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Daveed "Lie" Walrus
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Vital statistics
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Gender Gender
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Faction Faction
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Location Location
Friends None.
Enemies Many.
Archetype Good.

WalrusWithAnOverlyLongTitleThatNeverEnds, or simply Daveed "Lie" Walrus, is a banished walrus that seems to wander around Antarctica. He is a good Walrus, suprisingly, probably due to the fact that he was never cared for properly. His lifelong dream is to have a share of Pizza 7, as he works there and enjoys his job.

He had recieved his ridiculous nicknames by the Walrus Leader, and he was teased often by those who call such names. He eventually made them learn their lesson by splashing water pails at them at any random spot.


Daveed was born in a place known as the 'Arctic'. He had a normal life; eating fish and sleeping. He felt very bored and wanted to explore a new land. When the Walri Leader annouced positions for sailing to Antarctica, he gladly accepted. He only had to follow one condition, which was to destroy the penguin race. He did not like it, but was forced to by the Walri Leader.

After entering Antarctica, he had to do the bad deeds against his wishes by the Walri Leader. He had to clean the dishes and was never allowed to exit and explore the outside world. One night in 2008, he escaped the Walrus Warehouse and went wandering off. The Walri banished him from their ring, and he was left all alone.

He had no friends, but eventually found a job at the Pizza Parlour. He enjoyed it very much and it was his lifelong dream to be able to be the leader.


He is an employee at the Pizza Parlour, usually creating the pizzas and cleaning the floors. He is also involved in the management of the Pizza Parlour for a period of time as the manager was away.


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