Club Penguin Fan Universe

Vital statistics
Title Model #1 Prototype
Gender None (programmed to be male)
Race Robot (gifted with artificial intelligence)
Faction Science
Health Depends on when he last recharged.
Level Excellent
Status Rechargeable!
Location Pingko

Warper is a robotic penguin who claims to have built a machine that can warp to other galaxies. Nobody knows his real name.


As a young android he longed to improve himself. He came up with the theory he could get power by taking energy from galactic formations like the sun. After years in his basement he had come up (literally) with a small panel that could charge with solar energy and supply him a whole month! However, it took a month to charge.

He began working on a way to get closer to the sun. After several more years in his basement he made a galactic transporter which he "claims" could take him anywhere in the galaxy. He bestowed the title Warper on himself and was ready to explore the cosmos. He needed a place he could use to make a base, since his basement only had twenty feet of space since he had seventeen mini-fridges down there all containing oil and energy reserves. He found a secluded place that had only a few penguins around he could use. And now he supposedly travels the galaxy.

He met Falcoz very soon after, and they made friends. One time Falcoz could not find him.

"Where are you?" he called out.

Suddenly he appeared.

"No! NO!! I-I saw t-t-t-them with m-my o-o-own eyes! They are Terrible! They are Evil! THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!"

Falcoz was confused.

"Huh?" he asked.

Warper replied, I forgot to to you about the new INTERGALACTIC TRANSPORTATION DEVICE I have built. It is better than the simple Galactic Transporter. It can travel to other galaxies too!"

Falcoz was amazed.

"Well? What did you see?" Falcoz asked.

He responded,"What did I see?!

"Click here to find out exactly how horrible it was. They attacked me when I reached a distant nebula!"

Other than this, Warper really isn't involved in anything so far.


Warper was said to invent a machine to warp to other galaxies as above. Also, he is a friend of Falcoz.


  • The only reason his existence is acknowledged (other than being a robot) is that he tells everyone he meets about his intergalactic teleporter.
  • Many penguins call him crazy and say, "That sounds like an illegal teleporter."
  • Nobody has ever seen him transport, but he appears out of nowhere sometimes. This gives witnesses a fright, because of obvious reasons.
  • Warper is solar powered, and he wears a panel on his head for this reason.
  • The penguin who designed Warper almost chose to make him run on clockwork (wind-up) mechanisms, complete with that key jutting from his back. He decided on solar power instead.
      "Wait.. what game was it again? Oh yes, that one. Well, anyway, it's an epic HONOR to be in a... video game for the first time."

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