed a fire flower propped up against the wall.

"My name is Virus," said the evil penguin, "And I would like to know how to gain access to Central Wikia."

"We'll never tell you!" roared Fungi.

"Oh really? Well, I suppose this would be a great hideout we could use. Come in, minions!"

There was some more typewriter noises and at least one hundred Super Penguins appeared behind Virus.

They were all aiming at Professor Fungi, the Assistant and Jim.

"Oh my..."

Chapter 2: A Subtle Send-Off[]

Tails picked up a small backpack and loaded it with stuff. Food, water, emergency rations, and the like. But there was one thing he cradled in his flippers and gazed at it.

It was one of the Destruction Gems.

Green and shiny, it glimmered in the fluorescent light of the igloo. Tails wrapped it carefully in a pair of socks and stowed it in his backpack. He lugged it on his back and walked out the door, locking it.

Explorer rummaged in a closet. Behind them on the wall of Explorer's igloo, a clock ticked closer to--

"Yeah, when we're supposed to be at the Bureau," muttered Explorer as he picked up a bottle of Propellor Polish and tossed it in a stylish designer's satchel with a propellor cap stiched on it.

"Explorer, do you remember this?" asked Fred, holding up a broken piece of what looked like a waffle.

"Sure do, Fred. Chuck it in the backpack, I might need it."

Fred threw it into the satchel. He searched a bit more, then found his wind-up charger for his laptop.

"Lucky I never threw this away, eh Explorer?" he said. "I'm leaving for the Bureau. McFlapp wants me to rig up this portal thing."

Fred teleported away.

Explorer glanced at the clock, then threw items into the bag faster than before.

Ninjinian crammed the last of his stuff into the overly packed backpack on his desk, just as there was a knock at the door. Baby N entered with Crow.

"Yo, Ninj, all packed?"

"You bet I am," said Ninjinian, motioning to the backpack and a huge suitcase by the door.

"But Ninjinian," said Baby N, "This suitcase is full of cookies!"

"That's the beauty of it!" Ninjinian exclaimed, "So many cookies, so much time!"

"But won't it be tough to carry, bro?" asked Crow.

Ninjinian pressed a button on the suitcase and it shrank to the size of a gum packet.

"Kwik gave me this for my birthday last year. Best suitcase I ever had!"

"Who'll be in charge while you're away?" asked Baby N.

"You both will, if you don't mind," said Ninjinian. "Please, try to keep it the same until I'm back, okay?"

"Gotcha," said Crow.

Ninjinian hugged his two brothers, then shouldered his backpack and walked down the hall.

Willy was grumpy and tired as he lugged a backpack to the elevators. He was due in Mayor McFlapp's office any moment now to leave. Becky saw him as he dragged the bag past the desk.

"Need some help, dear?" asked Becky

"That'd be great," mumbled Willy.

Becky pulled a remote from her desk drawer and pointed it at the backpack. Instantly, it became light as a feather.

"Wow, thanks!" said Willy as he ran to the elevators with newfound happiness.

The doors of the elevator opened, and Kwiksilver was standing in the corner, typing away on his PDA. He put it away as Willy entered the lift.

"Hey, Kwik," said Willy, "You excited about today?"

"I dunno," said Kwiksilver darkly, "I feel as if something bad is going to happen."

"You old spoilsport, nothing could happen! We're protected by the Fourth Wall!"

Kwiksilver pulled his PDA from his satchel and continued typing. Suddenly, there was a ding as the elevator halted. The doors opened.

A giant circular door was suspended between the floor and ceiling of the room. Wires, cables, computer chips and others hung off it. A door opened, and Mayor McFlapp walked into the room, followed by Clyde, Saint Joeyaa and Fred. Explorer, Kwiksilver, Ninjinian, Tails and Willy entered.

"This," said Mayor McFlapp, motioning to the door, "Is a bally booster teleport, wot wot! It'll help you get to your assigned universe."

He picked up a giant top hat from his collection and poured some folded pieces of paper into it. "We'll do it the old fashioned way, wot! Explorer, you go first."

Explorer stuck his flipper in the hat, and pulled out a wad of paper. He unfolded it. "Woot! I get Redwall!" He started dancing, then danced to the teleport and jumped in.

Tails got the Sonic Wiki. He took a running jump at the teleport and jumped in.

Kwiksilver received the Doctor Who Wiki. "Sweetcakes!" he exclaimed as he jumped into the door.

Willy got the Mario Wiki. He threw his backpack in the door first, then jumped in.

Finally, Ninjinian was sent to the Star Wars Wiki. Mayor McFlapp breathed a sigh or relief, and he walked out of the room with Clyde, Joeyaa and Fred.

Profesor Fungi, Jim, and the Assistant were backed to the wall.

Virus laughed. The chubby Koopa turned to the Assistant.

"Wait a minute, I have an idea!"


"Battle. We battle."


"Well, in my reigon, all who battle with me are forced to use a turn-based format. I have one move and high HP. If you have any sort of move that can do serious HP damage, I can stall them if their attacks are weak."

"Wait, what year was that from?"

"1996, sixteen-bit, involved a big sword. Revived in 2001 as paper, attempeted again in 2006 with a huge door, and scrapped in 2009 for the super edition."

"That'll work."

Since a turned-based battle would be a very stupid and pointless waste of bandwidth, skip below and continue the tale. To read the battle, see this.

Several enemies and Jim were defeated, but Virus continued to send more troops at them. There was no way they could defeat them all. Professor Fungi desperately grabbed an old Cellular Shopper and called the nearest store.

"...ring.............. ring...... Hello? Yes, this is GoodyMart, Buying Mushroom Boy speaking. We are past closing time. Who is this?"

"Mushroom Shop Clerk, is that you?"

"Professor Fungi? Oh my, haven't seen you in a decade! What can I do for you?"

"Listen, I need you to send this message to a Toad who looks like a Mega Mushroom. Tell them its from the government. The secret passowrd is pearls. Tell them that 'the Shroobs have been breakdancing', he will know what to do."

"Okay, I will take it."

"Thank you, friend, thank- AAK!"


Speed suddenly appeared in a flash of light in the Sonic Universe. Flickies were flying everywhere and everything seemed to be peaceful.

"Foolish Creatures. They don't seem to have any clue on what's happening elsewhere. Perhaps I can find out if the thief passed through here."

Just then something hit Speed and he fell down. He got back up only to see Tails running towards him.

"Well if it isn't Speeddasher! I didn't expect to see you here buddy. So anyways, what are you doing here?"

"That information is classified, but I suppose I could make an exception. I'm searching for this special object. It was stolen from a top-secret facility in Fort Lox earlier this year, and I've been trying to find it."

Tails scratched his head for a minute.

"Why is it so special? It isn't the key to a weapon of mass destruction capable of destroying the whole of Wikia and its associated universes as we know it?"

"Tails, that's exactly what it is. It's a key to a Deletion Cannon."

"What's that?"

Speeddasher sat on a nearby rock and began telling the story.

"Long ago, before any of these universes existed, there was a planet."

"It was inhabited by two almighty beings, their names unknown. Let's call them Steve and Dave for now."

"Steve was quick-tempered and always found fault with Dave, who was a fairly decent guy. One day, he accidentally knocked over one of Steve's ornamental cats."

"What's a cat?"

Speeddasher ignored him and continued with the story.

"Steve was so mad, he built a giant cannon, capable of erasing things from existence and seemingly destroying them. This was the Deletion Cannon. Steve built a special, Deletion-proof room to house it, and it could only be operated by a special key. Steve turned the cannon at Dave, and fired. The shot of Deletion wasn't focused like our Deletion Rifles today, and so it spread, eating everything in sight."

"The whole planet was almost consumed and was hollowed out by the wave of Deletion. Steve, truly sorry for what he had done, removed the key from the cannon. It was too late. The wave of deletion consumed him before being halted by the magic bricks of the special room. The room was the only thing holding the planet's shell together. With nothing to chew on, the Deletion Wave fizzled out. Dave, the good guy he was, built a network of worlds to honour Steve, and named them Wikia. He populated them with different creatures. Soon, Wikia became the central hub of all universes. A giant city was built, filling the hollowed planet and extending far above it. And so, Wikia was born."

"The Deletion-proof room housing the cannon was hidden in the bowels of the planet, and the key was constantly moved every year from that. It's latest resting place was at Fort Lox, where it was stolen."

"0_0 We've got to find it!"

"Yes, we must. Apparently there's a mysterious penguin from another universe, similar to ours, who's trying to get it for himself. He stole it, and but I have no idea where he is."

"Can't we just go back in time and stop him from taking the key?"

Speed shook his head.

"It's not that simple. Your friend Kwiksilver warned me about interfering in big historical events, the results could be far worse. The only way we can save all of these universes is to travel through each dimension until we find the penguin."

"Okay then. This'll be fun. How much time do we have?"

"Plenty, but I'm not taking chances. However, he'll have a tough time getting through Wikia's shield system."

"Hey, I just had a brainwave," said Tails, "Maybe the Super Penguin invaders are in league with this penguin. It seems a bit suspicious, the theft and the invasion happening at the same time. Why don't you stay with me, I've got to investigate as well."

"Yeah, why not. It's getting late though, so I suggest we try and get a hotel in Station Square."

Tails nodded his head and the two ran towards the city.

Chapter 3: Arrival[]

Ninjinian appeared in a flash of green light.

He was in some sort of tavern. A sign on the wall read, "Cantina". Weird looking aliens were sipping drinks or discussing stuff at tables. Behind him, four aliens with really huge heads played instruments, providing a background music to the scene. Ninjinian walked over to the bar. An apparent Human with dirty black hair and an unshaven face said, "What do you want?"

"I'd like a cookie soda," said Ninjinian.

"We don't sell that here."

A man sitting at a table next to the bar called out. "Hey, bartender, give this guy a Galactic Gargle Blaster!"

"Alright, Kyle."

The bartender poured a drink, and handed it to Ninjinian. Ninjinian took a sip. It tasted somewhat like blueberry cream soda. He walked over to the man's table and sat down.

"Don't blow your cover, Ninjinian. I'm Kyle Katarn from the Star Wars Bureau of Fiction." He shook Ninjinian's flipper.

"Call me Ninj," said Ninjinian, "So, what's the plan?"

Kyle motioned to a table on the opposite wall of the Cantina. A shifty-looking red penguin was sitting there. At his waist was a blaster pistol belt.

"His name's Quick Draw," said Kyle, "The Jedi Council have been having trouble with him for weeks, and he's not in the Bureau of Fiction's control, so he must be one of your Super Penguins. He has these lightning fast reflexes."

"Hey, cookie kid!" called a voice.

It was Quick Draw. "Remember me? I PWNED you a couple of years ago. This is my cantina, you're not allowed."

"It's not yours," said Ninjinian through a clenched beak.

"Ooh, little tough guy aren't you?" said Quick Draw mockingly. "Bet you're too chicken to fight me."

"Ninj, don't fight him," pleaded Kyle, "He's too powerful."

"I'll fight," said Ninjinian, "But you can't use your blaster or any other weapon. Flippers only."

"Agreed," snickered Quick Draw. He flung his blaster onto a nearby table and held up his flippers, ready to fight.

The whole cantina had gone quiet to watch the fight.

WHAM! Quick Draw's flipper slammed into Ninjinian's stomach like lightning. He delivered another punch to his beak and his flipper. Ninjinian stumbled back and regained his balance. Quick Draw was moving fast.

As Quick Draw took another swing at him, Ninjinian felt a hidden power well up in him. He felt as if everything was slowing down, and it was. Ninjinian ducked and Quick Draw's flipper slammed into the wall. He began howling with pain as time went back to normal.

Ninjinian kicked Quick Draw in the back and flipped him over. Quick Draw was howling with rage. He picked up a chair and flung it at Ninjinian. Ninjinian slowed time again, and ducked. The chair caught the bartender in the face, who pulled out a blaster and shot wildly. A brawl began.

Kicking and punching, jumping and ducking, Ninjinian and Quick Draw made a path through the fight. Ninjinian grabbed the cookie crown from his head and slammed it in Quick Draw's beak. Quick Draw's eyelids drooped, and he fell to the floor, snoring. Kyle ran over and handcuffed him.

"You used Force Speed back there!" exclaimed Kyle excitedly.

"What's the force?" asked Ninjinian, who was dragging Quick Draw outside.

"It's a mystical power that exists in this Universe, activated by creatures in your blood, called Midi-Chlorians. You have a high number of Midi-Chlorians, obviously, because Force Speed takes years to learn."

They left the brawl in the cantina and arrived in a dusty, sandy street. Kyle pulled a chip from his belt and inserted it in a small silver structure in the middle of the street. It slid back to reveal a flight of stairs.

"Welcome to the Bureau of Fiction!" said Kyle.

Willy was shot out of a portal of purple lights.

"What happened?" Willy asked, dazed.

"You-a fell-a out of the a- sky-a." said a human in overalls and a green cap. He was lean and skinny.

"Who are you?" Willy said the man.

"I am-a Luigi."

"Is that how you normally talk? Ending every word with a?"

"No, not every word, we just-a do it for fun."

"Hey, wait a second, aren't you Mario's brother?"

"Yes I am." Luigi said. "Now, where did you come-a from?"

"The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki."


"Nevermind. I'm Willy the Penguin."


"Ditto. Now where's your brother?"

"Ah yes, let's-a go. You can ride on the Yoshi."

"I only let the real Mario ride me, Green Mario."

Luigi slapped his hand upon his forehead.

"They NEVER give me enough-a attention!"

Willy smiled. They were in the same boat.

"Me too..."

Willy hopped on Yoshi's saddle and Luigi walked beside them, and they all walked off to find Mario.

It was the next day. Speeddasher and Tails were waiting at a bus stop.

"Now according to my calculations, our friend should be here right about....NOW!" said Tails, just as Sonic zoomed right in front of them.

"Yo Tails, what's up?!" asked Sonic with a happy expression.

"Sonic! Just in time, too. We have to find some rogue Super Penguins and interrogate them," said Tails, a bit nervous.

"So the three of us split up to find them?" asked Speeddasher sternly.

"Yes, now LET'S RUN!" Tails yelled, zooming off.

"Hmph," said Speeddasher. He and Sonic sped off.

At the same time, the Buying Mushroom Boy was hurrying to Toad Town One with the message Professor Fungi told him to send.

"Hmm, this is easy." said the Joeyaa as he arrived at Toadster's house. He then knocked on the door.

"COME IN!" called Toadster as BMB opened the door.

"Hello Toadster!" said the mushroom walking in.

"So, whats the news?" asked Toadster, a bit curious on the situation. He had seen the storm too, the night it passed over.

"I got a message from Professor Fungi. Will you take it?" asked the Joeyaa, clasping and unclasping his hands together, as he did when nervous.


"Good, that'll be 300 co- I mean, the Professor stated that you needed to answer a password from the Bureau. I have no idea what that means."

"Is it Pearls?" asked Toadster.

"Yes. Now, according to Professor Fungi, the message was 'the Shroobs are breakdancing'" said the mushroom.

"It can't be!" said Toadster going to ice form.

"What can't be?" asked Buying Mushroom Boy.

"Gather your people and see if you can find Mario and Luigi," said Toadster, "There's trouble at the Mario Fanon Wiki!"

Luigi, Yoshi and Willy rode into a clearing.

"If you don't mind me asking," asked Willy, "Did a storm pass over you recently?"

"As a matter of fact, yes-a. It suddenly appeared at the far end of the Mushroom Kindgom, then progressed to the end, where it vanished-a over the BeanBean's jurisdiction." said Luigi.

They arrived in a clearing, gazing upon a red-and-green structure. It was a two-room cottage with the phrase "MARIO" written above the door's threshold. Clearly Luigi and Willy walked inside while Yoshi started eating purple apples off a nearby tree.

Mario was sitting at a table, typing on a mushroom-like laptop. He looked up as Luigi and Willy came in.

"Hey Luigi! Who's-a this guy?"

"This is Willy the Penguin," said Luigi. Willy waved. "He's from the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki."

"The what-a?"

"Nevermind. I'm from, err, the government. I've been sent here to investigate that big storm, help the community and to look for suspicious super penguins, plus some creatures with an X on them," said Willy.

"MAMA-MIA! THE X-NAUTS?!" Mario screamed.

"No, X-Creatures."


"Well then, if this counts as-a strange... I was at the castle yesterday when I saw these three weird-a penguins. Two looked like twins, complete with matching costumes, and there was this one guy wearing a graduation cap, a long cloak and he had an X on his head-a. Is that odd enough?"

"FredX and the Banter Twins!" exclaimed Willy, "I fought them a couple of years back in the Nightmare Epic and the Power4U Affair."

"Okay..." continued Mario, "The FredX guy goes up to Toadsworth and tells him to give over some password to something called Wikia. Toadsworth refused, and called the Toad guards on them. They were chased away, but did some damage. One Toad is still in hospital, gibbering away insanely about math."

"Do you know where they went?" asked Willy.

"The three weirdos? Last thing I heard, they were going to team up with Bowser."


The penguin took his cellphone and answered it. The penguin was waering a blue shirt, a red apron, red sneakers and a hairstyle similat to The Tuft.

"Hello?" The penguin asked.

"Ah, Tidalwave11, wot wot!" McFlapp responded. "Can you do me a favour?"

"What kind of favour?"

"Where are you right now, wot wot?"

"The Simiverse, Pleasantview. I just arrived here via Vortex Manipulator to get a recipie for Baked Alaska."

"Well, wot wot, just some time ago some bally, unatural storm sewpt all over the multiverse. I've already sent some penguins and to aid some of the damaged universes." McFlapp paused for a moment. "I just bally forgot to send someone to investigate the Simiverse. Could you do it, wot wot?"

"Well, sure, I do have a simlish translator in my flipper right now."

"Great! Bally great! Go meet with Lucy Hanby outside the local park, she has a translator just like yours."

"Okay." And with that, Tidalwave11 waddled off down the street.

Tails was at the Sandopolis Zone. He had found 30 super penguins destroying the native plants, and was battling them.

Suddenly, a voice called out to him. A familiar X-Antibody was standing nearby.

"Hello, Tails." said the Antibody, snickering.

"It's....IT'S YOU!!!!" Tails yelled, panicking. It was Tails X from the Nightmare Epic nine years ago!

"You thought you were rid of me eh? BAH! Now I got more power than you can HANDLE!" said Tails X, summoning a few Super Penguins.

"Hmph, ya gotta get through me to destroy me!" yelled Tails. A black blur came in randomly and subdued the Super Penguins. Tails X fled.

"You okay?" said a black hedgehog.

"I am, thanks by the way, who are you?" said Tails, heaving a sigh of relief. He wasn't sure he could take those super penguins on, being exhausted already.

"My name's Shadow, I heard about some enemy problem?" said shadow

"Yeah, I was sent here from my Bureau of Fiction to help with the damage done by the storm. But, my friend Speeddasher turned up talking about a stolen key."

"Sounds interesting, I think I might be able to help," said Shadow, taking out his Chaos Emerald, "Let's go to your friend."

"I got this" said Tails getting out his destruction gem. "DESTRUCTION....CONTROL!!!!"

Tails and Shadow teleported to Speeddasher.

Tidalwave11 continued waddling down the streets of Pleasantview, with the simlish translator being held in his left flipper. It could translate spoken words, but it couldn't translate writing.

He went past several houses and shops, his goal being the park where he would meet Lucy Hanby, a bureau employee sent to assist the Southern Kanta Penguin.

After going past several buildings and weird sightings, he finally reached the park. He searched around for Lucy, his only clue being that she was holding a translator that look exactly like his.

He looked around, until he came across a woman with a hooded dress sitting down on a park bench. On her lap was a device that looked similar to the translation machine. Tidalwave, knowing that this was Lucy, pressed a button on his translator and went over to the woman.

"<You must be Lucy Hanby.>" The chef said to Lucy.

A small smile appeared on Lucy, happy that the penguin had finally arrived. She pressed a button on her translator and turned her head to Tidalwave.

"<Yep, I'm Lucy alright.>" She responded.

"<So, what seems to be the problem?>" Tidalwave asked the human.

"<Well, there have been sighting of super penguins at Strangetown.>"


"<It's a desert community in the middle of SimCanyon. We can get there via taxi.>"

"<Well, I guess we're all set then.>"

"<Of course. Let's go find a cab!>"

The two rushed off.

"So anyways, we've got to find the key before this penguin activates the Cannon," said Tails. He had been talking with the others as they listened to Speeddasher's story.

"Our only chance will be to capture a Super Penguin or X-Creature and get the info out of it."

"But where?" asked Speeddasher, "I don't see any super penguins anywhere."

"Hmph," said Shadow.

"Uhhh guys, 3 SUPER PENGUINS AND AN X ANTIBODY AT 12 O'CLOCK," said Tails pointing behinds them.

"You two go on, me and Tails got the X antibody" said Shadow preparing for battle.

"This will be fun," said Sonic, prepared to fight.

The fight started at a nanosecond. Tails and Shadow were outnumbering Tails X and the others are against the three super penguins.

"By the way, expect some help from Eggman," said Sonic.

As Sonic said that, Tails and Shadow got Tails X by surprise and kicked him back and forth like a ping pong ball.

"AGH, how can a penguin and a hedgehog be so strong?" said Tails X very angry at his loss.

"Well prepare to be finished," said Tails starting a Destruction Spear.

Shadow had prepared a Chaos Spear at the time and Tails X had no choice but to give up.


The four meanies ran off, but came face to face with various Robotnik devices. They were instantly captured.

