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The War of 2002, between the United States of Antarctica and Archet, was a war fought in 2002. It was caused by the USA wanting to invade Freezeland for more land.

The War of 2002
Date 2002
Location Freezeland, USA
Result USA surrender, peace treaty.
Casus belli The USA tried to invade Freezeland
Freezelandians left the province of Archet, and the Happyface State was born.
USA Army, USA Navy, USA Marines, USA Coast Guard, Militas Freezelandian Army, Freezelandian Royal Navy, Royal Agency of Espionage, Archetian Militas
Commander Willy Hall, Billybob, Judge Xavier Rodger Shuffle, Gregory Drummer Whatdyaseh, Gordon Precook, Lord Shiverpool
7,000 (at start of war);

35,800 (at war's end)

5,200 (at start of war);

48,160 (at war's end)

None, but South Pole City was burned to the ground. None.
Parody of the War of 1812

The War[]

The penguins of the USA wanted more land and money for their new formed country, so the South Pole Council sent troops to battle the local Archetian Militas of southern Archet. They had been fighting to maintain their position in what is now lower Happyface State.

In May, 2002, Percy Spencerson, a prominent figure in the Archet army, was arrested by USA soldiers. His successor, Lord Shiverpool, was more moderate than Percy had been and the Freezelandians were treating Antarctican ships and seapenguins peacefully, even if they didn't get peace back. The Freezelandian Royal Navy was instructed to avoid clashes with Antarcticans. This did not deter the South Pole Council members wanting war. The South Pole Council declared war on June 18, 2002. Many found the news of war exhilarating. In South Pole City handshakes abounded and a rejoicing as never seen before. In Trans-Antarctica, muskets and cannons were fired and there was much cheering.

On July 12, a USA force, led by general Billy Hall, entered Archet. Whatdyaseh gathered 800 soldiers in support of Archet. Hall was driven back to Fort Shiverpool and surrounded by Freezelandian soldiers and Archetian militias under Whatdyaseh. Hall surrendered the fort without firing a single snowball.

In late July, USA troops burned down the towns of Rork and Nyark in Archet. Archet drove them out of the highlands of mammoth, and the lowlands in South Archet soon after. They planned to retaliate, and commanded a large fleet to sail through Weddell.

In August, Freezeland was able to intensify a naval blockade of Weddell and to increase its troop strength in the area. The Freezelandian attacked a USA fort on what is now Club Penguin Isle, where U.S.A troops stopped their advance. An Freezeland force arrived by sea at Shiverpool, took the town, set a course for South Pole City and in early September, they burned public buildings in capital, including the Brown House and in retaliation for the burning of Rork and Nyark in the Southern Province of Archet (Now Happyface State) and also to impress upon the administration that they shouldn't continue the war.

In late September, a peace treaty was made, restoring "principles of perfect reciprocity," in the words of the treaty, "peace, friendship, and good understanding" between "Freezeland and the United States."

Realising their mistake, Antarcticans wer overjoyed the war was over. They now knew not to be hostile to those who could be their allies.

The hostile South Pole Council members (except for the oblivious Judge Xavier) were all overthrown shortly after, replaced by the modern, peaceful Council delegates that we know today. The reformed Council quickly drafted the Treaty of Dorkugal to stabilize the continent and create the Free Republic Union.