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West Suburb
Location of West Suburb.
Location of West Suburb in East Bank City.
Urban area East Bank City
Area 150 km²
Population 115800
Population density 246/km²
Mayor Unchosen.
The most popular suburb of East Bank City

West Suburb is located in the coastal area of East Bank City. It is the city's commercial and economic centre. This part of the city is the richest one, mostly because there are more companies and shops than residential areas.


The area, which is now the West Suburb used to be the whole East Bank City. The "old city" is now the area, where the Golden Shopping Lane is. The whole district grew rapidly. However, building companies, supermarkets, shopping centres started taking a lot of space. There was lack of place for residential areas. Penguins had to move east. This made the city expand further east. East Suburb and Northeast Suburb were established. In December, 2009 this area was named West Suburb. It has remained in this state until today.


West suburb areas

Areas of West Suburb.

Every East Bank City suburb consists of areas. Each area has its' own institutions, banks, post offices etc.

List of areas:

  • Goldenia Area
  • Igreiga Area
  • Novenah Area
  • Airport West Area

Goldenia Area is the main commercial area. The southern part of it is the old town. The Golden Shopping Lane is located there. The whole area is considered to be the richest suburb in East Bank City. Novenah and Igreiga have more residential areas than Goldenia but still there are more businesses in here. The famous Candy Lane is located in Novenah. The Airport West Area is the place, where the airport is. The west half is where are most offices and buildings. The east half is located in East Suburb and it consists mostly of plane runways.