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Wes Salesman
Wes Salesman image
Don't buy his products
Vital statistics
Title Salesman
Gender Male
Race Dorkugese Penguin
Faction Crazy
Health Not to good
Level Unknown
Status Trying to sell items to Dr. Aye-Que
Location Driving around in a Limo
Occupation Conman
Interests Scams
Friends Suckers Customers
Enemies Police
Archetype Anti-villain

Wes Salesman is a Dorkugese Penguin who is attempting to be an inventor. Unfortunatley he can't make computers, so he attempts to bribe young penguins into buying stuff they could buy anywhere else except for more. For some reason his hat seems to float in the air.


Wes grew up in Dorkugal in a wealthy home. His father was a very famous geek, who had invented various Keyboards, and Microchips. Wes wanted to be just like his dad, but he didn't know a thing about Computers. When he was a teen he went to a university to study. At the place he met Fred 676 who attempted to teach him, but no matter how hard he tried Wes could never learn. Not wanting to stay there any longer, he left the university, and eventually got a job selling Poritos in the Club Penguin Plaza. Seeing how popular Poritos were, he eventually got enough money to buy a Limo, so he quit his job and took a ferry to the mainland.

After a few years he started loosing cash. So he thought that if he could sell Poritos why not other things. The next day he started selling toys, candy, and even magic kits. Unfortunatley no one wanted them, so he decided to fake what they were. He called a toy Snowball Gun the real thing, and even an appliance called Robo-guin that could clean up your igloo in seconds (it's still unknown if it actually works). Eventually he started selling more stuff than ever, but he refused to give refunds to the customers if they didn't like the product. Soon word about his inventions reached Doctor Aye-Que who soon ordered some of his Atomic Spam Missles to destroy Tails6000. Unfortunatley the Puffle soon found out that it didn't work, and ended up blowing up his base (no one was killed though). He kept ordering stuff from the penguin though, and has continued to do so to this day.


The salesman has now become very popular, despite the fact that his products don't work. However even though he mostly cheats penguins out of their money, he has done some good things. He once rescued Tails6000 from one of Aye-Que's traps. However that was only after the puffle lied to him saying he would give him his own advertising channel. He did end up getting it, but eventually found out he wasn't aloud to advertise on it.


  • He's a parody of Wes Weasely from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Wes is good friends with Carlo as they both like to cheat penguins out of their money.
  • Speeddasher despises Wes and considers him to be nothing but a cheater.
  • Abel doesn't hates him for the same reason.

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