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The Western Island Colonies are a group of islands colonised by the USA. It's opened up for expansion and it's also a zone unoccupied. Soon, they'll get there independance, as a Commonwealth, while some islands will become a USA state. The North East will be left for any nation or landlord wishing to purchase colonise them.


These islands were formed by ice burgs breaking up, just west of the Happyface State. Soon, they came to area where they joined up, forming a few islands. Then, on the 1st of July, a few ships found the old islands. Since they were colony ships they esablished the first colony; Settlement. Soon, another one was set up, called [[Colony], and then a second, called New Colony.

Listen Up...[]

Land is up for purchase! Buy some land!


  • The state has been named that will be located on these islands. It's called the Western State.
    • The nation that will form here has been named the Commonwealth of Western Colonies