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Vital statistics
Title Numbah One!
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Walrus Crime Ring
Health Evil
Level So..much..evil!
Status Plotting
Location Walrus Warehouse's Sleeping Quarters

Walrus1 is an extremely evil walrus and second in command of the Walrus Crime Ring. He was the second Walrus to ever come to Antarctica, the first being Walrus (character). Walrus1 is also the oldest of the Walrus Brothers, and frequently bosses around his younger siblings. He is a keen hacker, and always takes charge of a raid.


Walrus1 was the eldest Walrus Brothers, and he always bossed around his younger siblings. He was a keen hacker at an early age, hacking Santa's computers to change his status from "Naughty" to "Nice". The other Walrus Brothers were jealous as he always received presents, while they got lumps of coal.

Walrus1's greatest obsession was meat! He couldn't get enough of the stuff. He bought numerous copies of Meat Weekly and ordered millions of smoked hams, kangaroo sausages, beef, bacon rinds, T-bone steaks, prime chicken breast fillet, you name it. He even had a freezer built on an iceberg to hold the meat. His brothers were content with fish and the odd bit of meat, but Walrus1 HAD to have meat.

One day, a lost Leopard Seal told Walrus1 of a cold land similar to the North Pole. It was filled with the tastiest meat, one that the meat-hungry Walrus had never tasted: Penguin. The next day, Walrus (character) called his cousins, the Walrus Brothers. Walrus needed some people for a gang he was working on, the Walrus Crime Ring. Walrus informed them that a ship bound for Antarctica was going to dock at the North Pole. Walrus gathered up his brothers and stowed away on the ship.

The ship docked at Club Penguin, and the brothers went their separate ways. Walrus1 flopped off to find some meat, but he found that they could defend themselves, so he decided to hide. Some PSA agents found him, and stuck him in suspended animation. When Walrus1 woke up, he was in the Walrus Warehouse. Walrus explained that they had to rescue him from the PSA base. Would Walrus1 join the Crime Ring? Yes.

He quickly rose in its ranks and attacked the Clubb Phengin Weekee. He attacked and attacked, and finally thought he won. Yet, that was until TurtleShroom (penguin) whacked him with his Deletion Rod. He vanished but managed to hack himself out of the void he was banished to.

He is currently residing in Walrus Warehouse, the Walrus hideout.


Walrus1 is part of the Walrus Crime Ring and he is currently 2nd in charge. He is probably the fattest Walrus, and that is considered attractive in th Walrus World. He is Big Momma Walrus'S favorite.


  • Walrus1 likes to be called Oh Almighty Succulent MEAT LOVER

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