Club Penguin Fan Universe
Wako image
That goofy Wako. Watch out for his pranks.
Vital statistics
Title Joker
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction None
Health Good
Level 10
Status Goofing off
Location Pranking a penguin in Finestade Land
Occupation None
Interests Joking around, pranking
Friends Explorer
Enemies X Penguins
Archetype Good... But bad in a way

Wako (pronounced [wack•o]) is a goofy penguin who jokes around and pranks people.


Wako's egg was dropped in the snow during incubation and he came out as a goofy pranker.


He just jokes around and pranks people.


Wako has modes like Explorer

Goofy Mode - His most common mode. He basically pranks everyone and jokes around with people living in Finestade Land.

Crazy Mode - This mode is just like Explorer's Phreaker Mode. He goes crazy and talks in Leet. He says things like this "1 11|X3 ¢42|)-_|175M!1!!111!!1!!1012!!1!!!1!!11!!!" which means "I like Card-Jitsu!".

Argue Mode - This is the mode that he is in when two of his modes (Goofy Mode and Crazy Mode) fight with each other. This usually leads to a mode slapping the other mode. He switches mode back and forth and acts crazier than when he is in Crazy Mode. This is just like Explorer's Confliction mode.

Detective Mode - This is when he tries to solve a mystery. Usually, they are rumors penguins make up to fool him. He has only solved 2 real mysteries at this point. He gets his magnifying glass and tries to find clues.


  • He has modes like Explorer
  • Only one creature saw him switch to a different mode on-screen. He described it as him freaking out.
  • He is aware of his modes unless he is in Crazy Mode. Just like Explorer!
  • He used to travel around the USA, but now he stays in Finestade Land causing havoc for the other inhabitants including the king, Akbaboy.

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