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  • Walrus, leader of the Walrus Crime Rring? He is nicknamed WALRI for being the original Walrus of the Antarctic.
  • Walrus, the actual species of Walrus, who are referred to as WALRI.
  • Walrus, the famous organized crime ring, who are nicknamed WALRI.
  • Finally, are you looking for WALRI, the walrus who was awarded the title WALRI for being everything a Walrus should be? Look below!

WALRI is a member of the Walrus Crime Ring. He was one of the first Walrus to come to Antarctica. He recieved the title of WALRI from Might Tusk King Walrus when he was deemed to be everything a Walrus should be. He is the nerdiest Walrus of the Crime Ring, a passionate Icebuntu user and WalrusOfTheWeek OVER NINE THOUSAND TIMES RUNNIG!!!!!!!! He was originally known as Walrus13, who was part of the Walrus Brothers but unlucky number 13 made him seperated from the brothers until they met in Antarctica.

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