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The Waffle County is the largest county in the Antarctic Peninsula state. Its' capital is East Bank City, located on the northern part of this area.

Waffle County map

The map of Waffle County

General Information[]

The Waffle County is located on the northwestern side of Antarctic Peninsula. Its only city is East Bank City. The rest are small villages across the county. The population of the county is 700,050 Penguins, while 670,700 live in East Bank City. The area is 7701 km². The density is about 91 penguins per one km².


There was a plan to divide the Antarctic Peninsula into counties, just like Freezeland is. This would be an area easy to be controlled. This county was established as the first one at 1st of January, 2010 with the seat in East Bank City. However, not all of the cities agreed to be in a county. The idea was aborted. But this county didn't want to be removed, so it remained for a few years as the only county in the Antarctic Peninsula. Upon the establishment of the trading system, the port city Intake was enlarged into its own county, making Intake County the second county of the Antarctic Peninsula.