"Good timing Eggman!!" complimented Tails.

A quick interrogation later, they settled down at Angel Island. There they found a friend guarding the Master Emerald.

"Hey Knuckles", said Tails, waving.

"Oh hey Sonic, Shadow, Tails, and Speeddasher," said Knuckles.

"How'd ya know my name?" asked Speeddasher.

"Tails told me about you," said Knuckles.

They sat down and began discussing the information Tails X had given them. All X-Creatures and Super Penguins had been rallied by Virus, an insane criminal mastermind, and set to terrorise the universes as a distraction. A distraction for what? They could only wonder as they ate lunch.

"Anyways, is there anything you can do for us?" asked Sonic, chewing on a piece of bread.

"I'm sure to help you out," said Knuckles.

"Thanks," said Sonic.

All of a sudden, Tails was grabbed by a mysterious cloaked figure. He tried to call out to the others for help, but the figure had covered his mouth and quickly pulled him into the bushes.

"Hey, wheres Tails?" asked Knuckles.

"Awww man, he's been PWNguinnapped!" claimed Sonic.

"PWNguinnapped?" asked the others.

"What? He thought of it," Sonic responded, bashfully.

Chapter 4: Kidnapped[]

Kwiksilver felt like he was being squeezed through a rubber tube, then appeared in the middle of a white room filled with electronic circuits. A giant screen was built into the wall.

"Intruder alert!" blared various metallic, robot voices, "Exterminate the intruder! Exterminate!"

Several robots came into the room. They were shaped like bottles, with a flat bottom. Bumps covered the lower part, and at the top was a metal cap and a long pole extended from it. They were Daleks, the deadliest aliens in the universe.

"EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" they screamed. A red Dalek pushed his way through them. When he saw Kwiksilver, he drew back a little.

"It is Silver, Destroyer of the Daleks and Friend of the Doctor!" yelled the red Dalek.

"Kwiksilver, if you don't mind," said Kwik, attempting to appear calm and collected, although he was as scared as a Puffle facing a Skua. "Now, where can I find The Doctor?"

As if on cue, the screen on the wall blared into life. The face of the Eleventh Doctor filled the screen. He withdrew to show the TARDIS console.

"Hello, my little penguin friend!" he grinned, "Sorry about the landing, Mickey's awful with coordinates."

"He is our prisoner!" protested the Daleks, "We will exterminate him!"

"We'll see about that," said The Doctor, and he flipped a switch on the TARDIS console.

The whole Dalek ship shook and trembled. The Daleks flew everywhere. One literally flew and smashed into a glass screen, tumbling off into space.

The vacuum of space hit Kwiksilver like a bullet. Various Daleks were pulled outside into space, and Kwiksilver, despite his attempts to find a handhold, was going the same way.

"Remember the Magna Clamp!" called The Doctor, before the screen fizzed into static.

Kwiksilver pulled from his satchel a small paperweight with a handle. He pressed a button and it instantly became heavy, heavy enough to resist the vacuum. Soon, the shields powered up and the broken glass was covered by a heavy metal cover. Kwiksilver fell to the ground, unconscious.

Suddenly, there was a metal rasping noise. The Doctor's TARDIS, in the shape of a police box, appeared. A hand shot out of the door and dragged Kwiksilver aboard.

--- Somewhere in The Simiverse, a taxi was driving away on a long, possibly endless road through SimCanyon. There was cacti everywhere, along with various mesas, alien crash sites and dancing townies.

The taxi soon came to a halt, and Tidalwave11 and Lucy got out of it. The cab then drove away.

Strangely, they were not at Strangetown, but at an empty space with nothing but a dustbin and a mailbox next to the road. Tidalwave, being curious, went to investigate.

"<Odd, why did the cab stop here?>" Asked the chef, who had already waddle into the middle of the area. Lucy had a worried look on her face.

"<Uh, Tidalwave...>" Called Lucy to the penguin.


Lucy pointed to the sky. Tidalwave, looking up, saw a large mansion falling to the ground. The penguin started running back to the road, the house getting closer and closer.

In the end, Tidalwave took one great leap just as the mansion came into contact with the sandy, dusty ground and escaped unscathed. Suddenly, three humans appeared and went inside the house.

"<Hee, hee, yeah...>" giggled Lucy, nervously. "<Anyways, Strangetown is just up the road, come on!>"

The Southern Kanta Penguin got up, and the two continued on.


Several minutes later, Tidalwave and Lucy reached a huge, glimmering city which seemed entirely out of place in the desert environment.

"<THIS IS STRANGETOWN?!>" bellowed the chef. "<IT'S HUGE!>"

Lucy sighed.

"<We should start looking for Super Penguins now.>"

The human and the penguin continued walking, until Lucy stopped in her tracks.

"<Something up?>" Asked Tidalwave.

"<Look...>" Replied Lucy, pointing over yonder.

Tidalwave looked in the direction she was pointing to see a male human wearing a straw hat, a red hooded sweatshirt and shorts.

"<So?>" Responded Tidalwave back.

"<It's a townie!>" Snapped Lucy. "<If we let our guard down, he'll try to talk about random things to us for a long, long time.>"

"<So, what do we do?>"

"<There's a basketball court over there. If I go and play basketball there, the townie will probably come over and play basketball too. Then I'll just walk away and he'll be playing basketball for the rest of his life. Then we can get into Strangetown safely.>"

"<Are you sure that's going to work?>"

"<Already done it.>" Lucy was dressed up in athletic gear, while the townie was in the court shooting hoops. "Let's go."

As Lucy walked off, Tidalwave attempted to think how the human managed to do that in all that time, but he just shrugged it off and followed Lucy into Strangetown.

"Team up with Bowser, eh?" Willy said.

"Pretty-a much." Mario replied.

"Well then, I suppose we should track down Bowser then and get FredX and the twins." Willy said.

"Let's-a go!" Mario shouted as the trio ran out, and then Willy hopped on Yoshi.

"I swear if I get chronic back pain for this..." Yoshi said under his breath.

"Aw, lighten up Yosh. I'm not THAT fat. I'm regular." Willy retorted, chuckling.

"No, what I mean is everyone wants to ride me because they're too lazy to walk, so I have to go to the chiropractor's every week."

"I see." said Willy as they rode off to find Bowser.

Sonic and the others were searching for Tails, who was kidnapped by a cloaked figure, who dragged him to the bushes. Tails wasn't very happy at this figure who had kidnapped him and he tried to break free. Eventually he did and walked in front of the figure.

"Alright who are you?" Tails aksed angered at the kidnapping.

"Shhh," said the figure trying to keep the secret. "I'm here to tell you something"

"Wow, that's a good instance," said Tails scratching his head. "But still Who are you?"

The figure took off its cloak to reveal it was a female echidna.

"Whoa," Tails said in a shocked like way.

"My name is Lien-Da."

"Names Tails6000, they call me Tails."

"I see...I heard of Eggman's alliance with your group," she said.

"I know of that too, I was sent here by my Bureau of Fiction," Tails replied.

"Thanks for your info," said Lien-Da hugging Tails.

"I will see you later," Tails said zooming off at speeds of sound.

"Good luck my friend...good luck," she said waving to him.

The group had been searching for Tails for quite awhile now, but they couldn't find him anywhere.

"Maybe he left to get some ice cream," said Sonic.

"Whatever the reason he's gone it'd better be a good one.," replied Speed. "If not, when we find him, I'm gonna kill him."

Just then Tails ran out of some bushes and crashed into Speeddasher. The two rolled down a hill and landed in a stream. Speed pulled a mechanical fish out of his mouth and growled.

"And just where have you been Tails? This is no time to be goofing off."

"Hey calm down Speed," Tails replied. "I was just kidnapped by some gal."

"This is no time for dates. We've gotta find that object or all of these worlds will crash."

Just then a dark cloud appeared over them and lightning started coming down from the sky. Tails and Speed quickly got out of the water.

"Hey you guys over there," said Speed. " Aren't you gonna help."

But just as Tails and Speed turned around they saw that Sonic and his friends were gone. Just then the cloud turned into an almost pitch black penguin who was wearing a black beanie and a black bracelet. He looked curiously like Kwiksilver.

"Kwiksilver?" Asked Tails. "Is that you?"

"Ha ha ha!" It laughed madly, "I'm happy right now. My plan is working, soon, I'll show that toaster!"

"What?" Asked Speed. "So you're Virus?"

"What have you done with Sonic and the others?" Asked Tails angrily.

Virus laughed and pointed towards a hill. There standing frozen was Sonic and his friends.

"You psycho!" Yelled Tails.

"Don't worry. I'll un-freeze that Hedgehog as soon as I find Wikia. You two are such a big pain. I must be rid of you."

Virus held out an object that shown almost as bright as the sun. It had a blue light surrounding it and it had some wires sticking out of it.

"Hey Speed," said Tails. "That must be the object."

"Yes, I stole the Wikia Key. It activates the most magnificent deletion cannon ever! It's even big enough to delete universes, and that's my plan."

Speeddasher growled and held out his deletion rifle.

"Die you insane criminal!"

Speed fired the gun and the bullet hit Virus's Head. It simply bounced off though and it only left a dent wich healed instanly.

"I'm just a hologram. I thought the "mighty" Speeddasher would realise that."

"That's it, I've had it with you Virus!" yelled Speed.

He ran towards the penguin. Speeddasher went right through Virus's hologram and crashed into a tree.

"Tsk tsk, not listening now, are we? Well then, my trusty hologram's got something to dispatch non-listeners with."

Virus' hologram then sent out a cloud of smoke that surrounded Tails and Speed.

"Wha-what's happening?" asked Speeddasher.

"You'll never get a way with this Virus," said Tails. "We'll get that key back from you if it's the last thing we do."

As Tidalwave and Lucy went through the crowds of humans at Strangetown, they came across a large building with some just-as-large simlish text on it.

"<What does that text say?>" Asked Tidalwave, as his translator was unable to convert the letters into english.

"<It says: Strangetown Mall.>" Replied Lucy, while raising her eyebrow. "Must've came with the other buildings."

Suddenly, crowds of humans came running out of the mall, screaming.

"<Looks like we found ourselves a Super Penguin!>" Yelled Lucy. The two ran off in the direction of the mall.

As Lucy and Tidalwave rushed into the Strangetown Mall, they came to the sight of several civillians encased in ice. On top of this glacier was a pale-blue coloured penguin, who was firing beams of ice from his flippers, freezing people on contact.

"You are all going to enjoy your time in the ice!" Shouted the super penguin. "At least you'll thaw out in the year 5000 or so!"

The Super Penguin then turned his head to see a couple running away from the ice, and he began to fire his ice beams at them. Tidalwave, reacting fast, took out a bottle of hot sauce from his pocket and squirted it at the incoming ice, melting it instantly, giving the couple a chance to escape.

"Not so fast, penguin!" Shouted Lucy to the super penguin. "You're not freezing anyone else!"

"Oh yeah?" Snapped the super penguin. "Well, let's fight about it!"

"And cut."

The Super Penguin holding the camera switched it off and flung it onto a table. Virus grabbed a glass of water, and drunk it down while other Super Penguins and X-Creatures congratulated him.

"Good one, boss!"

"Nice performance, you really showed those birds!"

"I loved it!"

Virus finished drinking the water. "Thanks, I was nervous too-- HEY! GET BACK TO YOUR POSTS!"

They scattered elsewhere in the Mario Fanon Bureau of Fiction.

"Did the prisoners arrive in one piece?" said Virus to an X-Creature at a computer desk.

"Yes sir," it replied.

"Good," said Virus, "Good."

Chapter 5: Old Enemies, New Friends[]

Speeddasher and Tails materialized in a dark room. They both stumbled around, trying to make sense of where they were.

"Don't walk," said a voice, "Wait until you regain your senses,"

A torch was clicked on. From the light of the beam, Tails and Speeddasher could see two other prisoners, an old Joeyaa and a Heavy Troopa.

The Joeyaa held out a hand. He looked as if he hadn't eaten in a while.

"Professor Fungi at your service," he said. "This is Jim." He indicated the Heavy Troopa. "I see you're the new prisoners."

"I'm not a prisoner of anybody!" cried Speeddasher, in a rage. He charged at the bars.


Speeddasher slumped to the floor of the cell, unconscious.

"We've tried that already," said Jim, "Virus has made the bars super strong. Nothing can break them."

"Why did they imprison you?" asked Tails, checking Speed's pulse.

"Virus wants to know how to get into the Holy Wikia," said Fungi.

"Wikia?" remembered Tails, "He's got the key to it!"

"Good gravy!" cried Fungi, "If he finds the entrance, We're all doomed!"

"Why?" asked Tails, "What's so special about it?"

"The Holy Wikia holds the power of creation and deletion," said Fungi, "If Virus controls the Deletion Cannon, he can delete anything, whole universes even! The Cannon will only operate for the wielder of the key."

"We've got to get out of here and tell Mayor McFlapp!" said Tails.

"There's no way out," declared Jim sadly, "We've checked."


"Who said that?" asked Tails.

"Me, I'm in the next cell."

Tails lifted the light and focused it on the next cell. A figure came out of the darkness.

"Nightmare?" exclaimed Tails, not believing what he saw.

Nightmare was wearing tattered and torn clothes, an old cloak and looked (and smelt) as if he hadn't cleaned himself for months. He looked quite pathetic, not as he was nine years before.

"Yes, it's me," said Nightmare, "I joined up with Virus, and what does he do? Throw me in prison and take my whole army. Talk about ungrateful. I can help you."

"Why should we trust you?" asked Tails, eyeing Nightmare suspiciously.

"I want revenge on Virus as much as you do. As a team, we'll be stronger than ever before. I've also found a secret exit."

He hobbled over to the wall. He pulled back an ancient poster advertising Super Mario Brothers 3 to reveal a hole in the wall.

"I found this just today. It leads to the Shipyard. I was going to escape this morning, but Virus had put extra guards down here."

Nightmare removed a loose bar from the cell. "Come on!"

Fungi and Jim followed him, while Tails pulled the unconscious Speeddasher at the rear.

The three walked into a green pasture.

"Take-a in that-a fresh-a air!" Mario proclaimed as he inhaled deeply.

"Yeah, we barely EVER see grass in Club Penguin." Willy said.

Just then, Kamek, Bowser's flying wizard minion came flying in.

"HA HA! YOU'LL NEVER REACH HIS MAJETY'S CASTLE!" cackled the crazy wizard.

"You just watch us!" shouted Yoshi.

Kamek just laughed and waved his wand and shot out some sort substance.

"Dodge-a it!" shouted Luigi.

They all dodged it.

"Ha!" scoffed Willy.

"That was just practice!" chuckled Kamek, as he shot out of his wand again.

Once again, the they dodged, and that time, Mario jumped up and knocked Kamek straight out of the sky.

The wizard fell down, and the four looked at him.

"Pathetic." Willy said.

"Time for the finishing touches!" shouted Yoshi as he swallowed Kamek.

The minion then came out of Yoshi's backside incased inside an egg.

"I don't think that's normal." Willy said, disgusted.

"For-a Yoshi it-a is." Luigi said as he and Mario laughed as they walked away.

Willy looked at them.

"This universe is gonna take some adjusting to get used to." he said as he ran after them, with Yoshi following.


Tidalwave was using his bottle of hot sauce to melt the shards of ice the super penguin was throwing at him. The shards came faster and faster, and the southern kanta penguin chef squirted the bottle even faster. Soon, both the penguins were absoleutly tired out.

Tidalwave collapsed onto the ground, with the bottle of hot sauce rolling away from his reach. The super penguin also collapsed, but quickly regained his energy. The super pengui proceeded to charge up an ice beam.

"Tell me..." Wheezed Tidalwave. "Why would you choose to destroy the very thing that let's you exsist?"

"Because..." Replied the super penguin, while thinking up an excuse. "Because people like you are mean to me!"

"Mean? You're the one being mean here!"

"Blah blah blah, now let's just finish this! Tell your great-great-great-great nephew I said hi when you thaw out!"

Suddenly, Lucy grabbed the super penguin from behind and tossed him down the glacier. The penguin slid down it like it was some sort of...slide. When the super penguin ended up at the bottom, he attempted to get up, only for Lucy to aim a deletion rifle at him.

"You have to right to lose your superpowers! Surrender them now or be deleted!" She snapped, with the rifle still aimed at the super penguin.

"Okay, just don't delete me!" Cried the super penguin. Lucy took out a laser gun and fired it at the penguin. The super penguin started to glow green, and then he fainted.

"Okay Tidal, his powers have been sucked away!" Yelled Lucy to Tidalwave. "The Simiverse bureau will be thawing everyone out in a few minutes!"

"Well, I'm glad that's over!" Chuckled Tidalwave. The laughing stopped, however, when he realised something.

"Wait a sec!" Said The Southern Kanta Penguin. "Our translators aren't on!"

"WHAT?!" Yelled Lucy.

Suddenly, an earthquake started vibrating through the mall.

"Who was that weirdo?" asked Willy as they walked.

"Oh, that-a was just-a a minion-a of a Bowsers." answered mario.

"Oh, well that makes sense."

Luigi stopped in his tracks.

The rest stopped along with him, and they were at a desert-valley type thing, and Bowser's castle was looming overhead.

Luigi gulped.

Mario was thinking.

Willy was thinking.

And Yoshi was staring.


Tails, Nightmare, Fungi, Jim and Speeddasher reached the Shipyard. A dozen spacecraft were in the Bureau's Shipyard, and they were used for transportation.

"Let's take that one!" exclaimed Jim, pointing at a ship that looked like a cookie with a rectangular bite taken out of it.

"The Millennium Falcon!" said Tails, "I've heard tales of that ship everywhere on my travels. How did it get here?"

"This is just a replica," explained Fungi.

They hid behind a biplane as two Super Penguins walked past. Unnoticed to the others, Speeddasher was recovering. His blurry eyes focused on Nightmare. He leapt up and grabbed him by the cape, knocking Nightmare to the floor.

"What are you doing here, you X-Freak?" bellowed Speeddasher. The two Super Penguins turned around.

"We'll explain later!" yelled Tails, "C'mon!"

Tails ran super fast around the first Super Penguin. Timing his blow right, Tails kicked out at him. The Super Penguin went flying.

Speeddasher let go of Nightmare and hurled himself at the other. The Super Penguin summoned claws from his flippers and lunged at Speeddasher. Speed used his Cloud Bracers to deflect the blows.

Jim came to the rescue. He tied Professor Fungi's quill pen to a nearby broom handle ad hurled it at the Penguin. The feather went up his nose and the Penguin whirled in shock, just in time for Tails to give him a kick and render him unconscious.

An alarm started blaring. "Let's get out of here! I've got the falcon keys!" said Nightmare. He pressed a button on a remote control.

The entry ramp of the Falcon extended and everybody climbed aboard, save Speeddasher, who had grabbed a Deletion Rifle and was giving them cover.

Professor Fungi tried to recall his flight training days. He pressed a button on the console.

With a mighty CLUNK, the door at the end of the hangar opened to reveal the outside sunlight. The Falcon zoomed outside, with Speeddasher running after them. He managed to clamber aboard before they flew up into the clouds.

"Where should we go?" asked Tails.

"Back to CP Fanon!" cried Fungi. He inputted a combination of keys, and the Falcon shimmered into nothingness.

Rollo Binkvide, the aged scribe-typist of Redlink Abbey, sat snoozing in his warm tollbooth. His flipper was sitting in a chocolate box, and he had caramel smeared over his mouth. But he wouldn't be sleeping long.


The Millennium Falcon appeared above the tollbooth, and roared over to land in a nearby meadow. Rollo woke with a start, and checking to see that nothing was there, he went back to sleep.

Professor Fungi, Nightmare, Jim, Tails and Speeddasher jumped off the ship and into the grassy meadows of Redlink. They breathed in the fresh air, lucky to be alive, then dashed into the Abbey.

Professor Fungi led the party, saying, "I know the way!" He took a nearby secret pasasge to the Beverage Room. As he entered a room with mixing machines, he started checking the labels. Finally, he arrived at number #1337.

"Tails, give me your pass," he said. Tails handed it over. Professor Fungi inserted the card into the slot, then the machine rolled to the side to reveal a deep chute. "Jump!" cried Fungi. They jumped into the darkness.

Back at Strangetown Mall, the earthquakes were spreading through the Simiverse like wildifre. No-one could keep their footing, especially the townies wearing tall shoes. Tidalwave and Lucy were clinging onto a nearby bench.

"W-w-what's h-happening?!" Cried Tidalwave.

"I-I d-dunno!" Replied Lucy. Suddenly, the ground ripped open and the entire area was covered in a blinding light. Tidalwave lost consciousness.


"He's regaining consciousness!" A voice yelled out.

Tidalwave woke up. His vision was slightly blurry, with two humanoid blobs standing beside him. When his view returned to normal, these blobs turned out to be Bella Goth and Riley Harlow. Tidalwave himself was in a hospital bed.

"Ah, you're awake!" Said Bella.

"Uh..." Moaned the penguin. "Where am I?"

"You're in the bureau of fiction." Responded Riley, who was sipping a cup of coffee. "The Simiverse one, to be exact."

"What am I doing here? I was at a mall earlier."

"Some Moose in Black agents found you and several other employees unconscious. Apparently all Bureau employees fainted when the earthquakes hit."

"Where's Lucy Hanby?"

"Agent Lucy? We don't know. You were the only one at Strangetown Mall when the agents found you."

"We've got to deal with another problem." Interrupted Bella. "We've also lost contact with The Simiverse when the agents came back. All portals leading to the place vanished."

