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Weddell Airways
Vital statistics
Name Weddell Airways
Native name
IATA code {{{iata}}}
ICAO code {{{icao}}}
Callsign WEDDELL
Founded August 22,2006
Commenced operations August 25, 2006
Ceased operations
Hubs Shield Island Regional Airport
Secondary hubs
Focus cities
Frequent flyer program WeddellPoints
Airline lounge WeddellClub
Airline alliance No affiliation
Subsidiaries None
Fleet 30
Destinations 40
Company slogan You want it, we got it
Parent company Weddell Air Co.
Headquarters 500 Huntington Avenue, Shield City

Weddell Airways is the state airline of Weddell and operates around Weddell and to many other major cities in the country. The airline commenced operations in June of 2009, with it's first flight from Shield Island to South Pole City. The airline mainly operates charter services.


The government of Weddell wanted to travel to islands quicker and faster, and not using the boats, which sometimes took hours during a storm, or even on the rough seas. So, the Deputy Governor, proposed of making a state-run airline. And, the Senate of Weddell approved of the idea and asked for a 2.3 billion pebble loan from the USA government, which was also approved. The government of the state bought some larger jets for longer domestic travel, and some aircraft for medium and short inter island routes. The airline receives about 900 passengers per week and is still continuing to grow.


  • Snowing 737-700 (5) (domestic medium/long haul)
  • Pontrier Dash-8 Q400 (5) (medium haul inter-island routes)
  • Snowing 767-300ER (5) (international medium/long haul)
  • De-Havand Antarctica DHA-6 Twin Seal-300 (10)(ultra short haul inter-island routes)



WeddellFirst is only available on international and long-haul domestic flights. The seats are made from fine leather, and can recline to 180°, to form into a bed. There are PTVs by TonyAntarctica and a magazine called Prestige available for no charge. Meals, beverages, and drinks are available on all flights, for a small fee. Passengers travelling in WeddellFirst also have access to FlyShop, whee they can buy perfumes, jewelery and even everyday items. In addition, passengers also have access to the SkyMiles Club.

Economy Class[]


EconomyRegional is available only on inter-island routes, with the Dash-8 and DHA-6-300 aircraft. Unlike international routes, this class does not feature any entertainment systems, such as PTVs or Magazines. On short island routes, beverages or snacks are not available, due to weight and other factors. But, on longer island routes, snacks, beverages and other things are available. Unlike WeddellFirst, they do not have access to the SkyMiles Club, but have free shuttles to an from local hotels at selected destinations.


EconomyEmerald is avaiable only on international and domestic flights, with the Snowing 737-700. All seats are made from fine cotton and polyester, and have PTVs provided by TonyAntarctica. The seats can recline to 150°c for the passengers to relax. There are beverages, and snacks and meals available for a small fee as well. There are also pillows and blankets available as well for no charge at all. Unlike WeddellFirst, passengers traveling in this class do not have access to the SkyMiles Club.