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Walrus Metalli McManager
Walrus McManager image
The likeness is uncanny...
Vital statistics
Title MM's Imposter
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction It's like Metalmanager, but in WALRUS form!
Health Incredible
Level W
Status Plotting revenge on his penguin equivalent.
Location Owcatraz

Walrus Metalli McManager is the Walrus equivalent of Metalmanager. He nearly destroyed his counterpart's reputation, but was stopped in a daring resuce operation by Snowman 1001, Hat Pop, Barkjon, and many others.


Walrus McManager was born on the same day that his counterpart hatched, at the North Pole (like Herbert). He too was curious about his surroundings, and always asked "how can I wreak havoc?".

His parents, who were good Walruses, were saddened at his evil. When he grew older, Sanity Penguin hacked him into the USA as well, just like the original Walrus.


On May 18, 2009, he somehow locked the real Metalmanager and assumed power in the land of Pengydeen. In this guise, he kidnapped Professor Shroomsky and demanded his position of power in the AIA.


  • In The Walrus Crisis of Pengydeen, he had a minion named Sk8itbot. Sk8itbot was also a Walrus, thoguh he was a good one. Why did he help, then? It turned out that Walrus McManager used a headcrab to possess him to do his evil bidding.

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