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Weird Box
Wierd Box image
Weird Box
Vital statistics
Title Strange immigrant
Gender Male?
Race Box
Faction Wanderer
Health Made of Cardboard
Level 54
Status Roaming
Location Unknown

Weird Box is a Box that roams the USA. Not much is known about him, aside from the fact that he came from the Box Dimension.


He was born in the Box Dimension. When Gary opened the portal, he escaped to Club Penguin Isle. When he got there he met a Moo Penguin that became his first buddy in the world of the USA. He let him live in his igloo and they became best friends. But Weird Box became bored of the quiet, Club Penguin life, and he wanted to see the USA. So, his Moo Penguin friend helped him escape on Rockhopper's ship. He first arrived at Shiverpool, and began to travel across the USA. It is unknown when Weird will find a place to stay permanently, though he was recently seen looking at igloos in Gourdzoid. This isn't a surprise, considering he looks for igloos in every town he passes.


Weird Box roams around the USA, in search for an igloo. Weord loves to make new friends, and has bought upgrades to his player card so that he can have up to one thousand buddies. His favourite colour is kharki brown, and his favourite place to eat is Frys Chalet.


  • He is from the Box Dimension.
  • He can travel to The Cow Dimension whenever he wants.
  • He hates being the centre of attention, but usually is because he's a box.
  • Weird is scared of heights.

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