Club Penguin Fan Universe

The What-If-Machine 3000 is a invention created by G. G created this to see what would happen if something happened. The test was What If humans came to the USA. It answered Get a life hobo.
It obviously needed some work.


G was very concerned about his future. Then by reading some comic books, he came up with an idea. The What-If-Machine 3000.
It was simple, just say what you wanted to know, and it will answer. G put in a video part, which makes a video of what would happen if the event that you asked took place.

The first test was a failure. It took about two months to fix this. The What-If-Machine was designed to act like a regular penguin. That was the problem.

G succesfully used it on his third try. He asked the same question, and it came up with, Read War Against Humans. G then started doing the hula dance.

Penguins are charged 100 pebbles to use it.


  • The Most dramatic uses was Happyface's use. He used it to find out what happened if Happyface died.
  • However many people use it to find out what would happen if Darktan ruled.
  • Tails6000 wanted to know what if life was like a videogame. It was funny as many game characters attacked earth.
  • Yalondo Yinchanva used it to see what happened if every signle artist took her suggestions to make their paintings better. She shall never eat sugar-free caviar again.


  • Many people try to steal this.
    • Only 3-D Demon succeeded at stealing it, keeping it for a whole year-and-a-half without anyone noticing it's absence.