Club Penguin Fan Universe
The scene of the crime
Vital statistics
Type Framing
Effects The only time Willy got framed for anything
Source A lone photo
Location Clubb Phengin Weekee
Cost to buy None
Cost to sell None

Who Framed Willy the Penguin? or otherwise known as it's code name: 2K201 is the case of vandal on the Clubb Phengin Weekee, in which had the name Will spray-painted on it. Since nobody would blame Will Whitefoot, everyone went straight to blame poor Willy. This event is entirely true. it is told from the view of Explorer, Tails), Ninjinian, and Willy himself. (Questions asked by Officer J.K. Persimmons)


This is Explorer's view on what happened.

"Good Day officer."

"Good day Explorer. Let's get started."

"All right."

"What do you know about the crime at hand?"

"Well, to be entirely true, I notice that the graffiti was in spray paint. I happen to know Willy doesn't even own a can of spray paint."

"So, what do you believe happened?"

"I believe that somebody who dislikes Willy decided to get a can of spray paint and spray on "WILL WAZ HERE" and I also believe he was convicted because "was" was spelt wrong."

"I see. Now, what is your opinion on the suspect?"

"Will is a great friend and penguin. Sure, he gets a little jealous sometimes of penguins who are famous than him, but he's still a decent sort of penguin."

"Thank you for your time."


This is Ninjinian's view on what happened.


It was soon found out that Mr Cow2 was the framer and vandelizer. Flywish's army has been after him ever since