"It's been happening with several other universe." Continued Riley. "Strangely, it's been happening in a row. From what we suppose, The Jet Set Radio Universe is next."

"Well, I feel alright..." Said Tidalwave. "I guess I could help!"

Tidalwave got out of the bed.

Tails, Speed, Fungi, Jim, and Nightmare landed on a rocky surface. Darkness, and Fog were everywhere and they could barely see each others face.

"Walking through this darkness is suicide," said Speeddasher. "We don't know what's down here."

"He's right," replied Jim. "There's got to be some way to navigvate."

Just then a light appeared out of no where. Everyone looked to see that Nightmare had turned his cane into a torch.

"This old wraith still has a few tricks up his sleave and this one just...

"I was allways wondering what was under that cloak," interrupted Tails.

Everyone laughed (including Speeddasher), but Nightmare simply rolled his eyes.

"Very funny. Now come on. This torch won't last forever."

Everyone followed Nightmare. The sound of rushing water could be heard a head, and there was also the scent of Fish was in the air. They continued on and soon found a large river and there was no bridge.

"Well let's go," said Speed.

Speed was about to jump in when Professor Fungi held him back.

"That water is moving much to fast. If we were to jump in we'd simply be pulled away by the rapids."

"I suppose you're right. But there's got to be some way across."

Just then a voice came from the other side of the river.

"Hello strangers. Are you in need of crossing this river."

"Ya," replied Tails. "I'm also in need of some Pizza."

"Come on then. You can now cross."

All of a sudden a bridge appeared out of no where. It was bright gold and it had various gems carved into it.

"I suggest we cross now," said Nightmare.

The others agreed and soon they were at the other side of the river. They could now see where the voice was coming from. It was a young female penguin who had lavender feathers. She was clearly a High Penguin and her clothes looked like they belonged a hundred years ago.

"I'm so glad that you've all made it here. The citizens of Redlink have been suffering from attacks from these strange creatures for over a month."

"Whoa! That means that a whole month has passed while we were gone," said Tails. "I guess time does fly."

"So anyways who are you?" Asked Professor Fungi.

The penguin smirked and soon turned almost pitch black. Her hair grew longer and her dress was now bright red. She also become a bit taller and now looked almost like a female Darktan.

"I was hopping you'd ask. I'm Luwail from Anti-Club Penguin. I have a counterpart here called Luce or something like that, but that doesn't matter. Now if you don't mind I'll be taking you all to Virus right now."

"So I see that Virus couldn't get any better help," said Tails. "I'd fight you, but I can't fight a lady."

"I can," replied Speeddasher as he charged at the penguin.

Just then the penguin pulled out a can of sleeping gas that she sprayed all over the group.

"Yawn, getting t-tired," said Jim.

The female penguin was about to grab them, wehn all of a sudden she saw some patrol nerds from the Abbey of Redlink charging at her. Quickly she ran away.

"Are they hurt?" asked one of them.

"Nope, just asleep. We've gotta get them back to the Abbey though."

The nerds then put them all on stretchers and took them back to civilization.

Chapter 6: Defending Lichenblossom[]

Virus stamped angrily around the makeshift stage set up in the lobby of the Mario Fanon Bureau of Fiction.

"I put thirty of you to guard the cells, and WHAT HAPPENS? YOU TAKE A COFFEE BREAK AND THE PRISONERS ESCAPE!"

The Super Penguins and the X-Creatures recoiled at his angry yell. Virus turned towards the two chained Shipyard guards on the corner of the stage.

"Then, they take the Millennium Falcon, the fastest ship in the Multiverse, and my FAVOURITE, and YOU TWO LET THEM TAKE IT!" he roared in their faces.

Suddenly, his voice turned sickly sweet. "Do you two want anything? Anything at all?

The dumber of the two answered. "Um...B-b-boss? Could we have a pay rise?"

Virus pulled out the shining Wikia Key and hit them both on the heads. They instantly turned to stone.

"THAT is what happens to soldiers who fail me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?"

The army nodded hurriedly and scattered.

Virus went up to his office. Immediately after entering, he rolled behind his desk and peeked out. He spotted the toaster.

Suddenly, he picked up a fire flower and threw it at the toaster. He laughed madly as it burst into flames.

"HAHAHAHA! That'll teach you not to toast toast!! HAHA! All toasters toast toast! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Virus' personal guards were listening outside the door.

"Do ya think the boss has gone crazy?" the first asked.

"Has he been anything but crazy?" answered the second.

They rolled their eyes as the laughter continued.

Tails woke up in his stretcher and soon got up. He at first couldn't remember anything after Virus attacked them at the Sonic Wiki.

"Huh? This isn't the Sonic Wiki," said Tails panicking.

"WHOOZIT WHATZIT WHEREZIT WHYZIT!" Yelled Speeddasher waking up.

"Speed were alive!!!!," said Tails as he jumped for joy.

"Yeah that seems normal," said Speeddasher. "But where are Fungi, Jim, and Nightmare?"

"I'm sure they're somewhere around here. Anyways I hunger for a piece of pizza," said Tails with his stomach growling badly.

Meanwhile Tidalwave was just about to leap into the portal, leading into the Jet Set Radio Universe. Bella walked up to the penguin.

"You must understand that this mission while it doesn't appear to be, is dangerous." Explained Bella. "We have no idea if any Super Penguins are in the universe as of now."

"Heh, don't worry!" Laughed Tidalwave. "Nothing bad is going to happen!"

"Okay. You can leap into the portal now."

Tidalwave saluted, and jumped right into the portal. Suddenly, Bella's phone rang.


Tidalwave landed on top of a bench. As he got back up, something didn't seem right. The buildings surrounding him were in need of maitenance, and there was abondend cars everywhere.

The Southern Kanta Penguin's eyes widend. He then eached for a walkie talkie in his pocket, and putted it against his beak.

"This is Tidalwave." Said the penguin. "I think we're too late."

"Yeah..." Muttered Bella. "Turns out the super penguins and X-creatures attacked the place. All civillians were evacuated by the universe's Bureau."

"So... there's no one here?"

"Apart from a few MiB agents and several minions of Virus. Tidalwave, you've got to get out of here! The super penguins are going to delete the universe."

"Can't you just send me another portal?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that. There is a portal west of where you are. The MiB agents are evacuating the remaining civillians. Get there as fast as you can."


Tidalwave rushed off.

Kwiksilver sat at the TARDIS Console, talking to Doctor Hickory.

"So, when did you first see the Super Penguins?" asked Kwiksilver.

"Three weeks ago, they were on Earth. They were destroying everything in sight. I managed to defeat them and freeze them in time with UNIT's help. However, one escaped somehow."

"Was he dark green and wore a green watch?" asked Kwiksilver curiously.

"As a matter of fact, he did," mused Doctor Hickory.

"Stopwatch. I should have known," growled Kwiksilver, but they got no further as Excess Consumption waddled up the TARDIS stairs carrying a tray of banana milkshakes. "Hey guys, how's it going?" she asked, as she took a milkshake for herself and sat down next to them.

"Not very good, I'm afraid," said Doctor Hickory, "We've had no trace for --"

"I've got a trace!" cried Mickey Smith excitedly from his desk in the corner. Doctor Hickory, Kwik and Excess rushed over and looked at his laptop screen. "Dark green penguin, apparent super. Seen in the company of two creatures with an X above their heads. Last seen in the Ritz Hotel, London."

"Off we go then!" exclaimed Doctor Hickory. He rushed over to the Console and flipped a switch. The TARDIS lurched and the banana milkshakes splattered over Mickey.

In the Redwall Universe, Explorer was having other problems.

"Forward, lads, wot! Keep that gate shut!" ordered the Long Patrol Commander. Hundreds of Super Penguins and X-Creatures slammed their weight against the Abbey's wicker gate. It shook, but did not collapse for the Long Patrol Hares stationed behind it.

Meanwhile, Explorer was in the Bureau of Fiction.

"Can't you guys do something?" he asked the ghost of Martin the Warrior. "We're getting squashed!"

"Sorry, Explorer, I can't," replied Martin's ghost, "They're not from our universe. The best we can do is try to beat them."

"Sir, we're detecting some breach in the universe," said one of the Bureau workers. "It's happening right here!"

Suddenly, a portal opened next to Explorer. Fred stepped out holding his laptop.

"Ah, Explorer!" he said as he sighted his brother, "I thought you might be here."

"You left the Bureau because it was boring?" said Explorer, breaking the fourth wall.

"Affirmative. It was very boring, typing away at computers. By the way, I developed a new attachment for your shovel. Here it is." He placed a small metal clip in Explorer's flipper.

"Deletion Clip. Attach it to anything and that thing becomes a weapon of mass deletion," said Fred proudly.

Explorer was looking from the clip to the screens, the clip to the screens. Suddenly, he became spirally-eyed and attached the clip to his shovel.

"TH3Y SH411 F4C3 MY UB3R 1337 P0W3RZ!" he screamed, holding his shovel aloft. Fred jumped out of the way just in time as Explorer rocketed past, out of the bureau.

At the gate, Virus army had almost broken through. Hedgehogs, squirrels, mice - the hardy inhabitants of Redwall were coming together in a last-ditch attempt to hold back the onslaught.

A giant Super Penguin with massive muscles strode to the gate, tossing X-Creatures and Super Penguins aside as if they were matches. He threw himself at the gate.


The gate finally shattered, and creatures were flung everywhere. The huge Super Penguin emerged into Redwall, his flippers held in a triumphant gesture. Then he spotted the penguin.

Phreaker Mode Explorer was standing just in front of the ruined gate, shovel in hand. "U N0 SCAREZ M3! U 4RE N4PK1NZ!" he screamed.

The Super Penguin laughed, his deep voice echoing. Explorer leapt into action.

Using his shovel, he pole-vaulted up and went flying onto the Super Penguin. He slammed the shovel onto his head. There was a slight fizzing sound, and the Penguin disappeared.

The Army fled in fear. Explorer jumped off the battlements and deleted about thirty in mad fury. The rest escaped using grammatomization. They slowly dissolved into nothingness with a faint sound of keys being pressed on a typewriter.

Explorer's eyes turned back to normal and he felt dizzy as he staggered back to Redwall. Creatures were congratulating him.

"Wow! That was some bloodwrath, mate!"

"Topping show, wot!"

"Oi've niver seen a thoing loike it, burr aye!"

Explorer collapsed on the grass from exhaustion.

In Redlink, Professor Fungi was speaking to Mayor McFlapp using a telephone. Tails and Speeddasher were teaching Jim some attack methods with a Deletion Staff. Nightmare was asleep on a nearby couch.

"Okay Jim, you twirl the staff like this, then slash out behind you," said Speeddasher, demonstrating.

"Yes, I'm quite sure. Okay. Thank you, Mayor," finished Fungi. He hung up the phone and turned to Speed, Tails and Jim.

"The Mayor acknowledges Virus and is blocking off all portals to Mario Fanon," he said, "Meanwhile, he's asked us to eradicate Virus' Army here in Lichenblossom. They fled here after the Mayor put a lock on the USA and UnitedTerra. He's providing some weapons.

A small robotic trolley rolled past, stopping in front of them. Two Deletion Rifles emblazoned with the Bureau of Fiction emblem, a magic staff with a gem labeled Nightmare's, a Deletion Staff for Jim and a portable Typewriter for Fungi.

Tails and Speed picked up the Deletion Rifles and slung them across their waists. Fungi picked up the Typewriter, murmuring, "A Narration Device!" while Jim looked at the staff in admiration. Tails picked up the magic staff to give to Nightmare, but Speeddasher stopped him.

"Tails, how do we know Nightmare won't betray us?" he warned.

"Nightmare could have killed us on the Falcon, and in that cave, but he helped us," said Tails, "I think we can trust him."

Speeddasher growled, but let Tails pass.

Tidalwave was running through the streets, past buildings with shattered windows, past pickup trucks that have inadvertadly ended up on it's side, and past dust bins tipped over, it's garbage having spilled out.

As he rushed through these ignts, he heard several footsteps coming from the right of the area. He turned around to see several X-creatures running at him.

"Get him!" One of the creatures shouted. As the creatures slowly apporached Tidalwave he rushed off to a nearby shop where he accidently cornered himself. The X-Creatures had surrounded him.

Just when he thought he was doomed, he noticed that on the floor was half-rusted frying pan. As soon as he looked at it Tidalwave hatched an idea. The Chef quickly picked it up, and hit one of the x-creatures on the head.


The x-creature was knocked out. Two more of them charged at Tidalwave.


The x-creatures fell onto the ground, out cold. The remaining creature attempted to escape, only for Tidalwave to throw the pan at him.


The remaining x-creature fell unconsious. Tidalwave smirked, and quickly continued running.

Several minutes later he noticed a large, blue circle just up ahead of him, with various bureau employees surrounding it. He had finally found the portal.

Tidalwave suddenly started dashing, jumping over cars and holes in the ground. As he got closer, the employees noticed him.

"Looks like we got one last person to rescue!" One of them yelled.

Suddenly, more holes opened up in the ground, with a bright light coming out of them.

"Hurry!" Another of the employees shouted. "This place is getting deleted!"

Tidalwave kept on running, until he finally reached the portal. He jumped in.


As Tidalwave got up, he found himslef in the Jet Set Radio Bureau. The other employees who were at the universe also jumped out of the portal, which then closed up. Bella, for some odd reason, was in the room. She walked up to the Southern Kanta Penguin.

"Sorry about that." Apoligised Bella. "We didn't know The Jet Set Radio Universe was already under attack."

"But how did you know all of a sudden when I ended up there?" Questioned Tidalwave.

"I recieved a phone call from the author of this place. Anyways, it seems that the entire multiverse is under attack now..."

Ninjinian was training with Kyle at the Star Wars Bureau of Fiction. He was wearing a helmet that covered his eyes and was holding a laser sword. A small ball-like droid was hovering above him.

"Concentrate," said Kyle, "Trust your feelings."

The droid shot and Ninjinian deflected the blaster bolt easily. Kyle clapped.

Suddenly, there was something like an earthquake. Ninjinian and Kyle fell over and the fluorescent light above them went out, then came back on, but shining red.

"The Universe is being deleted!" cried Kyle, checking his datapad, "We've got to help the people evacuate!"

They ran outside to the Cantina. Holes were opening up everywhere, revealing dark voids. Kyle and Ninjinian ushered the people and aliens into the Bureau.

"What the cookie is happening?" shouted Ninjinian.

Virus sat in a makeshift throne, overseeing the bombardment of Deletion Missiles from the Mario Bureau of Fiction.

"Any universes being deleted yet?" asked Virus impatiently. This was taking forever.

"No sir," said the X-Creature at the control panel, "They're too small, it'll take years to delete them."

"WHERE IS THE WIKIA?" yelled Virus angrily, "I'VE GOT TO GET IN!"

The four walked through the desert valley for a while before a few Koopas attacked them.

Mario and Luigi had experience with koopas, so it wasn't very long before they were defeated.

Then they finally reached the front gates. Surprisingly, there were no guards.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Yoshi. "Let's go!"

And so they walked in.

Mario led the way to Bowser's throne room. There weren't any minions.

The throne room was quiet.

Then a dark figure came out and grabbed Mario.

"What was that?" Willy asked.

"I don't-a know!" Luigi replied. He was shaking.

"It was me!"

"Bowser Jr.!" Yoshi proclaimed.

"Come on down and give him a prize!" taunted Bowser Jr.

"Wheres Alfonzo?!" Willy demanded.

"Mario." whispered Yoshi.

"That too!"

"He's having a little vacation to the dungeon!"

"And why's that, you little booger?" Willy asked, annoyed.

"Resorting to name-calling are we?" said a soft, calm voice.

"FredX?!" Willy was startled. I could imagine, as he was after all, catergorized as a very evil creature.


"Why are you here?!"


"Hey! Bub, that's my job." Bowser said, as he came into the room.

"Quite sorry Bowser."

"Just don't do it again."

"Now, you penguin thing and you green noodle and you green wart, you're going to be defeated as of right now." said Bowser.

"Fat chance!" Willy shouted.

"Are we-a going into-a battle?" asked Luigi

"Oh yeah." Willy said as they charged into battle.

Tails, Speed, and the others walked through the forest with their weapons ready. Nightmare hobled up to Tails and handed him a small sub sandwich.

"Gotta keep your strength up boy. Never know when Ninja Guy might decide to turn on us."

Tails was shocked at what Nightmare had said.

"I don't find that very funny Nightmare. Speed and I are best friends and he would never betray us. You're lucky he didn't tackle you right now."

"Oh don't mind me," replied Speed. "I would want to interrupt your conversation."

Tails looked a bit puzzled. He knew that Speed was usually grumpy, but he'd never seen him this angry before. Professor Fungi was studing the trail when he found something.

"Everyone look at this," he said.

Everyone ran over towards Fungi to see what he had found.

"What is it?" Asked Jim.

General Skua

General Skua

"It appears to be a Skua feather. But what's it doing here?"

"I believe that it belongs to me."

Everyone looked around to see where the voice was coming from. Just then a Skua flew down from the sky and held out a sword. He was wearing armor and his wings looked more like arms.

"Who are you?" Asked Tails.

"Skuatous Maximus you fools. However you can simply call me General Skua. I'm general of Virus's Armies and I'm hear to ask you to surrender."

Speeddasher held out his sword at General Skua and growled.

"It'll take more than a skua in armor to intimidate me."

General Skua laughed at him and then whistled. Instantly an army of robots appeared from the bushes. They resembled very thin penguins with almost skeletal flippers.

"Are you guys ready to fight?" Asked General Skua.

"You bet," replied Tails.

Explorer, back from his breather and ready for another round, was in the CPFW's Bureau of Fiction, waiting for his next task. He sat in a spacious storage room, in front of a giant white computer screen with the Bureau's logo on it. Suddenly, the screen dissolved into static and then showed Mayor McFlapp's face.

"'Ello, Agent E," said McFlapp authoritatively. "As you saw from your last encounter with the army of Virus, the Redwall universe has been swept clean of Super Penguins. However, the army has retreated to the most PWNsome Phineas and Ferb Unvierse, and as you and I both know, WE CAN'T LET THEM DELETE PHINEAS AND FERB, WOT!"

Explorer nodded vigorously.

"So go get 'em, Explorer!"

Explorer, with shovel in hand, waddled off into a nearby portal while catchy theme music played.

Tails's group and General Skua's group were in a standing position.

File:SMBZ: Back to mad

The fight song for the Tails vs. general skua battle

Tails's group zoomed off in a sonic boom.

General Skua's group started like that was well.

Tails signaled for Speeddasher to charge a destruction lance as the others were busy with the robots, Nightmare, and Jim were huddled up as a back-to-back group, Professor Fungi ndn Tails were also in a back to back like way, but they had a huge chance to go.

"Who chose this music? Its EPIC!!!" said Tail's happy about the song playing.

"DJ X I SUPPOSE!," said Professor Fungi acknowledging him.

After a few small battle they all huddled to a huge group and fought from there.

"SPEEDDASHER FIRE THE LANCE NOW!!!" Screamed tails signaling for the destruction lance.

"DESTRUCTION.....LANCE!!!!" He screamed as he fired through 20 of the robots.

Tails zoomed off to general skua and layed a spin kick on him, it got him hard and for some reason Tails spoke Japanese there. Jim and Nightmare were swinging their weapons like crazy as they fought robot after robot, they were untouchable...literally

"WERE DOIN GOOD, LETS KEEP FIGHTING!'" Screamed Tails finally pulling his deletion rifle and firing at a rapid fire pace, deleteding a ton of the robots, all who were left was general skua and 4 robots.

"Hmph, nice try you nutjobs, but it is MORE to defeating me!" Yelled the Skua as he was preparing for a showdown.

"YOUR MINE!!!" Screamed tails in an old fashioned quote.

Then they all went to another fight, with the others on the four robots left, Tails was fighting the general.

"Alright here's where it ends," said Tails about to start a light speed attack.

"Oh really, I'd like to see you try! "Laughed general skua intimidating Tails. "I'll have you know that I spend my free time polishing the armor I've stolen from my other enemies after I finish them off."

Tails zoomed into him and did many attacks at lightspeed. so fast Mayor Mcflapp needed to use a calculator to exactly estimate the damage. Tails landed and laughed as the general's armor broke off.

"I've got spare armor at home. Don't think you've won yet though. I've still got lot's of tricks and you'll pay dearly for refusing surrender Tails."

Then the screen showed an RPG esqe win scene, showing experiance points.

"What the?" said Jim confused.

"Yeah I like this," said Tails jumping for joy as he leveled up and got a new attack called Deletion Blast.

"Don't get to full of yourself Tails," said Speed. "Not that my advice matters."

Tails wondered what was wrong with Speed. He knew that Speed was rarely ever in a good mood, but from the way he was acting it seemed like he was furious at not just him, but the whole group.

"Lucky, wish I got an upgrade," said Jim who was a bit jealous. All of a sudden his deletion staff became a deletion lightsaber.

Tails's weapon became a deletion gattler, a real rapid fire machine gun.

Chapter 7: Once more, with feeling![]

That battle continued on, until General Skua had run out of breath and nearly every robots had been destroyed. Panting he got back up and glared at Tails as he held one of the penguin's feathers in his hands.

"Believe me, this isn't over. You will soon face the wrath of Virus, and if you're lucky you won't even live to witness the destruction of these universes."

General Skua teleported away and Tails laughed a bit.

"That'll teach that Skua not to mess with us."

"Quite so boy," replied Nightmare as he hobbled up to Tails. "You're a good fighter. You're friend had better watch out some day."

