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Walrus of Jonas
Jonas Walrus looking cool.
Vital statistics
Title The "Cool" Walrus
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction The Walrus Crime Ring
Health Cool
Level He's too cool for a level
Status Singing terrible songs.
Location Walrus Warehouse

Walrus of Jonas, AKA Jonas Walrus, is a strange Walrus that is part of the Walrus Crime Ring. He always wears sunglasses because he's "Cool". Antarctica is cold anyway, so why the glasses? Jonas Walrus also likes to sing horrible songs.


Walrus of Jonas was born in the Arctic, and as a young Walrus he was always mature and "Cool". He didn't care for hacking like his kind, he thought it was "nerdy". Walrus of Jonas belted out the lyrics of every song he knew in his spare time, although he was terrible at singing. He only used the internet for watching music videos.

One day, Walrus of Jonas was walking across an iceberg when he was picked up by three humans. He didn't even bother to get away, because he thought he wouldn't look cool. The three humans took Jonas on a boat and he arrived in the mysterious place called "America". Walrus of Jonas discovered that the three humans were singers like him, and had a massive fan base. Female humans tried to get autographs when they were exiting a building. They all wore dark sunglasses to disguise themselves, and Jonas Walrus did too.

After living in America for twelve months, Jonas Walrus decided to take a swim at the beach. The three humans had forgotten about him and Jonas was depressed. As soon as he got into the water, he was flipped upwards by a dolphin and thrown into a boat. The boat ended up at Antarctica, where Walrus of Jonas stunned everyone with his good looks. Jonas Walrus, like many other Walri, joined the Walrus Crime Ring, but never hacked, spammed or took part in any criminal activity.

Jonas Walrus recorded himself singing and posted the video on PengTube. He was surprised to get over 10 million views, and a massive fan base of female penguins developed. He hired an Agent, and now tours the country for most of the year and lives at the Walrus Warehouse for the rest of the year.


Walrus of Jonas is a neutral Walrus and a celebrity. He has made several albums, filled with songs.


  • Walrus1 despises him.
  • Other Walri don't even know about Walrus of Jonas' music career.
  • He's friends with Savannah City
  • FlubberButt has attempted to steal his cheeseburgers and fries many a time.