Club Penguin Fan Universe

A new game show where penguins can win thousands of coins with just one spin of the wheel!

Episode 1: Characters: Charlie o' Penguin (announcer) Pat Sapenguin (host) Vanna Whitepenguin (co-host) Owin777 (contestant 1) Taylor4137 (contestant 2) Luigi49 (contestant 3)

Start the Show![]

Director: Wheel of Penguin, episode #001, Take 1. Action!

Charlie: From the Penguin Picture Studios, it's Antarctica's game! Audience: WHEEL! OF! PENGUIN! Charlie: And now, here are the stars of Antarctica's game, Pat Sapenguin and Vanna Whitepenguin! Pat (to Vanna): I'll talk to you in a bit, OK? Pat: Hello, and welcome to the very first episode of a series where you can win thousands of coins with just one spin of the wheel! Anyhow, we'll talk about game play in a moment, so for now, let's meet our contestants! (Insert contestant interviews here) Pat: Now that you know our contestants let's learn how you play the game. Pat: Contestants, you will be given a puzzle with a category such as this one:

               _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Your job is to solve the puzzle and win money! (insert rest of rules here) Pat: And now the first puzzle.

             _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _
                    PROPER NAME

Pat: Owin, spin the wheel. (Owin spins) Pat: 300 coins. Owin: R. Pat: No R. Taylor, spin. (Taylor spins) Pat: 2500 coins! Taylor: N. Pat: Three Ns!

            _ _ _   _ _ N _ _ _ N  _ _ N _
                  PROPER NAME

Pat: Taylor, spin, buy, or solve? Taylor: I'll buy an E. Pat: Two of 'em.

           _ _ E  _ E N _ _ _ N  _ _ N _
               PROPER NAME

PAT: Taylor, you know what to do. TAYLOR: I'll solve. PAT: Ok, what is it? TAYLOR: THE PENGUIN BAND! PAT: You got it! (cue puzzle solve cue) PAT: Not a bad start, Taylor - you already have 7250 coins in one round! PAT: We'll be right back with the jackpot round and a top value of 3500 coins!