Just then Speed walked over and handed Tails a small object. Tails could tell that Speed didn't look really happy.

"It's a GPS," said Speed. "You'll probably need it where you're going."

"W-wait?" Asked Tails. "What do mean I?"

"I mean that you and the others are gonna be going on without me. My job is to find that Wikia Key thing and that's all. I don't have time for all of this."

Tails was starting to get a bit angry. He walked up to Speed and starred at him.

"Speed what's wrong with you?" He asked. "Ever since Nightmare joined our team you've been acting like a jerk."

"Isn't it obvious? Nightmare is clearly just using us. The moment we reach the key he'll try to get it off us and he's gonna grab it and run."

"Why can't you give him a second chance? I gave you a second chance once, remember? Why can't you do the same for Nightmare?"

Professor Fungi and Jim nodded.

"The guy has a point you know," said Jim. "Without Nightmare we'd still be in that cave."

"True," added Fungi.

Speed growled and then simply turned around.

"Look, if you guys for some reason want to trust this guy, then fine, but I've got a mission and I'm not gonna fail it."

Speed then teleported away and Tails turned around.

"Well I guess we'll have to continue without him," said Tails.

"Aren't you worried about him, boy?" asked Nightmare.

"Not really. He'll probably get over it and come back sooner or later. Besides, we still have to get rid of the rest of these enemies. I doubt those were all the Virus has in this place."

The others agreed and they followed Tails down the path.

They fought and fought.

Mario was focused on Bowser, (due to some unexplained events that are too elaborate to go into right now, he escaped the dungeon) Luigi on the Twins, and Willy and Yoshi on FredX.

"Take that, rat!" shouted FredX as he fought Willy.

"For the last time, I'm a flightless bird!" retorted Willy.

Luigi was beating the twins one-to-two, which was surprising.

But alas, the good guys' short thought of victory soon waded.

Bowser grabbed Mario and put him into a head-lock.

The twins sat on Luigi.

FredX, Yoshi, and Willy were all still fighting.

"Don't just stand there, bub!" shouted Bowser. "Capture them!"

"I can't feel my kidneys." Mario complained.

"Oh stop whining." Bowser said as he crushed Mario in his strong grip.

FredX then did something dirty, mean and unfair.

He used one of the most powerful, yet most unknown X-Creature power in existence.

He created a giant orb of darkness, and shot it at Yoshi and Willy.

The orb made them weak and dizzy, and then FredX karate-chopped the two to the ground.

"Good, we're all done here."

"Or so they think. thought Willy as he pulled out a ninja-star.

Oh, it is so sweet being Speeddasher's friend. Willy said as he did something that allowed the four to soon escape.

Tails and his group were back at the Club Penguin Fanon Bureau of Fiction.

"Great seeing you, but now I've got some orders from the Mayor to patrol at another wiki, so my Sonic trip will be a bit delayed. See ya soon!" said Tails, jumping into the portal door.

"See you later Tails, me and Fungi have got some jobs to do!" Jim yelled after him. He and Fungi walked into the nearby elevator. Nightmare, meanwhile, had taken out a tiny device with a lens and placed it silently onto the wall.

"Phase one complete," he chuckled to himself.

At Tails' destination, things weren't going well...

"AWWW, GIMME A BREAK! WHY DO YOU NEED TO ATTACK AGAIN?" yelled a flaming headed boy in anger.

"Because we have some COOL ideas to share," said a villain, firing an ice beam.

Then flame-headed boy was frozen by the ice blast.

"GERONIMO!" yelled Tails, materializing on top of the villain. He tackled him and they rolled to the floor.

Tails hopped off of the villain only for him to aim at Tails with his Freeze Ray.

"Oh sweet, some ice fighting!," cried Tails, zooming around the Ice Baddie .

"Well you won't be running now when I COOL YOU OFF," said the villain, trying to hit him but failing as Tails was running too fast.

Tails used his spin kick on him, and for some weird reason speaking Japanese.

"Why did I do that?" asked Tails to himself.

"You haven't seen the last of me, the one, the only BRAINFREEZER," shouted the villain quite pathetically as he ran off.

"Dude, he has some mental problems," said Tails.

Tails then got a call on his mobile phone.

"Tails, did you arrive safely, wot?" asked Mayor McFlapp.

"I'm at the Johnny Test universe, I'm going to see if they suffered the tremors here too," said Tails, saluting to the Author.

"Flippin' brilliant, sah, carry on!" announced the Mayor. The call ended.

"Master Virus," said one of the robots. "They were too strong. I was one of the few survivors."

Virus got up and growled at the penguin. He held up a wrench and handed it to one of the penguin nearby.

"I'm sure that you know what happens to robots that fail me, don't you?"

The robot was shaking and soon oil started to leak out of him.

"Don't worry," said Virus, "You'll still play a very important part in this war. We could always use some more spare parts."

"And General Skua?" asked the robot.

"He'll be deleted before this day is over," replied Virus.

The robot looked shocked. He tried to run away, but two Super Penguins grabbed him and carried him off to be scrapped. Virus did a face palm and sat down on a nearby chair. Just then, a mechanical figure walked in the room.

"This had better be good news," said Virus.

"Oh, very good news master," replied the figure. "I've retrieved the plans and DNA. The DNA is a bit old but it should still work."

Virus smirked and quickly grabbed the two objects. They were exactly what he was looking for.


Virus with the ghost.

"This will work for sure. Send this DNA to the lab ASAP. We'll begin the cloning sequence now. Afterwards, I want you to track down you know who. A good friend of mine wants to see him."

"To hear is to obey, master," replied the robot. "Also here's your milk."

"Thank you," said Virus in a raspy voice.

The robot then hovered away and Virus started laughing when all of a sudden a ghost appeared behind him. Virus turned around and knew who it was.

"I hear that my new body will be ready not to long from now," said the ghost.

"Yes, my loyal right-hand man. Soon you will have your revenge and I will show that toaster."

Just then the ghost slapped Virus.

"You do remember The Prophecy, don't you? There is still one who can defeat you and I fear that maybe not even your army can stop him."

"I have that all taken care of. Prophecies aren't set in stone, they can always be disrupted. And I have the perfect idea of how to disrupt this one."

Virus then picked up a microphone and started talking.

"This is Virus speaking. Everyone who is trained in piloting must get into one of those fighter jets now. We're launching an attack on the Doctor Who Universe."

Everyone ran towards the planes and began to take off. Virus smirked as he held up a piece of bread.

"I know piece of bread, life is not fair. I have to wait so long to completely destroy all of the Universes, and because of that stupid toaster you'll never be toast."

The four were running for their lives.

"Good-a thinking that-a rope." complimented Luigi.

"Thanks!" replied Willy.

They soon made it to the Mushroom Kingdom, alive.

"That was close." Willy panted.

"Tell me about it." said Yoshi.

"I wonder what happened to Bowser, FredX and the twins." wondered Willy.

What happened was that the evil four fell through a crevasse while chasing the heroic four. They were presumably squashed.

Just then, the universe started to shake.

The shaking then ceased.

"What in the world was that?!" asked Yoshi.

"Earthquake?" suggested Willy.

"Maybe, but we don't-a get a lot of those here." Luigi said.

The universe started to shake again, and a deletion missile went off.

"You guys alright?" asked Tails, wondering about the group he saved.

"Yes, we are, thanks...wait, do I know you from somewhere?" asked a talking dog that everyone says he's a kid with a rare hair disorder.

"If I was here before, then yes," replied Tails, remembering the dog.

"That's it! You came to help us!" said the flame-headed person happily.

"Way too much thankfulness, anyways. Any reports of a storm coming by?" asked Tails.

"Yeah, we have. Anyway, we need your help," he said.

"Don't worry, I think we've got it under control," said a red haired girl wearing glasses. There were 2 of them, one with square glasses, one with a weird spectacle shape.

"Do you know anything about super penguins or X creatures?" asked the dog.

"Yes, they are huge pests from my universe, besides did you see one recently that looks exactly like me?" asked Tails.

"Yes, we did, and then The Brainfreezer came and got us, and that leads to right now, with you, anyways are you one of my sister's experiments or something?" asked the flame-headed boy.

"No, I'm from the Club Penguin Fanon Bureau of Fiction," said Tails.

"I need to get a message to Mayor McFlapp. Can you help me?" asked the other girl.

"Yeah, I believe I can get the mayor on the line," replied Tails. He punched in some numbers on his mobile phone.

Chapter 8: "We're outnumbered, Doctor!"[]

Virus' ships broke numerous holes in the Fourth Wall as they materialized in the Doctor Who Universe. They were flying over what appeared to be London, Great Britain.

"Fire one, X-1!" called the leader over his comlink.

A deletion missile dropped from X-1's plane and hurtled towards Buckingham Palace.


It was deleted.

"Wreak havok, tell me if you find a trace of Kwiksilver, ok? Move out!"

The planes separated.

Meanwhile, Kwiksilver, the Doctor and the forces of UNIT were storming a warehouse that was believed to be the headquarters of Stopwatch.

"Red team, take the stairs!" called the commander, "We'll enter ourselves."

The UNIT commander, the Doctor and Kwiksilver walked into the warehouse. All they could see was a pile of crates. A penguin seemed to suddenly appear in front of them. He was wearing an alarm clock around his neck and was dark green. He wielded two loaded Deletion Rifles.

"Hello Kwiksilver," he said in his creepy voice, "It's been a long time since your puffle blasted me into Freezeland, isn't it? Isn't your furball...dead?"

Kwiksilver gave a roar of anger. "You paralysed him. You almost killed him. He ended up dying of old age! Ha!" Kwiksilver's shouts echoed in the warehouse. "Time beat you to him. The very thing you claim to control!"

"Claim?" asked Stopwatch calmly, "No, I control time. Watch."

Stopwatch raised his flippers in the air. Time stopped. Stopwatch blasted each and every UNIT soldier on the ledge above, ready to fire. They were deleted with a slight fizz.

An army of over 100 X-Creatures and Super Penguins appeared behind him.

"See? Even your Doctor friend can't do that," boasted Stopwatch.

"He may not. BUT I CAN!" yelled Kwiksilver. He flicked a dial on his Vortex Manipulator and a shockwave ran through Stopwatch's army.

And the battle of time was on.

"What was-a that?!" shouted Mario.

"I have no-a idea!" responded Luigi.

Then they felt a rumble.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" shouted the four.

They all ran out of the house, expect for Mario, who tripped, and his pants got caught on something, a hook perhaps.

"Mario!" cried Willy.

"Just-a go!" Mario said. "Just forget-a about-a me!"


"GO! NOW!"

"Whatever you say."

"Oh and-a Willy,"


"Tell my brother I-a love him."

"Will do."

"Now-a get outta here!"

Then Willy ran out, then continued to run miles away.

Just as a deletion missile hit Mario's house. Along with it's owner.

The surviving three saw the explosion.

"A Mario!" Luigi said as he began to run.

Yoshi and Willy held hm back, preventing him from being deleted by the explosion.

"It's too late now." Yoshi said.

"Now that Mario's been deleted, what are they gonna call this place now?" asked Willy.

"No. We-a keep the-a name. In his-a honor." Luigi said.

"Whatever floats your boat." Willy said.

"You should leave this wiki, Will," Yoshi said. "It's for the best."

"Right." Willy said as he left the two, who were in mourning.

"Oh and Luigi,"


"Mario says he loves you."

As Luigi's eyes began to swell up in tears, Yoshi and Willy nodded, and Willy officially left.

Willy got out his Snowtendo DS, and pressed a button on it, which opened up a portal.

"You were a good man Mario. Too bad it had to end this way." Willy said sadly as he jumped into the portal, going back to the Fanon.

"I've found Kwiksilver, X-Commander," called X-38 over his com-link, "Locking onto position."

"What's your location, X-38?" asked the commander.

"I'm flying over a large warehouse at the docks. It appears to be on fire and it's exploding."

"Roger that."

Kwiksilver, Doctor Hickory and the UNIT Commander were fighting for their lives. Kwiksilver was out of his mind, cutting through Stopwatch's ranks like a pair of scissors. He seemed to be possessed by Bloodwrath and his eyes were red.

Kwiksilver swung his satchel in a circle, hitting several X-Creatures. FZZZZ! They were gone.

"We're outnumbered, Doctor!" yelled the UNIT Commander, blasting with a Deletion Rifle he had snatched from a villain. "Your penguin friend's gone insane, and he'll just injure himself!"

"Kwiksilver!" called the Doctor over the noise of the battle. Kwiksilver didn't appear to hear him.

Kwik bashed his way through the fight to Stopwatch.

"It's you and me!" he roared, "You'll never hurt anybody again!"

"Oh really?" said Stopwatch, "You're out of your senses. You can't beat me!"

Kwiksilver lunged for Stopwatch, but he nimbly leaped aside. Kwiksilver slammed into the wall. He got up groggily, and made another lunge.


He crashed into the wall.

"KWIKSILVER!" yelled the Doctor, "GET OUT OF THERE!"

Kwiksilver's head cleared. He saw that he had to get out of there fast.

Stopwatch grabbed Kwiksilver and pressed a Deletion Rifle to his chest.

"You lose."



"The Deletion Missiles have been fired, sir," said X-4, "Mission accomplished."

"Well done, men," said the commander, "Virus will be pleased."

They shot away back to the Mario Fanon.

As the smoke cleared, a small figure was seen slumped on the ground. A Human was sitting next to him.

"You lucky bird," said The Doctor, unclipping the Vortex Manipulator, which was holding their wrists together, "I knew this would come in handy."

"Thanks, Doc." Kwiksilver smiled weakly. "For helping me."

They sat up. There was nothing left of the warehouse, just an empty patch of concrete.

"So Stopwatch was deleted," said the Doctor. He noticed the large wound on Kwiksilver's head. He was bleeding. "What's that?"

"Oh, nothing. Just a scra--" Kwiksilver trailed off and slumped unconscious.

"This is not good," said Doctor Hickory. He fiddled with the dial on the Vortex Manipulator. He and Kwiksilver vanished in green light.

Two scientists were busy in the lab together along with one of Virus's Men.

"So tell me Xary, why did you take this job?" Asked one. "Antarctica has done nothing to you so why did you apply?"

"Bah, I could care less about the rest of Antarctica," said Xary. "I just want to prove that I can be just as great a scientist as my brother. This expiriment shall prove my point once and for all. Virus will be most impressed."

Xary held out a needle that was filled with a blue liquid. The patient was shaking in his seat and his feathers were soon ruffled up.

"What is that?" He asked nervously. "You know how I'm a bit n-n-nervous when it comes to getting shots."

"This my friend is DNA from genus Architeuthis," replied Xary. "In other words, Giant Squid DNA. We've combined it with Ditto. We're going to see how it'll effect you."

The penguin shrieked.

"B-but I hate squids. They taste nasty on pizza and they're scary to look at. I don't want one's DNA in my body."

Xary sighed.

"Look, why did you sign up for this job Chris?"

"Because I wanted to be powerful and not such a coward."

"And what's more powerful in the ocean than a Giant Squid. They take down boats, they're feared by everyone. Imagine having that power."

"But you said......

"Look," said the other scientist. "You're a coward and as we all know Virus hates cowards. It's either this or someday Virus might send you straight to the Deletion Log. Take your pick."

The penguin was still rather nervous, but after about an hour of reasoning he agreed. Xary then poked the needle into him and the penguin shrieked. At first he felt nothing, but soon he felt a pain going through his body.

"I-I don't feal so good," he said weakly.

"It's all part of the...

Just then the penguin spit up a large black substance onto Xary and the other scientist. He was now creaped out, but the scientists were rather impressed.

"Gah! What's happening to me?!?! I've coughed up blood! Make it stop please!"

"Just calm down," said Xary. "This is probably just a side effect."

"It's not blood," said the other scientist. "It's ink."

The penguin was now very terified of himself. Just then he felt even more change. His feathers had vanished and his skin was now soft and mushy. It was also now blue and his flippers grew even longer. His feet disappeared and were replaced by tentacles and now he only had one big red eye. Now except for his beak, you couldn't even tell he was a penguin.

"Wh-what's happened to me?" Asked the penguin. "I don't know why, but I like it."

"That's a good boy Chris...



"Don't call me Chris!" He yelled. "From now on you will adress me as Cyclosus."

Cyclosus laughed as he expirimented with his new abilities. Just then a sound came from a speaker.

"Attention," said the voice. "This is Virus. I'm aware of your recent mutation Cyclosus. I never asked Xary to do this, but perhaps you will be of some use to me. I'm sending you out to find Tails and his team. They've taken out enough of my men allready. Something tells me you might have what it takes."

"To hear is to obey master," replied Cyclosus.

He then walked away as the two scientists celebrated their success.

"Alright, now that I'm back for Sonic and his group, I better be off," said Tails zooming off from the Buearo.

Tails ran into a tree and fell onto one of those springs.

"OW!" Screamed Tails rubbing his backside.

At least he arrived safely, other than that then we'd lose our greatest warrior.

"Alright I gotta find the team and get ready, if Virus got something planned right, its a thing out for me!" said Tails running through Green Hill Zone.

Virus sat in his rom along with Cyclosus. He seemed to believe that this creature would be able to fight of Tails Group, but he wanted to send some more men along just in case. Just then two mysterious figures walked into the room.

"I've captured him and the ghost now inhabits his body," said the robot. "He's ready for his battle uniform."

"Excellent my minion," replied Virus. "Because of your loyal service to me, you and him will go along with Cyclosus."

The robot saluted to Virus and the figure walked closer, but he couldn't be seen very clearly as he was in the shadows.

"I thought you said you had a body for me!" He Yelled. "All you've got is a teenager!"

"There's more to this penguin then meets the eye my friend. Just get the armor on and I'll teleport you three to where Tails is."

"I am ready to serve you master," said Cyclosus.

With that the three walked away to prepare for battle.

"It's been awhile since I've last seen Tails," said the robot. "He's bound to be weaker after all these years."

"I wouldn't be to sure," said the penguin. "From what I heard he's still as active as ever. You two should probably just stand back while I take care of him."

Cyclosus and the robot growled.

"Who do you think you are!" Yelled Cyclosus.

"Back in the day I was known as many things," the penguin replied. "Penguin Chicks trembled at the very mention of my name. The time has come for the dark lord to rise again."

The two had no idea what he was talking about, but they just continued walking.

Tails zoomed onto Angel Island to see his group waiting for him.

"Hey guys did I miss anything?" Asked Tals in front of them.

"Well besides us kicking tons of Super Penguin butt...nothing," said Sonic giving a shrug.

"Of course, we gotta get ready, maybe later an enemy of mine is gonna get us," said Tails preparing.

"Oh sweet this is gonna be great this guy can not match the power of my fists," said Knuckles in a very cocky way.

"Don't be cocky knuckles, this guy may be more well-trained from last time." said Tails getting his deletion gattler.

"Uhh where'd you get that?" They all asked.

"Oh this, I got it from Mayor Mcflapp after my first fight with that skua freak," replied Tails talking about the gattler.

"Well no time, LETS GO LETS GO!!!" Yelled Sonic as they all ran off.

Willy came out of portal out onto the lobby of the Bureau of Fiction.

No one was there, not even Becky.

"Hello? Anyone here?" asked Willy.

"Huh, everyone must be out, or somethin'."

"Thing is, WHERE do I go next? I'm done with my mission. Maybe I'll-" Willy stopped in mid-sentence.

He heard a huge bang.

Tails and his friends from the Sonic Universe were running through loops on there way to stop Virus's Troops. Just then a large tentacle like object slapped Tails and then grabbed him.

"Whoa," said Sonic. "What is that thing."

Just then a Squid like creature came out with Tails in one of his tentacles.

"All those who opress the rule of Virus shall be deleted," it yelled. "I Cyclosus live to serve Virus."

"I suppose you're another mutant," said Tails trying to break free. "Virus is even more of a creep than I thought if he makes things like this."

"Virus is simply being smart by making his army stronger than the Masters of the Universe themselves," said a voice.

Just then and electrical shock hit Tails and caused him to almost faint. Then a familiar robot jumped up from behind a large boulder. It was none other than Metal Explorer. Sonic was laughing a bit.

"Dude, Virus and smart," he laughing. "Those two words don't belong together."

"How dare you insult the greatness of Virus. I should crush you right now."

Cyclosus lifted his tentacle up trying to hit Sonic, but the hedgehog simply ran out of the way and then spin dashed at Cyclosus's eye.

"AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGH!!!!!" He yelled as he let go of Tails.

Just then a large sword came flying past and nearly hit Knuckles. It ended up smashing a nearby rock into pieces as a muscular penguin like figure approached. He was wearing a strange sort of armor and he was wearing a bronze mask.

"Which one of you is Tails6000," he said in an angry voice.

Just then Tails jumped up and spin dashed into the penguin knocking him over.

"I believe you're looking for me," replied Tails. "I'm guessing you're working for Virus."

The penguin got up and pulled out a sword.

"Good guess penguin. I'm given orders to capture you and bring you back to Virus's base for Deletion."

"Good luck succeeding in that scrap heap. You're about to get pwned."

"We'll just see about that Tails."

Tails jumped up and spin dashed at the penguin only to be hit by the side of the penguin's sword and be flung into a nearby hill. Sonic and his friends rushed to help, but the penguin telepathically brought Tails back to him.

"This is a fight between me and him," said the penguin. "Leave it like that!"

Tails got up with a black eye and started to laugh a bit.

"So, you're not just another minion are you," he said. "What are you even?"

