Club Penguin Fan Universe
Come right up and hit the most annoying puffle in the universe! Just don't get PWNed!
Vital statistics
Participants Bugzy, Fudd, Salina, various random penguins
Date April 1st 2010
Location In the Whack-a-Fudd booth

The Whack-a-Fudd incident was a large prank played on the residents of Antarctica.

The event[]

One day Bugzy was looking in a book with the names of everyone in the universe and was mumbling to himself quietly. He was looking for someone to PWN and it was taking so long that he almost wished that he had never asked XTUX345 for the book.

Suddenly his eyes fell on a name in the book, a name of a being who had never been PWNed before.


Bugzy turned away from the book and reached for his PWN Missile-launching remote.

"Allright, n00b number one, shoot a PWN rocket at Fudd, repeat, shoot a missile at Fudd."

The rocket lifted off and flew through the sky to it's puffle target, Fudd. Fudd was just having some "Moose meat" (or that was what XTUX called it) when he heard a loud noise above him.

He looked up and saw to his surprise a rocket heading straight for him! Quickly he grabbed his staff and pressed the button that would activate it.

Unfortunately it backfired, zapping him with electricity and dumping a bucket of water on him. The rocket missed by a millionth of an inch and hit the water bucket, PWNing it in the process.

Even though the missile missed, it succeed in PWNing Fudd with a bucket of water and Fudd's own weapon. Bugzy laughed long and hard from the joy of PWNing the world's best (puffle) prankster.

In the meanwhile, Fudd planed his revenge. He got some wood, some nails and a hammer and made a large booth with the brightly-coloured words "Whack-a-Fudd" printed on it.

Fudd put adds in all the major newspapers and set his booth in the middle of town. He had just finished when Johnathan Wolfhunter volunteered to help and started calling for everyone to come to the booth and whack the infamous Fudd.

Suddenly huge crowds appeared and started begging to play. Everyone tried to whack Fudd but he was too quick and dodged them all and whacked their heads instead.

The crowd eventually started to get bored when Salina walked up to the booth. She picked up the whacker and swiped it at Fudd.

She missed.

Salina grew angry as she kept missing and eventually picked up a nearby telephone pole and threw it at Fudd. Thankfully she missed and it bounced off a wall and flew straight back at her.


She was flattened by the massive blow and her telephone pole was smashed to bits.

Salina stood up dizzily, uttered some Emalfs and left the town square.

As she was leaving, she suddenly bumped into Bugzy.

Bugzy ignored her and walked on, right up to the booth, where Fudd sat nervously.

"Well Fudd, you wanted revenge?" asked Bugzy coldly.

Fudd fearfully nodded, and Bugzy clenched his fists.

"Well, let us begin."

Bugzy flew at Fudd, and threw a punch at him, but missed.

"Hahahaha! MISSED, LOSER!" cried Fudd, and whipped out a cream pie.

He threw it and missed by a mile.

Bugzy laughed, and karate-kicked Fudd right in the face.


He nailed Fudd right in between the eyes, and Fudd spun dizzily.

Fudd pulled out another cream pie, aimed carefully, and threw.

Bugzy skillfully dodged it, and the pie's flight path curved back like a boomerang.

Not near a quick as Bugzy, Fudd tried to dodge the pie, but it was too late.


Fudd has been hit in the face with HIS OWN CREAM PIE!

Bugzy laughed.


Fudd covered his face to hide his shame, and he quickly ran out of the town as the crowd cheered for Bugzy.

He ran fast and hard, and soon he was nowhere near a city of any kind.

Fudd had learned his lesson.

Never mess with Bugzy.


  • Fudd Lapooh never again tried to prank or get in Bugzy's way, and to this day still bears a grudge against him.
  • Everyone eventually forgot and moved on, and no more "Whack-A-Fudd" booths were ever seen in the USA again.
  • To Bugzy, it was just another day of being PWNsome.
  • Salina stayed in a hospital for a month while her injuries healed. Her hatred for Fudd was increased immensely.

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