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WalrusOfTheWeek, also known as Andrew Sadlers, is the owner of a ten-dollar co-operation, ItemOfTheWeek, so as to increase the Walri's income for their attacks. WalrusOfTheWeek is also a great football player and has played in multiple matches, although most wander how a walrus could play football without legs. WalrusOfTheWeek claimed that he was 8 years old, although fellow neighbors constantly argue that he is twenty. No one really knows why.


WalrusOfTheWeek, like other Walri, came to Antarctica via the boat that Walrus took. WOTW helped out mainly in doing simple jobs in the Walri household, such as cleaning the floor, washing the dishes and sometimes wiping dirt of the computer.

Days passed and due to his little contributions, he was not given a fair share of provisions. He felt sad and sighed. Wanting to eat, he decided to set up a stall that sold several hand-made toys such as walrus figures and The Kernel toys he received in the past. No one really bothered about his stall and all usually ignore him. However, he tried all means of promoting his items and eventually succeeded in convincing fellow passer-bys to purchase his items.

Seeing WOTW's ability, Walrus decided to found a new stall known as ItemOfTheWeek. WOTW, after receiving news, realized it was based after his name. He went to the Walri leader and asked him about it. Before he could even finish his sentence, the walrus leader told him it was his new stall and he would receive fair shares of food, drinks and whatnot. WOTW was filled with joy, and immediately started business the next day. Since then, he has helped fellow walruses earn much money for their needs.


WOTW has a lighter tone of grey than his counterparts. He also wears an orange sweater most of the time, claiming that he 'received it from his 6th birthday'. Again, penguins argue that it was bought for his 16th birthday. WOTW also wears a cap. He claims it makes him look cooler.


WOTW is not mean. He simply wants to help his fellow counterparts. He loves playing football, drinking Cream Soda and most of all-enjoy his position as a stall manager. WOTW is quite open-minded and is not against penguins, however, he chooses his family over the former. WOTW wishes he had a new football.


  • He told us ALL these facts ALL by himself.

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