"I don't suppose you've ever heard of, The Dark Lord have you Tails."

Tails gasped.

"Malcur! But, that's impossible? You were killed?"

Iron Ninja

Malcur as the Iron Ninja.

"Things are not allways as they seem. When I was killed in that battle I wasn't entirley destroyed. Due to the energy from the Amulet of Shadow that I possessed my ghost managed to survive. After a few years of wandering I found Virus and offered to help him in his quest to destroy wikia. As you can see I've gotten a new body now. Penguins shall now adress me as, the Iron Ninja."

Tails was shocked. He couldn't believe that one of the most evil penguins throughout all the history of Antarctica had returned and was now on the side of Virus. Malcur walked away and confronted his two allies.

"I'll let you go this time Tails. But mark my words, you won't stop Virus."

"But Virus said to take Tails back to his base!" Yelled Cyclosus.

"Ya," replied Metal Explorer.

"Be quiet you two. Trust me we won't let this penguin live."

With that the three teleported away and Sonic ran up to Tails.

"What are we gonna do?" He asked.

"We're not gonna let him get away with this," said Tails. "We're gonna find Virus and stop him no matter what the cost!"

Chapter 9: Enerjak![]

Willy walked to the front entrance, and saw a huge hole in the ground.

"What the heck is this?" he questioned. He looked down into it. Nothing. Except a giant missile.

"Oh no." Willy said as he read the side.

Deletion Missile

Willy picked it up, careful not to set it off, and ran for a professional.

"Anyways, what now?" Asked Sonic.

"I don't know, but we need some certain weapon to stop Virus," replied Tails.

The group thought for awhile.


Jeopardy! Think Music, 1997

the music they needed to get an idea

"I got it!" Exclaimed Tails.

".....ya got a plan and it will work?" Asked Sonic.

"Jee your not that specific," replied Tails.

"Oh," said Sonic.

"Well anyways, I remember the part of this story I met Lien-Da," said tails breaking the 4th wall.

"Yeah so?" Asked Sonic wanting to speed it up.

"We can ask the Dark Legion so I can become Enerjak!" Exclaimed Tails to Sonic in a heroic way.

"Wow, that was VERY shocking...but knucklehead and the others are gonna kill you if they see the enerjak get-up," said Sonic teasing him.

"....Sonic, you are supposed to tell them," said Tails condescendingly.

"Oh," said Sonic.

"...yeah and Sonic, yeah Amy is gonna pound you to the ground in," said Tails counting his watch.

Sonic already ran off as he heard "Amy's Hammer" in the sentence.

" to wherever That legion of her's is at," said Tails setting off to find the Dark Legion Base.

Tails approached the Dark Legion base of Angel Island. Knuckles looked very angry though.

"Are you sure we should trust these creeps?" Asked Knuckles.

"Don't worry knuckle-head," replied Sonic. "These guys want to stop Virus to. At the moment they're all the help we've got."

Knuckles gave a huff.

"Fine. I've gotta have a word with Finetivus anyways," he said lifting his fist up.

Tails rolled his eyes and then looked over to see some cloaked figures.

"Well heres my moment to power," said Tails as he opened the door.

"Yo," said one guy as he acknowledged him.

"Thank you," replied Tails waving off.

Just then Lien-Da walked up to him.

"So, what seems to be your trouble?" She asked hugging him.

"I was wondering if you could know, turned me into Enerjak?" He asked nervously.

"Yeah sure, follow me," she replied signalling for him to follow her.

The Doctor had been carrying Kwiksilver around for quite some time now. He had no idea where he was, having teleported randomly to the last destination, but all of a sudden he saw a penguin running towards him. He was carring some sort of object and he looked nervous. Just then he ran right into The Doctor.

"Ouch," said The Doctor, "Can't you watch where you're going?"

"Oh sorry Mister," said the penguin. "I was just trying to get an expert to help me disable this thing."

" A Deletion Missile KZT 9000?" gasped the Doctor, "Those things can be lethal. You're lucky I'm here though."

The Doctor straightened his bow tie, then looked at the object for a while. He pulled a type of stick with a green light on the end out of his jacket and buzzed the Missile. A compartment fell open and the Doctor turned the missile off by flicking a switch.

"Thanks, dude. Now, can you direct me to Mayor-"

Just then Willy noticed Kwiksilver laying on the polished floor nearby.

"KWIK!" He yelled as he ran over to him.

"You know him?" Asked the Doctor.

"I'm his best friend, Willy," he replied. "We used to travel together. What happened to him?"

The Doctor scratched his head and replaced the strange instrument in his jacket.

"We were attacked by a group of penguins and robots, minions of Virus, I reckon. Kwiksilver was injured in the attack."

Willy quickly got out some medical supplies from his inventory. He always carried a first-aid kit. He cleaned Kwiksilver's wound and ravelled a bandage around it.

"I'll bet Virus wanted him killed," said Willy as he worked. "That penguin is insane."

"That he is," said a deep voice.

Willy and The Doctor turned around to see a large armored penguin standing a few feet away from them.

"Who are you?" asked The Doctor.

"I'm guessing he's another servant of Virus," said Willy.

The penguin got out his sword and held it to Willy's neck.

"I do not serve anyone," he growled. "I simply use them to reach my goals. Virus is foolish enough to believe I'm working for him."

"T-then who's side are you on?" asked a voice.

The Doctor and Willy looked back to see that Kwiksilver had woken up. He wobbled uncertainly on his feet.

"I side with no one," the armoured penguin growled and then turned around.

"You still haven't answered my question," said The Doctor. "Who are you?"

The penguin laughed for a while and then went silent. Then he spoke.

"A mountain that wades in the sea, and has its head above the clouds, and is clad with ice and crowned with smoke and fire."

Kwiksilver was shocked.

"Malcur!" He yelled. "What are you doing still alive?"

Malcur held his sword at Kwiksilver's neck. Just then a large, winged, shadowy creature landed next to him.

"Come with me, and I'll spare your pathetic life."

The three didn't wish to, but they knew they had no choice. They boarded the creature and then flew off with Malcur.

"I've finished altering the suit to fit you body penguin," smirked Finitevus.

Tails was now ready to become the Enerjak. He grabbed the suit and put it on. They had embedded a liquid inside the helmet so that he wouldn't loose consiousness.

"I think I'm ready to fight Malcur."

"Doubt it penguin," said a voice.

Just then a large insect walked in. It was none other than Bugzy.

"I'm guessing this is one of your friends?" Asked Lien-Da.

"Whoa, hold it!" Yelled Bugzy. "We're not friends. I only side with whoever can help me make some money."

Tails was still a bit curious about Bugzy.

"Why are you here in the Sonic Dimension?

The Beetle lifted his hat up to reveal a large scar on his head.

"Thought I'd save your life Tails," he said. "You see, Malcur is completely imortal."

Chapter 10: Dimensional Invasion[]

Ralar was flying over the Phineas and Ferb Dimension. It was a very hot day and Kwiksilver, Willy, and The Doctor were starting to get a bit worried. Just then Ralar screached. Malcur quickly kicked his steed.

"I can see you've found something, but no need to scream."

"What are you talking about Malcur?" asked The Doctor.

Malcur huffed.

"Trust me, you don't want to know."

Ralar swooped down towards a Tall Building.

"You mean even the power of the Enerjak Suit won't help me defeat him?" Asked Tails.

"That's exactly what I mean. He's completely imortal."

Tails held up the Enerjak rod.

"That can't be. There's got to be a way."

"There is," answered Bugzy. "But I doubt you'll be able to do it."

"Well, I think he could do it," said Lien-Da.

Bugzy huffed.

"You're kinda ruining this dramatic moment here lady. Anyways, the only way to defeat Malcur is with the Blade of Light. It's an ancient sword made long ago by the High Penguins."

"How do you know this?" Asked one of the echidnas.

"I overherd Malcur discussing it once. You see I'd been taken captive by his men, you'd better not tell anyone, I just managed to escape yesterday. If I had stayed there any longer, It would be kapeesh for me."

Tails walked over to Lien-Da.

"Well Bugzy, where can I find the Blade of Light?"

"You can't," said the beetle. "It was destroyed soon after it was assembled. Some penguins must have thought it was to dangerous to leave it around because it could fall into the wrong flippers. They hid some pieces of it through several universes."

"I guess I'd better find em then," replied Tails.

With that he walked away, but then went back.

"Could you tell me where to find those things?

"I don't know where they are, but I think I know someone who does. Follow me."

Bugzy then flew towards the door that led out of the hideout and the others followed close behind.

"Doofensmirtz Evil Incorporateeeeeeeeeeeed!"

"Ah Perry the Platypus," said Doofensmirtz. " You're just in time to witness my latest evil scheme. It's... well actually it's not here just yet, but d-don't worry it'll be here soon. Why don't you help yourself to some of the...

Just then a large bird swooped in through the window and screeched at the two adversaries.

"Hello Heinz," said Malcur.

"Oh, you see Perry the Platypus. This is my latest evil scheme. I've made a deal with him. I am going to be gifting him with my latest invention, and in return he has offered me dominion over the entire Tri-State Area!"

Malcur rolled his eyes while The Doctor, Willy, and Kwik looked shocked.

"Don't listen to him Doofensmirtz," said The Doctor. "He's tricking you."

Malcur laughed and held out a Deletion Rifle. He then handed it to the evil scientist.

"I'm not tricking him Doctor," replied Malcur. "He's going to have dominion over this place."

"Exactly!" Yelled Doofensmirtz. "Now, say good-bye Perry the Platypus."

Perry tried to jump out of the way, but the beam was to fast and hit him. He disappeared and was now deleted.

"Yes! I'm an evil genius."

"If you for some reason think so then so be it," said Malcur while rolling his eyes. "Now hand it over."

Doofensmirtz huffed and went to get the invention.

"This can't be happening," said Willy.

"Don't worry, it won't as long as I'm breathing," said a voice.

Malcur looked up to see Explorer 767 flying in with his propellor hat.

"I heard you and Virus were causing some trouble here in the Phineas and Ferb Universe. I thought I should check out what you're up to."

Explorer jumped up to try and free his friends, but Malcur grabbed him. Explorer tried to get out of Malcur's grip.

"Quit squirming you little flying rat!"

Malcur then threw Explorer at a nearby wall.

"Explorer," said Kwiksilver. "Don't bother trying. You can't defeat him. Malcur's invincible."

The blue penguin looked a bit suprised.

"How exactly are you even alive Malcur? Why don't you take off that mask so we can see who you really are?"

Malcur smirked at Explorer.

"You sound bold for someone who will die within the next few days."

Malcur then proceeded to remove his helmet. Everyone looked shocked to see Malcur's new body.

"You're Speeddasher," said Kwiksilver.

"Oh snap," said Willy.

"I wonder what's for brunch?"

Just then Bugzy aswell as Tails6000 barged into the door of the building.


"Okay ol' King Snowkinian," said Bugzy. "This guy needs some info on some sorta Blade of Light."

Snowkinian got up and nodded his head.

"Are you sure he's gonna know about this?" Asked Tails.

Bugzy huffed and pouted.

"No, but ever since the High Penguins moved back to who knows where he's our only shot kid."

"Take this Mah Boi," said Snowkinian.

He then handed Bugzy a book titled "Light". Tails opened the book and began to read.

"Many years ago the world was at peace. The High Penguins were constructing Arda and all was peaceful. One day however it would all change. A penguin by the name of Bauglir Beleri stood up and went against the construction of Arda. He held no power that would help him stop, but he was so set on his idea that he didn't care. Finwe fought against Malcur's idea and had him banished to the wastelands. Years later the penguin returned with an army that could circle the weird islands twice. Also in his possession was the Amulet of Shadow. Forged and created by his second in command, he used it's power to create many Dark creatures that did only his bidding. He captured Finwe and nearly conquered Antarctica. But he didn't count on one thing. The very courage of The Armies of Freezeland. Led by Ulmos they all came together and defeated Malcur. The penguin was then set to be executed. The masters allowed the High Penguins to break the Code one time to rid Arda of Malcur. A sword was drawn and Malcur was wounded. But he couldn't be destroyed for he had to much power. Malcur broke free from his bonds as if they were mear threads and went to attack Finwe. However Ulmos used the power of the Amulet of Water to create a Magical Wave. The power banished him and most of his armies to the Simaril Void. The masters then handed the penguins a blue print for sword that they called the Blade of Light. The masters then gave them instructions on how to create it and told them that once it was made to break it in half and hide the pieces in seperate locations so that one day a hero will find it and destroy Malcur forever."

Bugzy and Snowkinian had nearly fallen into a deep sleep after hearing Tails read all of that.

"And that's just the introduction," said Bugzy.

Tails got up and handed the king his book.

"Well come on Bugzy. We've gotta find those pieces."

"But we still don't know where they are."

"Oh yah."

"Mah Boi. The map inside the book is what all true birds and insects strive for."

Bugzy grabbed the book and looked at the map.

"Okay, I think I know where that is."

"Cool. Let's get goin."

The two thanked Snowkinian and left.

It was 5:00 PM Wikia Time.

However, nobody was bothering to check the time. They were all on computers, every single one of them.

The Wikia's Great Terminal Room, no longer lazy and slow, had become a hub of energy. Phones rang, millions of keys were pressed, and paper littered the floor with fax machine spitting out even more.

To put it shortly, it was a madhouse.

But the strangest thing was that nobody was yelling. They were all talking in hushed, whispered tones, and an aura hung in the air, a sense of impending doom. Only one voice called out.

"The Jet Set Universe?" asked Saint Joeyaa, striding through the small space in between the multicoloured Terminals. He barely hid the terror in his voice.

"Seventy-one percent damage," said a penguin on a sky blue terminal, "All civilians evacuated, the Void's seeping in, sir."

"Star Wars?" asked Joeyaa, his face grim.

"Thirty-seven percent damage," called a Human on a beetroot-coloured terminal, "The Bureau's holding three quarters together, sir, but the rest is devastated."

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" asked Joeyaa, white-faced and barely trying to hide his worry.

"Forty-two percent damage," said some sort of alien midget, "No response, I think somebody's turned on the improbability drive because there's cows everywhere."

"M-mario Fanon?" whispered Joeyaa.

"Zero percent damage," said a very confused Koopa Troopa at a Terminal with polka dots.

"Zero?!? Let me see that!" cried Joeyaa. The Koopa moved aside and Joeyaa surveyed the screen. Indeed, it was zero. No Missiles had hit the wiki.

Joeyaa attempted to contact the wiki, but there was no response. He tried logging in with his Staff Username and Password. A message flashed across the screen.


"So you want to play dirty do you?" said Joeyaa in a low voice, all fear forgotten. "Two can play at that game."

He cracked his knuckles and set to work hacking their systems.

He got in after three minutes and four seconds exactly, a surprisingly short time for such a complex system. He checked the Recent Changes.

  • DM-58 fired at 4:59:47 WT. Destination #1894563 CODE:JETSET
  • DM-58 fired at 5:00:04 WT. Destination #1894563 CODE:JETSET
  • DM-58 fired at 5:00:29 WT. Destination #133713 CODE:CPFAN

"Deletion Missiles?" muttered the alien midget, who had come over to look with most of the staff.

"Mario Fanon's behind this?" rasped an Elite, "You can never trust newbies, I knew it."

"No, no, it's not that," said Joeyaa, "They must be under the control of that Virus guy! We've got to--"

He stopped in his tracks as he saw around fifty staff gathered around him.


The staff jumped and scampered back to their Terminals.

Joeyaa, meanwhile, selected one hundred of his best Staff, skilled in combat, and boarded a space fighter to take back Mario Fanon.

As they reached the Electrostatic Gate, which separated Wikia and kept it hidden, Joeyaa entered his master password, which was taped to the dashboard of the fighter, and the security codes, programmed by Redlink nerds, allowed for a temporary hole just large enough for the Space Fighter. It exited the Gate in the upper atmosphere of Mario Fanon.

Meanwhile, Virus sat in his chair, smirking to himself.

"I thought the "great" Saint Joeyaa would know that it was me who let him into the system. All too easy. Phase progress."

He turned around and spoke into a microphone.


Chapter 11: Old Friends, New Enemies[]


Halo 3 OST Last of the Brave

Press play before you start reading.

Saint Joeyaa's ship flew forward, downwards like a nose-diving eagle. It gained speed. The Humans at the controls flipped a few switches.

"Beginning descent," said one. She flipped her headset microphone down and repeated what she said before into it.

"Roger, Lieutenant, the strike force is nearly ready," said the Holy Wikia's Security Chief, a tall, green penguin with a moustache. He was in the cargo bay at the back of the ship. Two large shield doors, protecting the ship from outside dangers, were on either side. 50 creatures suited up, grabbing Deletion Rifles and Energy Shields.

"What's that?" said the other human on the Flight deck. He pointed to two blips on the radar. Raising the Sunlight Protection Shield over the cockpit's glass, the humans looked out to see two spaceships with a net stretched between them.

Saint Joeyaa was sitting in a chair behind the two humans. "What is it?" he asked. The ships came closer, now all the humans and Joeyaa could see was the net.

"Virus' ships! closing in!!!!" screamed the female human. The net wrapped around the ship, stopping it in it's tracks. Lights flickered, computers beeped like crazy and the ship shook. Joeyaa was thrown to the floor.

"Status!" yelled the male human into the headset. There was static, then a voice came through.

"We're being boarded!" cried the Security Chief. "All hands on deck!"

The X-Creatures streamed through one shield door and Super Penguins through the other. They were armed with deletion rifles also, and the beams ricocheted off the hull. The battle was on.

The Security Chief did a roll and deleted two X-Creatures with a single shot. Smoothing his moustache with his flipper, the chief paused for a moment, then threw a grenade into a pile of Super Penguins who were grouped together, firing their Rifles. The chief laughed to himself, then was knocked over by a shot from behind and fizzed into nothingness.

Leaderless, the Holy Wikia's army retreated to the corridor separating the cargo bay from the Flight Deck. Their numbers were whittled down to 20.

"Situation?" demanded Joeyaa, grabbing a Rifle off a penguin.

"They've taken the hold, sir," said a breathless human, "They took us by surprise. The Security Chief's gone, sir. I saw it happen."

Joeyaa reloaded the Deletion Rifle, his face grim. He would fight his way out of this.

A mouse came scuttling down the corridor. "They're coming! AAAAAAHHHH!" He hid in a corner.

Joeyaa stood up on his chair and gave a speech to his soldiers.

"Men, we fought well today, but the battle isn't over. We cannot let Virus take the ship, there's no telling what he could do. Now, for freedom, for justice, FOR WIKIA!!!"

He ran down the corridor, his rifle at the ready.

"FOR WIKIAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" cried the remaining soldiers. They charged after their leader.

Virus sat at his desk, waiting impatiently for news of the battle. There was a crackle on his radio. He snatched up the handset and bellowed into it.

"Speak, you fool!"

There was static, then a weak voice answered him.

"It-it's clear," croaked an X-Creature. "I'm the only one left."

"What?!?" screamed Virus, "I sent you in with 500 men! How can you be the only one left?"

"T-they charged us, sir," stammered the X-Creature, "There was this mushroom....he fought like a madman, him and his men. They fought to Deletion-"

"I don't want to hear about their exploits, idiot! Get that ship down here right now!"

"A-as you wish, sir," said the X-Creature. The radio fizzed out.

Virus spun around in his chair. Five hundred, lost! Joeyaa was tougher than I thought. I'd better not make that mistake again...

"But, how?" Asked Kwiksilver.

Malcur smirked and lifted his sword.

"Foolish child. This Virus you speak of would be nothing if it wern't for me. Who do you think told him of the Wikia Key? Who do you think taught him how to cook a microwave dinner? Though I must admit, his ability to travel through universes is most impressive. I offered my allegiance to that talentless baffoon in return that he would find me a suitable body. Now that I have it, his services are no longer required. I plan on taking over this operation and even The Masters attemps to stop me will prove futile."

Willy looked angry and was tempted to attack.

"But why Speeddasher?" Asked Willy.

"You may not realise, but your friend and I have much in common. We both contain vast ammounts of dark energy which makes him a suitable vessel."

"What exactly are you trying to do Malcur?" Asked Explorer. "If you're against what Virus is doing then what is your objective?"

Malcur faced the blue penguin.

"If you want to know so desperatley then try and find your friend Tails. Also tell that science flunky he can keep his worthless weapon. He'll mess up this universe enough without my help."

With that Malcur got on Ralar and then faced them.

"Also, if you want to survive I sugest you leave this universe. Any attempt at saving it now will be worthless."

Malcur then left leaving the group alone.

"Should we do as he says?" Asked Kwiksilver.

"He may be a famous deciever," said The Doctor. "But I think he may be telling the truth. I sugest we find a way out of this location."

With that they ran down the stairs to where Explorer had left a recently activated dimensional portal.

"I knew that guy was a traitor," said Metal Explorer.

Cyclosus roared.

"All those who betray Virus must die. We'll confront that warlock and tell him...

"Tell me what mutant?"

The two turned around to see Malcur approaching them.

"Don't think we haven't figured out," Metal Explorer. "You're a traitor. A sneaky, lying, no good traitor."

Malcur simply rolled his eyes.

"Did you just describe yourself robot?"

"Hey, my personal life dosen't concern you! Putting that aside though I'm afraid we have to kill you now."

Metal Explorer loaded his gun and began shooting at Malcur. The beams simply bounced off him and hit the floor. Malcur then charged at the robot and grabbed him by the neck. Cyclosus tried to pry Malcur off, but he was then flung into the air and was also strangled.

