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WhereIsWalrus image
Can you find him?
Vital statistics
Title Hiding
Gender Male
Race Walrus (species)
Faction Walrus Crime Ring
Health Pale (he's always hiding)
Level Under your sofa, underground, in your closet, wherever a good hiding spot is.
Status Hidden
Location Hidden
Occupation None
Interests Remaining hidden
Friends Walrus Crime Ring
Enemies Bugzy (the reason why he is hiding)
Archetype Neutral

WhereIsWalrus is a walrus that has forever chosen to hide from sight. This unfortunate decision was the direct result of WIW smack-talking to Bugzy. Bugzy is the reason why WhereIsWalrus is hiding.


WhereIsWalrus never actually intended to forever cower in an undisclosed location. He, like many other Walruses, entered into Antarctica with help from the Mighty Tusk King.

WIW quickly got to work hacking for his fellow seals, and he rose in the ranks of the Walrus world. However, WhereIsWalrus made a cocky move. He had the gall to try and hack the UPM's network. Not only was his computer destroyed by Bugzy's Über Firewall of Absolute PWNage, Bugzy decided to come after him.

WhereIsWalrus didn't think that he had anything to fear from an "oversized cockroach". When Bugzy smashed down the door of the Walrus Warehouse, all of the walruses either wet themselves or fled. An overly cocky WIW remained to talk trash to Bugzy.

The rest, as they say, is history; extremely painful history.

Having suffered a horrible suplex and subsequent mauling by the most PWNsome creature known to penguin, WhereIsWalrus lost all of his courage and forever retreated into the shadows. He now cowers in fear, hiding in the strangest of locations. Bugzy is the reason why WhereIsWalrus is hiding.


The forever scarred (both physically and mentally) WhereIsWalrus now makes himself scarce in any location he can stuff his fat self into. Soemtimes, he will be found under a sink, or in a closet, or stuffed into the trunk of a car. He has tried several times to stuff himself under the sofa, but that never works because he is so large.

WhereIsWalrus is mainly used by the Walrus Crime Ring as a lesson to recruits, not as a soldier.

The lesson, you ask:

Never mess with Bugzy.


  • Remember, never mess with Bugzy!
  • Bugzy is the reason that WhereIsWalrus is hiding.

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