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WalrusWhoEnjoysDetergent is a walrus who enjoys eating detergent, drinking detergent, smelling detergent, feeling detergent, seeing detergent and even hearing about detergent. He seems to be somewhat fatter than other members of the Walrus Crime Ring, and would sometimes fatten up if he drinks water. He isn't really of help to the Walrus Crime Ring, except one incident, which prevented them from doom.

WWED seems to have an odd dislinking towards humans. His background could be the cause of it.


WalrusWhoEnjoysDetergent was born in the Arctic to an odd couple. Now, this odd couple enjoyed eating all sorts of things, except metals. Soon after giving birth to WWED, they died due to eating poison laid by Canadian hunters. With that, WWED fleed to Antarctica to escape from the hunters (the hunters were eventually banished, so don't worry kids, they DON'T kill their own kind. Ask you parents for more information-Mayor McFlapp, stop interrupting me!)

WWED was unable to eat all sorts of things like his parents, except detergent. No one really knew why. He later found his own kind while passing by the Walrus Warehouse. He was accepted and helped out in chores, except cleaning the laundry. However, he tends to mess up, thus, he had no job and was simply kept inside the warehouse. He was only given little food as he usually wash the plates after dinner.

WWED was sad that he was unable to help the ring, until one day, when some walri spilled home-made detergent in several areas of Club Penguin. WWED was able to eat it before the PSA could find the source, and he was later treated properly.


WWED simply helps to wash the dishes and helps in eating all unneeded detergent, that was meant to use for clothing (which never came). He has never hacked anyone before, although, his name was mentioned in several of the Walrus Crime Ring's hacks.


  • Besides eating detergent, he sometimes eat chairs. This rarely occurs.
  • RS sometimes draws pictures of him in her journal, then erases them frantically.

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