"This is just pathetic. You two still haven't realised that I'm imortal."

"What are you gonna do to us?" Asked Metal Explorer.

"Don't worry. I won't kill you. As long as you two do what I tell you and abandon that fool Virus. If you do I will spare your lives and give you high positions as my new second in commands."

Metal Explorer and Cyclosus liked that idea.

"Come to think of it who needs Virus?" They both asked. "Deal."

"Fools!" Yelled Malcur. " At the moment we need Virus. We must wait until the Holy Wikia's barrier is opened. Then we make our move. For now though, I want you to pick up someone at the Banjo-Kazooie Universe. Don't fail."

The two nodded their heads and went off to the nearest dimensional portal.

Virus sat in the big chair on the Wikia Ship's bridge. He swivelled around in it, his flippers dragging lazily across the floor.

Two X-Creatures sat at the computers. They looked uneasily at each other. Virus was in a good mood, which meant that there had to be no slip ups. It also meant he was unpredictable. He could pull out a Deletion Rifle at any time and shoot them both. They shivered at the thought, and went back to their jobs.

"I can't believe it was that easy."

Virus sprung out of the big chair and started to walk lightly around the bridge.

"No, seriously, it was!" exclaimed Virus, "I dispensed of Nightmare, I gathered the army, I even managed to take this ship! It's as if I was meant to succeed..."

His voice trailed off as he resumed pacing. Suddenly, he grabbed one of the X-Creatures' chairs and swung it around, so that he was beak to beak with his minion.

"What's your name?"

"Uhh, Heinz, sir," stammered the X-Creature.

"Heinz my friend, have you ever felt that you were part of something big?"


"I did. From the start I knew I was different."

The other X-Creature sighed. Virus was about to start on his personal history spiel.

"As a young chick, I was a loser. My parents hated me, I had wonky flippers and nerdy glasses. The other kids hated me as well. I had no friends."

A single tear rolled down from behind his blood-red sunglasses.

"But Heinz, in High School, that all changed."

"I started Home Economics classes at Flying Snitch Yo Gabba Gabba State High School. Finally, I was great at something. All the girls envied my cooking skills. They couldn't believe some nerd had beat them at the one thing they had total dominance over."

"But there was one thing I could not master...My culinary talents were no match for..."

Virus shuddered and turned away from Heinz.

"...That toaster!..."

"It tormented me, Heinz! I just couldn't manage to toast the toast without completely toasting it! Everybody laughed, I was the laughing stock of the whole school!"

"The cook who couldn't toast toast, they called me. I kept claiming it was the toaster's fault! But they kept saying, 'All toasters toast toast!'. That phrase haunted me for the rest of my life. It still does."

Virus turned to Heinz, teary-eyed behind his sunglasses.

"What more can I say? I dropped out of High School at age sixteen, donned a cloak and joined a gang of armed robbers. I rose up the ranks, and eventually became respected and feared, as all villians do. It was only a short transition from gang leader to criminal mastermind."

"Very touching, sir," said Heinz. It was his first time hearing the story, and he was starting to feel emotional as well. "I feel sorry for you."

Virus spun around as quick as an arrow, and stared at the X-Creature with accusing eyes. "You...feel sorry for me?"

"Well, yes I do. I mean, it must have been hard not being able to toast toast."

Virus snapped, pulled Heinz from the chair and slammed him onto the ground.

"You know nothing!" screamed Virus, "You don't know how hard it was to me, all the tears I shed, all the suffering I endured! AND EVIL MINIONS DON'T FEEL EMOTION!!!"

Somewhat incredibly, Virus lifted the unfortunate X-Creature by the scruff of the neck and threw him out of the airlock. Virus watched as Heinz fell screaming, then had a soft landing on a large mushroom.

"NOW!" he yelled hysterically into the ship's PA system, "IS THERE ANYBODY ELSE WHO WANTS TO FEEL SORRY FOR ME?!?"

The other X-Creature went back to work, not daring to look up. Virus took some deep breaths, then sat himself down in the big chair again. He pulled a toaster from his pocket, then stuck an explosive to it. Without even moving, he activated the airlock and threw the toaster out. As it fell, Virus activated the explosive and the toaster was destroyed in a large cloud of fire.

Virus relaxed in the chair.

"Life is good."

The group started running down the stairs to the exit, hoping to survive any deletion that might occur.

Explorer had already activated a dimensional portal, and so the group intended to escape in it.

However, one of the members had a different idea.

"Um, guys?" Willy asked.

"Yes, what is Will?" asked Kwiksilver.

"I'm planning to go into another dimension than you guys."

The Doctor was outraged. "WHAT?! You know absolutely nothing about dimension travel or anything like it! You're too childish and foolish to even THINK about doing such a thing!" screamed the Doctor in Willy's face.

"Anyway, why do you want to go alone?" Kwiksilver said. He was confused. Why was the Doctor acting so strangely?

"I have a feeling that something much more dangerous and powerful is approaching us than we could have ever thought," answered Willy.

The Doctor simply scoffed at it, to Kwiksilver's surprise of course, as the Doctor had never acted that way he did before.

Kwiksilver looked at Willy, who sincerely believed something dark was coming. The two, from their times of traveling together had learnt to trust each other.

"He's going," said Kwiksilver. "Willy, I give you permission to go. You're a great friend and a genius, I'm sure you'll manage. He opened another dimension portal.

"Good luck buddy," Explorer said as Willy entered the portal.

"Au revoir, mon ami," said Kwiksilver.

"Good riddance, pest," said the Doctor.

The other remaining two turned their heads quickly and looked sternly at the Doctor as the building started to collapse.

Tails6000 and his group fell down from the sky from the universe they were currently in and they rolled down a cork-screw like hill, Tails spindashed in good timing to be safe for landing but he hit a wall after he rolled down

"Ow!" said Tails rubbing his head

"Everyone alright?" asked Sonic who was in the group with everyone else

Everyone nodded but they saw a bear wearing yellow shorts and a backpack close by.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked wondering how they came here.

"We come for the blade of light, we found a piece was in this universe, my names Tails6000, call me tails" said Tails having his flipper for a handshake

"I'm banjo" the bear replied and they shook hands.

"So anyways, lets find this blade of light piece in this place" said Knuckles then the whole group split up to find the blade

The Doctor, Kwiksilver and Explorer jumped through the portal as Deletion Missiles continued to rain down. They appeared in Mario Fanon, which was as silent as a ghost town.

"Explorer, why did you bring us here? I thought we were going to the Bureau of Fiction," asked Kwiksilver.

"I didn't," said Explorer, looking as confused as Kwiksilver.

However, the Doctor was smiling. An evil smile, not his usual grin.

"I did," said a voice.

They both turned around. It was Nightmare, raggedy no longer. He was dressed in a long black cloak and was holding a Deletion Rifle. He aimed it at Explorer.

"Doctor, let's rush him!" said Kwiksilver, he charged at Nightmare, but was grabbed from behind. The Doctor was holding him by the strap of his satchel.

"Nice try," said Nightmare. "Have a look at your Doctor's back."

Explorer glanced at it. "A Headcrab!"

An orange headcrab was attached to the Doctor's back, pulsating. The sight made Explorer sick.

"I was hiding in the shadows of the CPFW's Bureau," said Nightmare. "I attached it to the Doctor's back before he flew off with Malcur. It was only a short Vortex Manipulator teleport later when I arrived here. The Doctor is under my control. You are powerless. I have won, and with the Doctor's secrets of time and space I'll destroy Virus and claim my rightful place."

"You'll never get away with this," said Kwiksilver.

"Oh, will I?" said Nightmare. He grinned evilly. "Doctor, throw Kwiksilver into the Deletion Furnace!"

"No!" cried Explorer. Nightmare ran to a corner of the room and slid open the doors of the large furnace, present in every Bureau of Fiction for deleting articles.

The Doctor marched Kwiksilver, protesting and struggling, into the furnace. The fire shot out tongues of heat-filled flame, hungry and waiting.

"You were a great foe, James," declared Nightmare, "There were times when I thought you had me beaten, but I get the last laugh."

The Doctor was about to throw Kwiksilver in when the main doors of the room swung open.

"You wanna bet?"

Blaster bolts shot at the Headcrab on the Doctor's back. It fell off and the Time Lord screamed in pain. He dropped Kwiksilver, who scrambled away from the roaring fire.

It was Ninjinian! He fired another couple of bolts at Nightmare, who dodged one swiftly, but was hit by the second and fell to the ground.

Explorer ran to the Doctor's aid. The Time Lord coughed, then struggled to his feet, weakened and dazed.

"How did you find us?" asked Kwiksilver.

"I'm apparently force-sensitive," replied Ninj. "I sensed your life signs and followed them here."

"What a happy reunion," said a voice. Explorer, Kwiksilver, the Doctor and Ninjinian turned around. Nightmare had struggled to his feet, gasping and wheezing. He was pointing the Deletion Rifle directly at Kwiksilver's heart.

"Pity I have to break it."


The Doctor lunged at Nightmare, and together they toppled into the furnace. They were both instantly deleted. All that remained was the Doctor's bow tie.

Kwiksilver froze. He had lost one of his dearest friends. He knelt down and picked up the bow tie.

"It is not time to grieve, Kwiksilver," said Ninjinian. "Don't let his sacrifice be in vain. We must continue on and defeat Virus."

"You're right, Ninj," said Kwiksilver, struggling to keep his emotions in. "Keep my mind on the job."

"That's the spirit," said Explorer. "Quickly, we've got to find the others. Tails is still out there somewhere, and we've got to do something about Speeddasher. We've also got to find Willy."

They all gathered around Kwiksilver. He activated his Vortex Manipulator and the three teleported away.

"Alright guys, this is it, we gotta deal with this witch punk before we can fight the piece of the blade......." said Tails in anger as he is spndashing enemies that are surrounded his group

"HAMMER PUNCH!" exclaimed knuckles as he made an earthquake like punch defeating all the enemies but they kept coming

"It's imposible HOW DO THEY KEEP COMING?" said Banjo currently using his backpack as an attack method

then they heard a laugh of the witch......or witches

"YOU!" exclaimed both and Banjo as they saw 2 witches one being a human, one being a penguin, both on their broomsticks

"Ah so the bear has come back for more I see" said the human witch as she was about to cast a spell, Sonic spindashed just in time to make her lose the spell

"Nice job sonic!" said Tails spindashing into the penguin witch also making her lose her spell.

"Hmph, we will see the true victor as I will show you wicked lores." said the penguin witch as she got out a huge spell book, but Banjo threw at rock at her and the book fell into the water rendering it useless........

"Come along relative, we will give these idiots the relevent way to their doom!" said the human witch as they flew off cackling.

"COME ON GUYS I SEE IT!" said tails as he zoomed to the top of the mountain....

"Tails HEADS UP!" said sonic throwing a ring to Tails to help his jump

"Thanks sonic!" he said as he then grabbed the piece of the blade, but enemies were still there even a giant combination of cyclopulous and metal explorer

"BWAHAHAHAHA looks like we have ourselves a thief!" said the huge cyclops like robot of sorts

"Hmph you don't scare me, come on guys lets show him what we're made of!" said Tails as he, sonic shadow and Knuckles all went super.

"Yeah!" said Knuckles as he started throwing punches at metal cyclopulous and fireballs came out of his hands

"CHAOS....LANCE!" shouted shadow as he fired to the eye of the huge monster.......

"SONIC OVERDRIVE!" said both tails and sonic doing a sonic overdrive on metal cyclopulous, but the robot began firing machine gun like projectiles at the group causing them to dodge it

"HOW'D THIS GT SO COMPLICATED?" said Banjo behind a rock to hide from said bullets, but he found his magical wrench

"TAILS HEADS UP!" said banjo tossing him the wrench

"Alright! LETS SHOW SOME POWER!" said tails as he then started singing around the wrench, then for some reason golden jigsaw pieces or "jiggies" as he calls them rained down from the sky onto the robot but later he hopped down fro his spot and started using it against enemies on foot while the jigsaws rained.....

Chapter 12: Wikia[]


The almighty motherworld of all universes, the central hub for everything in existance. It was a realm in itself, an entire planet larger than Jupiter, hollowed out with billions of internal devices, staff, workers and the like. Mighty skyscrapers towered from the surface of the planet. The colour scheme for this time of year was sterile white, but in this time of crisis the planet had turned shades of red and purple.

Surrounding the planet was the Wikia Gate, an inpenetratable forcefield, unable to enter unless a special 1,456 character code was used as a password. Many felt safe. Directly above Wikia's Main Administration Center Skyscraper, numerous purple-red ships seemed to appear out of thin air, carrying refugees from damaged universes.

In the Main Administration Center Skyscraper, MACS for short, was Saint Angela.

Saint Angela sat at her desk. She was Wikia's second-in-command, second only to Saint Joeyaa himself. She was in charge while he was away attacking Mario Fanon.

Saint Angela was a tall human with dark red hair. She wore red glasses, behind which were hawklike eyes, taking in every detail of the room. Her lips were pressed together firmly at all times, except when she spoke, in a loud, commanding voice.

"Saint Angela," said one of her Aides. "Richard from Immigration reports that Wikia's getting crowded. We may have to create temporary shield worlds. Permission?"

"Tell Richard no," she boomed, "We need all the processor speed we can get to fix the holes in the universes. I'm also, I'm not making any big decisions until Joeyaa gets back."

As if on cue, his ship materialised in the atmosphere. Saint Angela viewed it with triumphant eyes. He was victorious! However, Joeyaa's ship was bearing signs of damage. There were holes in the sides and one engine seemed to be smoking. He needed help, fast. Angela picked up her phone.

"Mr Schimdt, main hangar," she ordered to the operator.

"Putting you though," replied the silky-smooth computer generated voice.

"Ja, this is Schmidt?" asked a voice.

"This is Saint Angela. Saint Joeyaa's ship has returned. Guide him in, he needs repairs."

"Will do, but don't you zink that it could be Virus?"

"Don't be daft," snapped Saint Angela, "Virus may be smart in some ways, but there's no way he could have captured the ship. Guide Joeyaa in."

"Ja, getting him in now."

Willy went flying out of a portal, hitting his head on a hard metal wall.

"Ouch," Willy mumbled as he slowly got up.

He looked around him and remembered where he was.

"The Space Colony Aircraft."

He walked around the area, scoping it for any evil creatures.

As he approached the main control room, he saw something horrible.

A bad omelet.

After throwing it away, he tip toed his way to the central diagnostics computer, which was in the form of a holographic platform with keyboards surrounding it.

Willy knew what to do, fortunately.

He pressed several buttons and keys on the command center of the computer in to formulate a code.


"Heh heh. Good thing I got that code from that possessed Speeddasher," Willy though out loud.

"Well, not so much "got it", but more like stole," Willy chuckled to himself.

After entering the code, Willy saw a projection that visualized Virus' plan.

"So THIS is what you're planning," Willy said after seeing the the hologram.

Then another phase of the plan popped up. Willy was horrified.

"I gotta warn the others!" Willy shouted as he pulled out his own dimension hopper that Kwiksilver had given him and a USB flash drive and plugged in into the computer and stored the data.

After that, he jumped in the portal and appeared in front of the Bureau of Fiction, and hit his head on the front door.

"I'm really getting tired of that," he said as he went to open the door.

"What the- locked?!" Willy was surprised. The Bureau had never been locked before.

Left with many questions, Willy decided to find his friends and sort the whole mess out.

And then his hat caught fire.

Tidalwave11 mingled with the other refugees in the Holy Wikia. He was lost, definitely. His attempts to contact Mayor McFlapp were fruitless, as all he got was static and the Mayor's answering machine.

He was suddenly knocked over by a running Wikia Staff member. He was breathing heavily and his glasses were askew. A small crowd gathered around Tidalwave. The Staff member was trying to speak.

"Virus...five hundred bad guys...with Rifles...coming this way...tell Angela!," The staff member panted. He fell and was silent.

"Is he alright?"

"What's going on?"

"Computer virus?"

"Guns? AAAHHH!"

The refugees went into a blind panic. They ran around the room, searching for an exit. However, they all tried to get out at the same time, and so they were stuck.

Tidalwave knew that it was fruitless to contain the mob. Frantically, he looked around for a weapon. Over the screams of the crowd he could hear the heavy tramp of the oncoming evildoers.


The doors were blown open by an unseen force and the refugees were blasted back. Some appeared to be deleted. Black penguins and puffles, along with multicoloured Super Penguins, swarmed in, deleting the helpless and panicking refugees with blasts from their Deletion Rifles.

Tidalwave finally spied a spatula that was sitting on a barrel. He lunged for it. Yes! He had it in his flippers, and without hesitation, he whacked a Super Penguin in the head and grabbed his Deletion Rifle.

Rifle in one hand, spatula in the other, he ran through the crowd, firing shots and whacking heads. A large group of evil penguins turned around and realised that this Kanta Penguin chef was beating them.

They charged.

Tidal whacked the first across the forehead, dodged shots from the second and deleted him with a single shot. The third made a run for it, while the fourth tried unsuccessfully to knock Tidalwave over. Tidal whacked him with the butt of his rifle. His enemies defeated, he dropped his spatula and leaned heavily against a wall. He was tired.

Suddenly, the wall behind him opened and he fell backwards into a pile of pencil shavings, paper, cardboard and plastic. The wall slammed shut behind him.

"Hey! Let me outta here!" cried Tidal. Nobody could hear his cries for the sound of the battle. He hammered on the door, but it wouldn't open. All he had was a crack at the bottom of the doors. He dropped to the trash-covered floor and watched the battle.

Within minutes, the room was empty of all refugees and Holy Wikia Staff. There was a smell of deletion in the air. Tidalwave felt sick, but he shook off the feeling as new feet entered the room. The bad guys bowed.

"Is the room clear?" asked a voice.

"Yes, lord Virus."

"Good. I want no outside interference. I must get to the gun unhindered. Make sure every being in this place is deleted."

"Yes, lord Virus."

Tidalwave sat back against the wall. He couldn't get out from the inside. Suddenly, there was a winding of machinery. The roof started to descend slowly.

"A trash compactor?" said Tidalwave. He suddenly realised where he was.

"A trash compactor!" he yelled, "Help! Get me out of here!"

Kwiksilver, Ninjinian and Explorer materialised in a flash of green light.

"Snow," said Ninjinian, lifting his flipper to see the powdery flakes puff up in a cloud. "I never thought I'd see this again.

"I don't think this is snow," said Explorer. "It looks to me like...ash,"

"Correctamundo!" said Kwiksilver, not looking up from his PDA. "Well, in a sense. It's actually artificial ash, created by machines. We're the brand spanking new Installation 04, Halo Wiki, just after the Ark spat it out."

"Then why is it cold?" asked Ninjinian.

"We're in deep space. It cooled immediately after it was built."

Explorer looked over Kwiksilver's shoulder. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to contact Tails. I'm assuming he's in the Sonic Universe, because that's where he was when we all parted ways at the Bureau."


"Still no word from him. I gave him a Dimensional Portal Generator a year ago for his birthday, so I'm trying to track the signal. But, by now..." Kwiksilver trailed off.

"What?" queried Explorer.

"It was really cheap," admitted Kwiksilver. "Junk, basically. It might have burnt out by now."

Explorer rolled his eyes and walked over to Ninjinian, who was attempting to access a terminal in a nearby rock wall.

"I can't use this thing!" he exclaimed, throwing his flippers up in frustration. "It's all different interface, it makes no sense."

Kwiksilver chucked his PDA back at Ninjinian, who caught it.

"Use that," instructed Kwiksilver. "I've configured it to translate any text in an alien language to English. While you're there, access the Cartographer and find out where we are. We'll have to make our way to the evacuation portal on foot as my Vortex needs recharging."

"We're losing time," said Explorer, "I've heard these Installations have a teleport grid. Can't we use that?"

"It's brand new," said Kwiksilver, "The teleport grid would be deactivated until all errors are worked out. That could take weeks."

Ninjinian tapped on the PDA screen with the stylus. "Done! We now have a map on this little device that can lead us to the portal."

He held it up to the others.

"We're here."

Ninjinian indicated a red flashing dot on one side of the ring.

"The portal to Wikia is on this side,"

He indicated the portal on the map, on the other side.

"I've found some Hornet choppers. They carry three. They have enough fuel to carry us to a point 10 km away. From there, we drive across this mountain range to the portal."

"Come on!," said Explorer, "Let's go!"

Willy, after extinguishing the fire from his hat, decided to go home and sort things out.

"Why did this burn out?" Willy asked as he prodded his teleporter, which had burned out.

"Then again, Kwik does usually buy cheap junk. That toaster oven was a disaster."

As Willy walked up to his front porch and sat down on the porch swing, (he built the porch with help from his friends) and began to think.

"All my friends are somewhere out there and probably doing something about Virus. But me, I'm just here, doing nothing, because my stupid teleporter burned out! I'm a world-class failure. All my friends have done great and wonderful things, and I just tag along for the ride and just watch. I shouldn't be apart of the team. I'm a no-good idiotic failure. I mean, before the Nightmare Epic, I was shunned by my friends for being a weirdo. Why don't I just give up?" Willy sighed as he finished his thought.

Just then, a portal of green and yellow lights opened up before Willy. A brown penguin with a bandana, green shirt, and brown vest floated out.

"W-who the heck are you?" Willy asked, frightened.

"I am your High Penguin ancestor, William the Penguin. I come from the High Penguin Confederacy."

"Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

"Yes, I am here to tell you that you are needed by your friends."

"How though?! I'm just a weirdo loser."

"No you are not!" responded William. "Sure, you are Marcus Kwiksilver's descendant's apprentice, but you will be useful in this fight against great evil."

"But how?"

"Because, even though you play second banana to a great hero, you will be able to be a hero as well."

"How do you know this?"

"For I have played the role of second fiddle to Marcus Kwiksilver, a great High Penguin Confederacy hero."

"How did you this was going to happen? How did you get here?"

"Some questions are better left unsaid. But remember, you will become a hero too, Willy."

"Wait!" Willy exclaimed as William floated back into the portal.

"How did he get here? How did he know his own ancestor's name? How does he know Kwik?" Willy thought aloud.

"But, he said that I was going to become a hero. What could that mean?"

Willy looked up at the setting sun.

"But I have to help my friends! I must be a hero! I can do anything if I put my mind to it!"

Willy ran into his igloo and began fixing his dimension teleporter.

After about three hours or so of fixing, Willy ran outside and set the coordinates to the Sonic Universe.

"I haven't seen Tails in a while and he might need some help," Willy said as he made a portal.

"And he might need some comic relief, too," Willy added as he jumped in.

Unfortunately, he chose the wrong universe, as Tails was at the Banjo-Kazooie universe. Tails had decided to find the last piece of the Blade of Light.

"Guys, this is it, we need 1 piece... AND WE CAN'T FIND IT!" exclaimed Sonic as Tails and his group searched. but then suddenly Knuckles stumbled upon a cave, and the group. Tails thought he saw the Blade of Light.

"I GOT IT!" Tails said as he zoomed toward the Blade... but then saw thousands of Speeddasher clones guarding it.

"Okay, is it just me, or are we gonna need more Shadow androids?" asked Sonic.

Shadow growled at that remark, remembering what Dr. Eggman had done...

"Well no matter what, we always have bowling!" said Banjo as Tails then curled up into a spindash and then Banjo bowled Tails into a few clones and they disappeared.

Then the group started an attack on the clones.

Willy appeared from the portal and looked the device.

"The Banjo and Kazooie Universe? Who changed the coordinates?" Willy asked himself. "No matter. I have to find Tails."

However, Tails was still fighting the clones in a nearby cave.

"Is there an end to these guys?" Tails remarked.

Meanwhile, Willy heard a noise that sounded like a battle.

"Sounds like it's coming from a few miles away. Better go check it out!"

After searching for about an hour, Willy found the cave where the battle was taking place.

Inside the cave, Tails was fighting valiantly when all of a sudden, a giant X-Creature appeared from the back of the cave.

"What creature is that?" thought Tails. "I've never seen it before. But it's gotta be defeated!"

Tails charged the creature, and injured it a bit. The creature started to get very angry at Tails.

The monster attacked Tails several times, whist Tails kept dodging and attacking the beast.

But Tails was no match for it. The creature started to beat Tails in the fight.

Tails was being thrown around, and his companions were trying to help him, to no avail.

Willy, watching all of this go down, was hiding in a bush.

Out of nowhere, he hit something gold and shiny.

"What the heck is this?" Willy looked around. He had the missing second piece of the Blade of Light.

As Willy got out from hiding, he knew he had to give Tails the piece, whatever it was, but Tails was about to be defeated.

Tails was slashed at by the beast and was too battered to go on.

Willy then rushed over to Tails.

"Tails! Buddy! It's me Willy!"

"Willy? What are you doing here? What's that in your wing?"

"I came to help. And I found this thing," pointing to the Blade piece.

"You got it! The Blade of Light! Here, take the other piece. Put them together. Save-" Tails ran out of breath and went unconscious.

Willy, with now even more determination, combined the two pieces of the Blade and charged the creature.

"Yo fatso!" Willy taunted at the creature.

The monster responded by roaring in Willy's face.

"Have a breath mint," Willy said as he slashed the beast's face with the blade.

The beast was now furious. He swung his arm at Willy, who hit it with the Blade, rendering it useless.

An epic battle then came forth as Willy and the beast fought, charging and swinging their weapons. The beast slashed Willy into the wall of the cave, but Willy then hit the monster's leg, and then ran out of the cave, where it began to drizzle.

The creature swung it's monstrous tail at Willy, but he defended himself.

Then the beast charged Willy one last time as Willy ran forward and rammed the Blade into his chest.

The creature fell dead.

"And next time, call first," Willy said as he went to go check on Tails.

"Sheesh. That thing must've heard him pretty badly. But I have just the thing."

Willy took out a vile of liquid that he found on his porch earlier and tapped it with the Blade.

He then opened Tails beak and poured a tiny droplet into it.

Tails coughed and sputtered as he began to wake up.

"What happened?" Tails asked.

"I killed the X-Creature and healed your wounds."

"But how? I thought I was going to go myself."

"Oh, have medicine in my blood."

"Looks like the clones are gone, but so is everyone else," observed Tails.

It was true. All of the members of Tails' group had gone.

"That's odd, but we can't worry about that now," Willy said. "Speeddasher is still possessed by Malcur."

"You're right. We have to stop him," agreed Tails.

"But what about the Blade of Light?" Willy asked as he looked at it, still on his right wing.

"You should wield it."

"Me?! I can't even hold a TV remote right!"

"I still think you should. It feels like the right thing to do."

"All right, if you say so," Willy said.

"Now let's go find Speed," Tails said as the two went to go fight their adversary.

Virus and his minions marched through the corridors of Wikia, deleting helpless employees left and right. They screamed and ran before the unstoppable onslaught, some attempted to hide, but in the end they were all found and deleted.

As they marched, the bad guys scattered throughout the planet continued to delete everyone. The screams eventually subsided, and soon the whole planet was as silent as a grave.

Which it was. Buried at the center of the planet was a room, separated from the rest of the planet by seven long corridors, with seven unbreakable doors. In the room was the Deletion Cannon, the most dangerous and powerful weapon in all the universe. This was what Virus was marching to.

They continued down an massive elevator and into the Terminal Room, which was now empty. Equipment sparked with electricity and crackled with fire, the emergency sprinklers attempting in vain to put them out. A few voices issued from the still intact terminals, plagued by static.

"Hello? I say, hello? Can anybody hear us, wot? Redwall Universe, do you read me Joeyaa..."

"Darn it...fizz...dagnabbit...crackle....Fortress....zzzzz'"

"Help us! Please! We're...static..."

Virus marched on. They trooped into another massive elevator, which descended into the depths of the planet.

A few minutes passed. Finally, Virus and his elite squad of 700 soldiers reached a secret floor. The doors of the elevator opened with a creak, and they emerged into darkness.

"Light a lantern," instructed Virus.

A super Penguin clicked his flipper and a miniature tongue of fire appeared on the tip of it. An X-Creature passed him a lantern and it was soon blazing away. Light was cast across the room.

A door, ancient, magnificent, and seemingly infinite loomed above them. It was covered in strange symbols. Right where Virus was standing, there was a small outline of a key.

"I've waited so long for this..." he said in anticipation. He pulled the crystal Wikia Key out of his inventory and placed it gingerly in the outline. It fitted perfectly.


Slowly, lines of blue light started to appear on the door, like veins of sapphire. They spread right down in a spider's web of intricate patterns to the key. The key glowed brightly, and the door started to lift off the ground.

There was a grinding of ancient cogs aroused from the sleep of millennia. The groan of levers, alive once more with energy. The door continued to lift slowly, until what was once close to the floor disappeared in darkness at the ceiling.

Virus and his squad looked in awe.

A vast, immense corridor of almost Gothic architecture, like some massive cathedral, was in front of them. Large decorative fins protruded from the floor like spears, and the whole place hummed with ancient machinery, brought to life once more.

One soldier couldn't take it any more. He had to be the first to explore the room. He took one step across the threshold of the door and was instantly deleted by two guns on the walls. Virus' squad let out a collective gasp.

"From this moment on," commanded Virus sternly, "CHECK BEFORE YOU WALK!" he bellowed.

They walked on with extreme caution.

Chapter 13: The End Draws Near[]

"Right then, we'd better get going," said Willy. He turned to Tails. "Any trace of Malcur or Kwik?"

"I'm getting a faint disturbance in the Halo Universe," said Tails. He whacked a wrench against a Willy's portal device. It gave a few beeps in protest, but still gave a fuzzy holo-map.

"It's Malcur! And Kwik and Explorer! that Ninjinian?"

"The cookie gives it away," explained Willy. He pointed to the miniature figure on the holo-map. "Everyone's there! Malcur must have traced them and wants to get rid of them before he destroys Virus."

"What are we waiting for?" asked Tails. "Let's clobber him!"

Willy glanced at his portal device. It sparked slightly. "I'm not sure it's up to making that sort of inter-dimensional jump," he said. "We'll have to stop one universe before, and find a way to punch through the Void."

They put two flippers on the device, looked at each other, grasped their swords, and disappeared in a flash of green light.

Ninjinian, Explorer and Kwiksilver flew in the Hornet towards the other side of the Halo Ring, where the evacuation portal shone brightly in the black sky.

"Time until the evac portal closes?" asked Explorer over the radio. He was in the cockpit, piloting the controls with precision.

"About twenty minutes," said Ninjinian into his headset. He and Kwiksilver were clinging to the outside of the vehicle, standing on small rails and holding handholds built into the vehicle.

"Hey, guys," said Explorer worriedly.

"What?" bellowed Kwiksilver into his headset. The wind was whipping about his face, making it hard to see or hear anything.

"Look behind you, we've got something coming up fast."

Kwiksilver and Ninjinian looked over their shoulders to see Ralar sweeping towards them, with Malcur astride the beast. He wielded a large black sword in one flipper, and twirled it as he and Ralar shot towards the three penguins. His mouth curled in a satisfied smirk.

"What do you think he wants?" asked Ninjinian.

"I don't know," replied Explorer. "But I'm guessing he's trying to stop us entering the portal and escaping."

Suddenly, Ralar flew over the vehicle and they saw the beast fly into the portal where it vanished with a loud pop.

"Hm, I suppose he thought we weren't worth taking down. Malcur must have wanted to escape as much as we did," said Kwiksilver.

"Why, that no good warlock," said Explorer. " I'll have you know I once defeated Herbert with one flipper tied behind my...

Suddenly, a dark blade slashed ferociously through the aircraft-grade aluminium roof of the Hornet. Explorer jumped to the side of the cockpit to avoid it and it stabbed into the seat where he had been sitting a moment before.

"Sorry to break up the story, little penguins," said Malcur. Hovering above the Hornet, he took two more heavy swipes which cut the top of the cockpit off and Explorer pressed himself even further to the side.

"But I'm afraid I'll have to end your stories as well."

"Malcur, stop this idiocy!" yelled Kwiksilver. "Virus will soon delete all of the universes and all you're doing at the moment is helping him. We've all got to get out of here!"

Malcur threw back his head and laughed a high, cold, cruel laugh, which echoed and boomed around the Ring.

"I can't have you fools ruining my chance of success. Rest in the deletion log, mortals."

He raised his sword, ready to stab Explorer who cowered in the cockpit. It started to glow purple, and red fury was building behind Malcur's eyes, and he-


Suddenly, a volley of bullets blew Malcur's sword out of the wraith's hands! The wind whipped it back and it caught in one of the Hornet's propellors. This jammed the engine and sent the hornet flying off balance.

The entire hornet flipped horizontally. Ninjinian fell flat on his face as his side flipped up to face the sky, Explorer crashed back against the glass cockpit of the hornet, and Kwiksilver slipped and was left hanging from the rail with two feet flailing wildly in the air.

"Bugzy!" cried Ninjinian.

"Not cool, dawg," hollered the beetle.

A Hornet covered with UPM logos came flying towards them with Bugzy's voice blaring out of a speaker.

"You fight dirty, ya hear Malcur! Ya just don't hit a bro when he's down!"

Malcur growled in anger. He drew forth his flipper, muttered some ancient words, and his sword, with many judders and groans of breaking metal, slid out of the propellor and into his hand. The propellor did not reactivate. Malcur turned his attention to Bugzy.

"It's payback time," threatened Bugzy. He resumed firing bullets at Malcur.

"Oh, please," replied Malcur, rolling his eyes. Lightning fast, he touched every incoming bullet with his sword and it disintegrated into atoms. He didn't even break a sweat.

"Is that all you've got? I shall show you power!" cackled Malcur.

Malcur raised his sword, which started to glow with purple energy. He aimed it at Bugzy.

Kwiksilver knew what was coming next.

"Noooooooo!!!!" he yelled.

Malcur fired a dark beam of pure energy from the black sword. It shot through the air and hit the hornet's engine.

It burst into flames.

"Buuuuuugggzyyyyyyy!" cried Kwiksilver, reaching out an arm, but no help could be given. The flaming vehicle fell to the ground.

Kwiksilver, Ninjinian and Explorer looked on in horror as a further explosion signalled the end of Bugzy.

Malcur simply laughed and floated to face the three penguins, each of them clinging to the damaged Hornet.

"Now, where were we."

Virus and his army marched through the seventh and last chamber, decimated. There were most of his men left. The rest had been deleted by various traps.

Unperturbed, Virus had moved on. He had gone through enough to get here, and he wasn't going to give up now.

They stopped at a small, rectangular opening in the wall. A flight of simple stone steps led into darkness. Virus eyed them keenly, then turned to his men.

"Split up and guard each chamber. Let nobody past you. Even yourselves," he looked around the crowd, suspiciously. Some gulped.

They nervously saluted and marched off. Virus turned and faced the steps.

Then he ran. Faster and faster, huffing and puffing, up the steps in search of his prize. He emerged into a large room.

It was less elaborate than Virus had thought. A bank of controls, dials, levers and buttons ran along one wall to the left of the stairs, with a large screen above it. To the right was what seemed like a window, leading only to a stone wall. A turret with a strange gun attached to it faced this pointless window.

On closer inspection, the walls proved to be covered in strange symbols. Virus could not decipher them, so he turned around and examined the buttons and levers.

They were all labeled, thankfully in language Virus could understand. They were all the same colour, except for two buttons - A red one saying "ON" and a blue one saying "ROLLBACK".

I don't want anybody stopping me, thought Virus. Perhaps I should pull out the blue button...

He pulled a pair of pliers from his inventory and used them to pull out the blue button. Casting it on the floor, he stamped on it until it broke into pieces. He kicked the fragments away and turned to the turret.

Virus grinned, menace entering his eyes. He pressed the "ON" button.

The whole room seemed to whir into life. The screens fizzed into crystal-clear pictures, the turret lit up and the symbols on the walls lit up with an aqua blue glow.

Snickering to himself, the evil penguin sat himself in the turret, which hummed in his flippers, eager to be used. He flipped a panel open in the machine, revealing a red button. The seemingly pointless window gave a few quiet cracks, like glass breaking, then the stone wall disappeared, showing a bird's eye view of the Sonic Universe.

"Toast time," he said. He pressed the red button.

"Ow!" Willy exclaimed as he flew out from the dimension portal and hit a brick wall.

"I'm getting really tired of that", complained Willy.

"Where are we?" asked Tails, who landed safely and gracefully on a stretch of pavement.

"I'm not exactly sure. My dimension hopper's not giving me a reading of anything. It seems to have completely died," answered Willy.

He looked around. They seemed to be in a city courtyard area, but it was empty and silent as a grave. A large lake was a hundred metres in front of them, and behind them there were several skyscrapers. A big poster hanging from one building said, "WELCOME TO GMOD!!!"

Suddenly, a portal, not unlike Willy's dimensional portals, appeared on the pavement between them. They both stepped back.

"Hey, isn't that the Sonic Universe?" Tails said, peering into the portal. It certainly was. The green hills glistened in the morning sun and everything seemed peaceful.

"Weird," said Willy. "It seems nothing's going wrong."

"Look!" exclaimed Tails. He pointed into the portal.

A wave of pure blackness seemed to be sweeping across the landscape. It ate everything up like acid, spreading and spreading like uncontrollable fire. Creatures ran for their lives, but were eventually consumed by the oncoming wave. The sky, the sun, the green hills, were all eaten, all gone. Soon, it was completely dark, and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of running water.

"THE DELETION CANNON!" screamed Willy. "Virus has activated it!"

"Uh...pal?" asked Tails nervously. He tugged at Willy's sleeve.


"Look what's coming out of the portal."

Suddenly, the acid blackness spurted up out of the portal, leaving blank holes in the sky. Tails and Willy screamed and ran for their lives.

The wave followed them, eating everything in it's path. Buildings were eaten in the unstoppable onslaught of the Deletion Wave.

"We've-puff-got-puff-to-puff-get out of here!," Willy panted as he ran. He started to get a stitch.

Tails pointed wordlessly at a train that was sitting on a monorail, high up from the Wave. Willy understood, and grabbed Tails' foot. With an almighty leap, Tails and Willy launched themselves away from the wave and landed with a crash onto the train.

"Attach your portal device to the train!" called Tails. "It might give us some protection!"

"For what?"

"We're going to ride the wave out of here!"

Willy was astonished. "You're insane! You'll get us both killed!"

Tails lost his patience.


Willy was taken aback, and stood for a moment, stunned. Finally, he made up his mind.

"Let's do it."

As Willy busied himself with the device, Tails punched a hole through one of the windows and sat himself in the driver's seat. He turned on the main computer and was pleased to find that the train ran on a battery. There was just enough power left for a short trip.

"TAILS! THE WAVE'S COMING TOWARDS US!" yelled Willy. He slid through the broken window to join Tails.

Sure enough, the wave had already eaten up the track in front of them. There was only one chance. Tails rammed the accelerator.

The train shot straight onto the Deletion Wave, surrounded by the flimsy yet life-saving shield of Willy's portal device. It wobbled at first on the uneven, acid-like substance, then gained speed.

Willy looked in the rear-view mirror. The shield was already starting to flicker and the back carriages of the train were being eaten away slowly.

Tails, meanwhile, was watching the speedometer. As soon as the train got to 88 miles per hour, there was an earsplitting crack and the train punched a hole in the universe, shot through the void and punched through to the Halo Universe.

"Are you ready to die fools?" Malcur smirked as raised his sword, about to destroy the remaining engine on the Hornet.

"Malcur! We have to stop Virus!" exclaimed Kwiksilver. "Stop this madness and join forces with us!"

"Please. Virus is a fool who wants nothing but revenge. I, however, wish to rule the multiverse. And when I do, you'd best believe that all you pathetic weaklings and Virus shall be gone from existence. Now all you're doing is wasting my time. Good-bye," Malcur said as he lifted up his sword and was about to smash the engines, when an earsplitting crack sounded.

"What the-?" Malcur said as he turned around.

A train had just seemed to appear out of a hole in the sky, riding on a wave of consuming, black acid. The acid plummeted to the ground and began to delete the Halo, but the train shot straight into the Hornet.


With screeches of metal on metal, the hissing of steam and sparking of electricity, the two vehicles were fused together in the air, with electricity lines from the train dangling down everywhere. Malcur had dived for cover as the combined weight was too much for the Hornet's single engine, and it began to plummet down to the deletion wave.

Ninjinian, seeing a power line fly past him, quickly grabbed it and plugged it into the Hornet's engines.

Sparks flew, and the single engine sparked into life, seemingly supercharged by the train's excess power. It just managed to hold the two fused vehicles in the air, which made a floating rectangular platform. They croaked and groaned back into life, suspending the train and the hornet in the air. The fused vehicles made a rectangular platform.


Two figures punched through the roof of the train and stood on the platform.

There was Willy, holding the Blade of Light and suited up as Blade Willy.

"Man, why do I always land on my head?" Willy said as everything around him swam into focus.

"You- you- have the Blade of Light?" asked Ninjinian, still hanging onto the Hornet. "That's the one thing that can defeat Malcur!"

"Nice prophecy, Will," said Kwiksilver. He, Ninjinian and Explorer climbed onto the platform.

Tails was suited up as Enerjak Tails.

"Tails!!!" The three shouted.

"I believe you mean Enerjak Tails."

"Awww, such a happy reunion. Sorry I have to break it up," Malcur said smugly as he raised his sword, but then saw what was in Willy's flipper.

"No! How can this be?! I made sure that the Blade of Light would never be wielded again!! How?!" exclaimed Malcur.

"Sorry Malcur, but your reign of being a total jerk is just about to end," said Willy.

"Not without a fight its not!" Malcur then charged Willy, knocking him on his flippers.

"Not bad. Bet I can do better." Willy and Malcur then began an epic battle. (With a little help from Tails!)

Their swords hit each other, clashing and bashing.

"Ha, this is the Blade of Light? You couldn't puncture paper with that dagger!"

"Don't get to cocky Malcur," said Willy. "Your time is up and you know it."

"One thing you fail to realise though is that the Masters underestimated my power once," replied Malcur. "Those stupid Masters. They have no real power without that stupid organ. However I control one of the most sacred powers in all the universe. Think of it. The High Penguin Confederacy is gone, Finwe is gone, Triskelle is gone. I'm still around though. I've outlived them all, do you not think someone with such power would a suitable ruler for the multiverse?"

"No I don't!" yelled Willy. "You're a tyrant. You betrayed your own race, you cursed them, you turned your back on everyone! All for power!"

"And it was well worth it!" yelled Malcur.

Meanwhile, Kwiksilver, Ninjinian, and Explorer had used some of the cables to drop themselves onto a crashed Pelican carrier that was stuck in a high mountain. They watched both the battle above them and the Wave below them.

Kwiksilver searched the armory of the dropship and returned with three Deletion Rifles.

"Arm yourselves," he said. "Ninjinian, can you fix that Warthog?"

"What, this one?" said Ninjinian, pointing to the damaged 4WD hanging from the Pelican.

"Yup. That one." Kwiksilver dug into this satchel and threw a portal device not unlike Willy's to Ninjinian.

"Stick this into the circuitry. It'll give us protection against the wave."

During their battle, Willy and Malcur met face to face, with them both trying to push the other one off the platform.

"You know, I really didn't like you possessing my friend," Willy said, angered.

"Yes, but we are so much alike, him and me," Malcur said. "He was made from the dark energy that I possessed. He is a dark creation at it's full potential."

"That's a big fat lie. Speeddasher may get upset with me sometimes for being too childish, but I'm still his friend and I'll fight for him."

"Ah, but you know it to be true. We both want power. We both want to control."

"But on the same note, Speeddasher's not evil!"

"Maybe not on the outside, but on the inside, he is. He was created for the sole purpose of destroying you pathetic lower penguins. And he would've done it had his mind not been corrupted by you all."

"No. There's no way."

"Oh yes, anyhow, why are you standing here fighting him when you could have killed me and be on your way to stop Virus?"

Willy stopped. "I can't kill anyone. Not even evil."


"Hey, you may be a great evil, but I couldn't kill you. But you know, sometimes we have to make choices we don't like. And you know, being a good guy isn't about defeating the bad guy, but more, defeating the bad inside the bad guy. That's all I'm saying. But since there's a whole more at stake than my own morale code, I'm afraid I have to kill you. You know what they say. Take one life, save a thousand."

Malcur, stunned by Willy's dialogue, simply said "Yes, but it's a shame I don't feel the same way about you."

Willy, with determination, held up the Blade and was prepared to defeat Malcur once and for all.

Malcur charged forward with his sword, ready to kill Willy.

Willy stood still.

Malcur lifted his sword to strike Willy.

"Good-bye you pathetic fool."

"Same to you."

Willy then stabbed Malcur in the chest.

Malcur dropped his sword and fell to the ground. He then let out a yell as he began to grow tired.

"No, no, t-this can't be..."

"It is."

"I curse you! I curse you all!" screamed Malcur as Speeddasher's body began shaking and spurting out bright yellow lights. Then, the ghost of Malcur rose from Speeddasher and Willy just simply flung the Blade into the Ghost and that was the end of Malcur.

Kwiksilver, Ninjinian and Explorer signalled from the Pelican so Tails (who was carrying Speeddasher) and Willy could come down to them. They slid down on lengths of cable.

Speeddasher lay motionless on the Pelican cargo bay floor as Tails tried to wake him up.

"You don't think..."

"The light energy might have been to powerful even for him," said Explorer.

Willy shook his head.

"No, he can't be dead!"

"He was a brave penguin," said Tails. "This is how he would've wanted to die."

Willy stared at glowing scar on Speeddasher's face that came from being hit with the blade.

"If only it could've ended another way."

Just then, Speeddasher woke up.

"Where am I?" asked Speeddasher.

"You're alive!" they said.

"But are you sure it isn't another one of Malcur's tricks?" Asked Explorer 767.

He rolled his eyes. "You idiots, just answer my question."

"Same old Speeddasher," said Tails. They both laughed.

"So would you guys mind telling me where we are now?"

"The Halo Universe," explained Ninjinian.

"What happened?"

Then the entire group explained things out until Ninjinian pointed out that they only had five minutes to get to the evacuation portal.

With a sudden tremble, the Ring began to activate due to the damage of the Deletion Wave.

"That Deletion Wave's coming up the mountain!" Kwiksilver yelled. "Everybody into the Hog!"

They all clambered in and Explorer released the clamp that held the Warthog to the Pelican. They plummeted down the mountain and shot across the Deletion Wave.

"We've got about three minutes to get to the Evac portal!" cried Ninjinian.

Kwiksilver, who was driving, pushed down the pedal and they shot forward even faster.

Just then Willy and Tails spotted something in the sky.

"It's Metal Explorer and Cyclosus," said Tails.

"What do those two want?" Asked Willy.

Just then they flew towards the portal.

"Enjoy the deletion log losers!" they laughed. "Your stupid masters shouldn't have slept on the job!"

"What?" asked Ninjinian.

"Don't tell me you didn't read the prologue?" said Explorer.

The warthog gave a jolt and flew off into space. Installation 04 was deleted, gone.

Kwiksilver pushed the acceleration pedal as hard as he could and the hog flew into the portal just before it closed.

The evacuation portal opened up high above the Holy Wikia, and when the six materialized, they crashed onto the roof of the facility.

They groaned as they pulled themselves, battered and bruised, from the wreckage of the Warthog.

"Well, we're here," said Explorer.

"Finally, we can get to the end of this," said Kwiksilver.

"But how are we going to get in?" asked Speeddasher. "Don't expect it to be easy."

"Ahem," coughed Ninjinian. "I may be able to hack the system."

"Excellent," said Kwiksilver.

After punching in numbers and rewiring some circuitry, Ninjinian hacked into the system and discovered that all the power of the Holy Wikia was rewired to a room in the center of the facility.

"Great. That's probably where Virus is," said Ninjinian.

Kwiksilver did some tinkering with his Vortex Manipulator and out popped a holo-map.

"Okay gang, we're here, and we need to get there, said Kwiksilver, pointing to the locations.

After some complications with the "intelligent" door;

DOOR:"What's the password?" 
SPEED:"How should we know?" 
DOOR:"My systems are configured to deny entry to anybody without the password, noob."
DOOR (scared): Go right on through, sir.

the six finally entered and began their trek to Virus and the main control room, with Kwiksilver leading.

"What a strange place," Willy observed.

"Will, this is practically the whole center of the multiverse itself," explained Kwiksilver.

"Still, you'd think they'd at least have one cinnamon bun or mini-doughnut stand around here."

Virus cackled as he watched the Deletion Wave consume all the universes. Suddenly, a light on the console began flashing. He pressed it, and the magic window changed to a picture of the five penguins running through a corridor.

"They followed me..." he gasped, his eyes fearful.

Chapter 14: Deletion in 3, 2, 1![]

Metal Explorer and Cyclosus were trying to find Virus.

"It appears that even though we failed Master Malcur we can still kill Virus," said Metal Explorer. "Of course Virus dosen't know Malcur's dead or even that he tricked him."

"Virus probably still thinks that Malcur is a Master," replied Cyclosus. "Anyways at this rate we'll never reach him in time."

Metal Explorer examined the situation.

"That's it! We'll let Kwiksilver's team stop him! If we can re-wire the computer over there, we should be able to give them more time to reach the main room. Then we can betray them later."

"Very well. But do you think that The Prophecy will be fullfiled?"

"Of course I do. It's kinda satisfying knowing that one of them's gonna die. And what's best of all I can tell which one it will be. Anyways let's get busy."

The two then went to examine the computer.

"You know Metal Explorer?" Asked Cyclosus. "Do you think that this makes us on their side?"

"Of course not Cyclosus," replied Metal Explorer. "We're simply doing this so we can get rid of Virus."

"Kwiksilver!" Kwiksilver's PDA crackled.

"Who is this?" Kwiksilver asked. There wasn't anybody left in the whole multiverse besides them and Virus, so who was calling him?

"Metal Explorer and Cyclosus," answered Metal Explorer.

"Great. What do you two want?"

"We've just re-wired a computer so that you will be able reach the control room in time and stop Virus."

"I wouldn't trust him," said Ninjinian. "He could be trying to cookie betray us, brother."

"Look, if we don't stop Virus, all of us, including the rest of everything, will be deleted," said Metal Explorer. "Now me, personally, doesn't want to get deleted. How about you guys?"

"He's right," replied Kwiksilver. "Even though we're enemies, we have to forge a temporary alliance with them for the greater good."

The others nodded in agreement.

"Excellent. I hope you guys make it," said Metal Explorer as he hung up.

Metal Explorer turned towards Cyclosus. "The morons bought it."


"Yup. That idiot Kwiksilver, he always loves playing the hero."

"So what do we do now?" asked Cyclosus.

"We wait. We wait until they get rid of Virus, then we get rid of them."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Oh, it is." Metal Explorer started to laugh until he started to wheeze. (Or whatever the robot equivalent is, anyway)

"Time for an oil change," said Metal Explorer as he and his ally waited for the heroes ultimate fate.

The six were running down hallways and corridors until they finally reached the ancient door of the Wikia Control Room. It was shut, but the circle of dust where the door met the floor showed it had been used recently.

"Be careful and quiet, guys," whispered Kwiksilver, "We don't want to activate any traps."

"No problem," said Explorer. He

"Why didn't the exposion make a noise?" asked Willy.

"I had special bombs made for just such an occasion. They're called "Silent Bombs"," explained Explorer.

"Why can't my flatulence be like that?" thought Willy.

"I sense something here," said Ninjinian. "Don't step any further. I sense deletion lasers."

"Better listen to him," said Explorer. "He's force sensitive."

"Better follow me," said Speeddasher, who subsequently performed several ninja moves to dodge the lasers and reach the other side.

"Do we have to do that exactly?" asked Willy.

"Just do it enough so that it qualifies with you living," said Tails. He mirrored Speeddasher to get to the other side.

Explorer, Ninjinian, Kwiksilver, and Willy did the same thing and the group walked towards the control room...

Virus laughed in a sinister fashion, as he had deleted the Sonic Universe.

"Oh this is just too good," Virus said hysterically as he began to delete more universes, until he was finally at, in fact, the multiverse.

"Good thing this very room is the only one that can be spared deletion. And once every other fool has been deleted, I shall create a new omniverse where all creatures shall love and adore me! Finally! All the imbeciles that mocked me in life will all perish!! MWA AH HA HA HA HA!!!"

Just then, he heard screaming and fighting outside the room.

"What the-"

After the noises died down, the sound of flippers started up the corridor.

"Just must be my soilders telling me that they got rid of the intruders," Virus re-assured himself.

"Guess again," said a voice.

"WHAT?!" Virus said in shock.

The voice belonged to Kwiksilver.


"Yes. It means exactly that, replied Kwiksilver.

"NOOOOOO!!! Us seven are the only ones left alive!"

"Actually, Metal Explorer and Cyclosus are alive as well," Willy said innocentally, as he did not understand the severity of the situation.

"Hmm, I'm surprised they didn't kill you," said Virus. "Oh well. You're all just in time to-"

The six looked at him.

Virus pulled out a deletion pistol. "DIE!"

"Whoa, Virus, you don't have to kill us!" Ninjinian nervously proclaimed.

"Oh yes I do! You want to stop me! Well even if you did, there's no way to reverse the effects!"

"Oh, but there is, Virus," said Kwiksilver.

"What?!" screamed Virus.

"Yes. The Masters of The Multiverse built a chamber of mechanisms for just such an occasion. Problem is, you're stopping me from using it."

"How do you know that?" asked Virus.

"Let's just say Explorer has ties to Mayor McFlapp," replied Kwiksilver.

"Well, I'm going to kill one of you before you can do anything! Then I'm going to destroy this pathetic multiverse and then create my own distorted world!"

"What about the chamber?" asked Willy.

"Oh, that too."

"WILLY!!!" shouted the group.


Virus cocked the gun back.

"Good-bye, one of you."

Virus pulled out a bilndfold and wrapped around his head and spun around. Then he aimed the gun at Ninjinian.

Virus pulled the trigger when Tails shouted "NOOOOOO!!!" as he jumped in the way and the lower half of his body was deleted, leaving Tails as a paraplegic.

Virus undid the blindfold and was shocked. "CRUD! Well, then guess I'll get rid of the rest of him then."

"NO!" Speeddasher jumped on Virus and fought with him. After failing to hold Virus down, Virus accidently pulled the trigger turning the scuffle.

Speeddasher had a hole in the middle of his chest. "YOU, YOU IDIOT!" screamed Speeddasher, furious.

"Oops," said Virus, glad that it happened.

"All right Virus, that's enough," Explorer said.

"No, it's just the beginning," smirked Virus as he shot Explorer in the stomach.

Explorer fell down, wailing in pain.

"VIRUS, STOP THIS IDIOCY!" shouted Ninjinian.

"No. I've come so far. And I'm not about to let you fools stop me. Sayonara."

Ninjinian now also had a hole in his stomach and fell to the ground.

"Look at us, now. Only two left. My goody-two shoes counterpart and his stupid sidekick."

"The stupid part was uncalled for," said Willy.

"No Virus. It's going to end. Now."

"Oh really, who's going to stop me?"


"Yeah Kwik?"

"It's time."

<insert epic battle here, Kwik>

"Hey Virus!" Kwiksilver shouted


"Your damages are about to come to an end!"

Virus saw that the chamber was in fact the Reversal Chamber.



Willy walked up to Kwik.

"What's going on? Aren't you going to put Virus in?"

"No, Will."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to delete myself."

"WHAT?!" shouted Willy.

"Yes. Once I enter the code, the multiverse will be whole again, and all of the antagonist's damages will be undone, but The Prophecy states that a hero must fulfill his destiny by deleting himself, thus saving everything as we know. The Reversal Chamber requires the user to delete himself, due to the power of reversal."

"Kwik, you can't! You just can't!"

"But I must."

Willy looked at his friends, who were almost about to be fully deleted. He then looked up at Kwiksilver.

"Take one life, save a thousand." Kwiksilver said. Willy slowly nodded in agreement.

"Willy, remember what I taught you. Always do what's right. Being a hero doesn't mean saving everything from destruction. Being a hero is what is right in the heart. Always look at life with optimisim."

Willy began to swell up in tears. "I'm gonna miss you, Kwik."

"I'm going to miss you too, Will. I'm going to miss you all. Everything...."

Kwiksilver took one last look at the room, his friends dying, his apprentice sadly watching him, and his evil counterpart on the ground, slowly realizing what was about to happen.

As Kwiksilver turned his head, his life memories went through his head, traveling, his apprentice, the evil diasters that had happened in the past ten years, all the horrible things that had happened to him, all that he lost, were all about to end.

"Sayonara," Kwiksilver whispered as he turned away and slowly began to enter the code, stepped back, and closed his eyes for the events abut to take place.

The chamber door closed and the walls began to shake.

A turquoise light fileld the room. A chartreuse wave, resembling the purple deletion wave, started from the room, but grew into a massive wave, spreading out of the room and out of the facility, to the outer reaches of the planet, and eventually towards all the deleted universes, thus returning the multiverse to it's normal state.

All things that had been deleted in the past ten years were reversed and now were alive again.

All except Kwiksilver.

Once the wave had ended, and the light died down, Willy and Virus stood up.

"NO NO NO! MY PLANS ARE ALL RUINED! HOW COULD THIS BE?!?!" furiously shouted Virus.

"Maybe it's because good always wins in the end?" asked Explorer, rising from the ground, whose wounds had been healed, as had the others.

"I certainly think so," said Ninjinian.

"Hey, where's Kwik?" asked Tails. They all looked at Willy.

"He deleted himself to save us all from the same fate," Willy said.

An announcement on the loudspeakers built in the ceiling began:

Thank you for using the Reversal Chamber,

Please collect all belongings after usage,

The doors will shut after fifteen minutes of opening,

Once again, thank you for using the Reversal Chamber.

Willy walked up to the chamber and picked up Kwiksilver's beanie, satchel, friendship bracelet, and Vortex Manipulator.

"These are his things," Willy said.

"Well, that takes of that. But what are we going to do with him?" asked Speeddasher.

"I think I have an idea," Willy said as he set cordinates on his former mentor's Vortex Manipulator.

A portal opened up.

"Gateway to the Anti-Club Penguin Wiki! Last chance!"

"No way. No how!" protested Virus.

"All right. We'll do this the hard way," Explorer said as he picked up Virus' pistol and shot it at the lower part of his body.

"THIS ISN'T FAIR!" yelled Virus as Ninjinian and Explorer threw him in the portal.

"Life isn't fair," replied Willy.

"But what if he tries to escape again?" asked Ninjinian, as Willy closed the portal.

"I'm pretty sure the whole matter will be dealt with in the epilogue, now c'mon. Let's get out of here," said Willy as the five left the room.

Chapter 15: Life Slowly Goes On (or the Funeral of James Erasmus Kwiksilver)[]

As the remaining five walked down the staircase, Willy recieved a call from Metal Explorer.

"Hey penguins," said Metal Explorer. "Great job."

"Look Metal, I don't want any crud from you," said Willy, who was still a little crabby.

"Well, we'll meet you at the front entrance," said Metal, who then hung up.

Later, the penguins and the other two met up.

Ninjinian was still paranoid of Cyclosus and Metal Explorer's intentions.

"How do we know you're still not trying to cookie betray us?"

The two looked at each other.

"Your friend saved us, even though we were enemies," said Cyclosus. "So we thought we would destroy you guys later. But right now, the truce is still alive."

The five were shocked.

"I think we can believe them for now," said Willy, who readied a portal to the Fanon Wiki.

The penguins, squid type thing and robot jumped in, save Willy who looked back at the building.

"You've done good, Kwik."

He then jumped in and teleported away.

Back at the Buearu of Fiction, things were being cleaned up, as though it had been restored, the mess was still there.

Tidalwave, who had almost been crushed by a trash compactor a few chapters back, was checking on things.

"Looks like everything's back to normal," said Tidalwave to Mayor McFlapp.

"Sure looks bally like it."

The seven walked in, with Mayor McFlapp greeting them as well as the rest of the staff.

"Where's bally Kwiksilver?"

"Let's just save us all," said Willy.

"Ah. A good old bally hero Kwiksilver is."

The staff and the seven then got to work, hoping for a better future.

November 13, 2020

It was James Kwiksilver's memorial service as well as his funeral.

A podium was set up, with a large stage holding a coffin, which contained Kwiksilver's possessions, with a framed photograph of Kwiksilver on top of the coffin.

Mayor McFlapp, as well as the rest of the masters, were there.

All of Antarctica was there, due to the fact that the penguin had saved everyone there. (Well, the antagonists, refused to be there due to the fact that they were in fact, antagonists)

Each of Kwiksilver's personal friends and acquaintance each gave a speech, as did Kwiksilver's family.

"Kwiksilver was a good penguin," said Speeddasher. "I was never good at speaches."

Suddenly, Akbaboy tripped and fell on the podium. He quickly got up and cleared his throat.

"Kwiksilver was a great person and a major hero to entire universes. He got through tough times such as the Great Darktonian Pie War, where he helped in Darktan's defeat. Then came Nightmare Epic and Power4U Affair where he defeated the X-antibodies and the Power4U users. Then finally, we're here. The Wikia Catastrophe. He risked his life to stop the remains of all the antagonists from long ago and save Antarctica as we know it."

He walked back into the crowd after the huge speech.

"Hey, I remembery whensys I heylped Kwik' fyght Hull in the Power4U Affair." said Fudd Lapooh. "Hehehehehehe, I picked Hull's nose with a deletion rif-"

Fudd then started laughing so hard that Ban banned him for six years for "disturbing the funeral".

(Add each speech if wanted)

Finally, Kwiksilver's protege and best friend, Willy the Penguin stepped up.

I'll write it later! (-Screwball)

Afterwards, the patriants paied their respects.

Suddenly, Mayor McFlapp's brain sparked a brainwave. He then rushed towards the Bureau of Fiction.

Willy, looking down at the coffin, turned around to speak with Mayor McFlapp. Noticing he was gone, Willy rushed towards the one place he knew the Mayor always went.

Mayor McFlapp rushed to the Narrator's Organ and began to type. Willy dashed in, looking at the Organ, seeing that Mayor McFlapp was trying to create a new article called "Kwiksilver".

"Willy!" said McFlapp. "If this works, Kwiksilver will be alive again!"

"Really?!" asked a slightly joyed Willy.

All of a sudden, an earthquake began to happen.

Billybob rushed in, thinking that the Mayor was up to something, he was right.

The earthquake stopped after a minute or two, and the Organ made a noise.

The three looked behind the Organ, and sitting there was a black penguin chick wearing a diaper and a red beanie.

The three looked at each other, and Mayor McFlapp eyed the Deletion Furnace.

Willy saw it, and as Mayor McFlapp was about to grab the chick, Willy scooped up him up instead.

"I'll raise him and train him as Kwiksilver trained me," he said, "Don't delete him!"

Mayor McFlapp agreed, and Billybob tested the chick.

"Well?" asked Willy.

"He's Kwiksilver, but not quite."


"He has a different mind and doesn't remember anything from Kwiksilver's life. I guess you could say he's his son," explained Billybob.

Willy picked the chick up and looked into his eyes.

"I think I would make a good Kwiksilver, don't you?' asked Willy to the others.

Billybob and Mayor McFlapp both stared at him and began to laugh.

"Looks like things are setting off on the right foot- er, flipper," said Billybob.

"Couldn't bally agree more," agreed Mayor McFlapp.

The retired author and narrator smilied as they walked out with Willy and Kwiksilver's "son", as the sky cleared up.


- The Masters continued doing their jobs

- Speeddasher and Tails became a crime fighting team, with Speeddasher trying to profit more money.

- Ninjinian was still a politician and became the Official Cookie Spokesman of Antarctica.

- Explorer and Fred joined a snow and water ski team in order "to spice up life".

- Tidalwave entered a pancake eating contest and eventually won after winning two hundred and five rounds.

- Metal Explorer and Cyclosus still are villains, but now work at Eastshield Fried Fish

- Willy and the newly christined Christopher James Kwiksilver took on the roles of Kwiksilver and Willy, respectivly, and have had several diminsion-hopping adventures.

- Virus has been jailed for being "a giant poopyhead" and now is in solitary confinement, surrounded by six million toasters.

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